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Best Of When The Boyz Are Away The Girlz Will Play 3, The

Studio: Jill Kelly Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/12/04

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Best of When The Boyz Are Away The Girlz Will Play 3

Jill Kelly Productions

Genre: Lesbian, Compilation

Director: Skye Blue and Jill Kelly

Cast: Envy, Taylor Thompson, Tyler Faith, Ashton Moore, Silvia Saint, Gwen Summers, Bridgette Kerkove, Tabitha Stevens, Isabella Camille, Tanya Danielle, Nikita Denise, Renee La Rue, Jenna Haze, Sondra Hall

Length: 91 minutes

Dates of Production: 8/1/2000 to 1/16/2003 (box), 2/1/2000 to 4/10/2003 (disc), 7/22/2004 (credits)

Extra's: The only extra was a slide show. Most of will consider that very light considering the entire compilation lasted about 90 minutes. I happen to agree with you too.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color, as originally shot. For the most part, there was little grain, little video noise, and a lot of warm action taking place throughout the scenes. The colors were accurate; the fleshtones virtually perfect most of the time; and the composition of the scenes from a director's standpoint, very solidly made. The lighting was often great but always well above many of the other companies that provide lesbian porn. The audio was presented in the usual stereo English with a bit of separation at times but not as much as some of the better features on the market. The dynamic range was pretty fair most of the time and the throaty vocals some of the cast provided were enough to get a rise out of me by themselves. The music was mixed in a bit too heavily but was pleasant enough to not bother me at its worst; and even appeal to me at its best.

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Body of Review: Over the last nearly five years, I've watched Jill Kelly Productions go from a little start up porn company fronted by the lovely and talented Jill Kelly to a true player in the crowded field of porn. While Jill no longer performs in front of the camera (sniff), I have a lot of fond memories of her in action and seeing some of the gals she's cultivated over the years grow into very solid performers (with her help of course) has given me some idea of how talented Jill really is. After all, most gals can learn to screw on camera with passion but how many can coax similar performances out of other, less superior talent? In any case, one of the first series released by the company, When the Boyz Are Away, The Girlz Will Play is now being released in a compilation format. The latest release in the well received series is Best of When The Boyz Are Away The Girlz Will Play 3, a set of six scenes from the early volumes of the series. If you like lesbian porn, even lipstick lesbian porn, you'll want to check out at least a few of the volumes (or simply get the compilations). Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and volume the scenes came from:

Scene One: When The Boyz Are Away The Girlz Will Play 1: 2000: Envy and Taylor, a couple of moderately attractive gals (one brunette and one blonde), had a food scene in the kitchen on the wooden countertop. Many of you have told me you like seeing women covered in food (like the chocolate syrup used here) and lesbian scenes are often enhanced by such action. The use of ice cream was pretty warm too (so to speak) but the scene has one quirk that you'll either love or hate; the women were so heavily made up. I've never been a fan of piling on the war paint and while I liked the action, I had misgivings about that aspect of the scenes (in general too). I remember being the first reviewer online (or elsewhere) to review JKP DVDs years ago (their publicist sold me copies in advance; yes, I paid for them) and liking this more then than now but it still appealed to me.

Scene Two: When The Boyz Are Away The Girlz Will Play 10: 2003: Tyler and Ashton, a couple of attractive JKP regulars, started off this scene with a sensual massage by a glass dining room table. They took their time (Skye's direction improved over the years but she was usually good at this kind of thing) and it was actually a very warm scene to enjoy for me. Like the other scenes, there was a lot of licking and rubbing with some vibrator usage. Fans of shoes will note that they kept their stripper footwear on during the whole scene and the music was light and breezy.

Scene Three: When The Boyz Are Away The Girlz Will Play 2: 2000: Silvia, Gwen, and Bridgette were up next in a scene beside a pool. Gwen started it off by squirting them with a garden hose and Brigette took over from there as Silvia initially watched them. I think the contrast between Silvia's elegant beauty, Gwen's wholesomeness, and Bridgette's no holds barred attitude made for a solid scene to enjoy many times over. The natural lighting of the sun sure helped accentuate their features too and those who are satisfied with licking and playful rubbing will like this scene a lot (as did I). I could've done without the dildo action but it was well applied and at the time was considered a standard thing to include in lesbian porn.

Scene Four: When The Boyz Are Away The Girlz Will Play 3: 2001: Tabitha and Isabella were next up in a scene that had the pair in a high-class apartment with a wooden floor. Tabitha was sporting black hair back then (this was made before she left the company in a huff) and her hard angles combined well with Isabella's softer (and more natural) curves. The two did one another on a love seat with Tabitha giving head first. She was always proficient at lesbian action and this scene from her past was no different in that regard. While I always preferred her as a blonde, her natural look (well, not including all the plastic surgery) had an effect on me too.

Scene Five: When The Boyz Are Away The Girlz Will Play 4: 2001: Tanya,one of the most attractive gals in porn, Nikita, one of the most extreme performers in her day, and Renee, one of the curvy gals that always seemed to be able to warm me up with her overall performances, had a scene in a desert after a short plane ride. The emphasis was on oral but the toys used were pretty interesting too (vibrators, dildos, strap ons) and the PTM (pussy to mouth) was good. I had forgotten how much these three smoked when on screen as they've moved on to other projects these days. The natural lighting, the sweat covering their bodies, and the overall energy levels combined well with the chemistry they had with one another; making it a great scene for me.

Scene Six: When The Boyz Are Away The Girlz Will Play 6: Jenna, Sondra and Ashton were the last trio to tantalize my crotch here as they also combined different looks to insure that all fans of lesbian action would be happy. I can't deny that I enjoyed Jenna more when she did men at other companies but she contrasted nicely here with the bustier duo and all of them seemed to enjoy the oral a lot this time (some lipstick lesbians seem to try and fake it more than others). The scene was set at night with heavy lights pouring down on them as they played in a sandbox. There were toys and a lot of licking (as expected) but even with the fake moaning; I liked it more than average.

Summary: The Best of When The Boyz Are Away The Girlz Will Play 3 had a lot to like although I was kind of miffed that the amount of fuck for the buck only amounted to a bit over 90 minutes. For that level of material with no real extras, the best I can give this one is a rating of Rent It unless you find a great sale. When other companies are offering two hours or more with great extras to boot for the same or lower price, my big head starts thinking for the little head again. The show itself did offer some solid lipstick lesbian antics that I wanted to watch a couple more times (at least in a couple of scenes) and the attractive cast was looking good but the limitations kept me from wholeheartedly recommending it as much as I'd have liked to.

Note: You can see recent candid shots of several of these performers by visiting: My Photo's and read about their antics at 2004 AEE Show.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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