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Private Life of Sandra Iron, The

Studio: Private » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/18/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Private Life Of Sandra Iron (Private Life Series #20)


Genre: Compilation, Sandra Iron

Director: varied by scene

Cast: Sandra Iron, James Brossman, Loureen Kiss, Toni Ribas, Steve Holmes, Franco Roccaforte, Michelle Wild, Choky Ice, David Perry, Betty Love, Bianca, Claudio Villa, Bob Terminator, Asian Shan, Betty, Carla, Alberto Rey. Joachim, Jessica, Philippe Dean, Francesco Malcolm, Bettina, Kathy Anderson, Mona Green, Karl Ben, Angelica, Nick Lang, Zenza Raggi

Length: ~284 minutes

Date of Production: 9/2004 (compilation only)

Extra's: The movie had a lot of extras, just as other releases in the series have had before it. The first disc contained the primary scenes of this 29 year old Hungarian cutie as well as a few trailers, an Easter Egg scene with David Perry, and some minimal production notes. The really sweet extras came into play on the second disc though. All the scenes on the second disc were classified as "bonus" scenes so you can consider ten more scenes to be a great extra and then there were things like the 2.5 minute long interview about her tattoos (a year for the big one on her back?!? Yikes!), a 5.5 minute "secret interview" although what made it a secret is beyond me, a bonus masturbation scene (billed as her last scene) that lasted about 6 minutes, a series of trailers from her movies, and a quiz where getting the right answers meant seeing another bonus scene. There were no photoshoots though since apparently, she never did any for Private.

Condoms: Some

Audio/Video Quality: The Private Life of Sandra Iron was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color that many of the scenes were shot in but a number of them were presented in widescreen 1.78:1 too (it varied from scene to scene). For the most part, the scenes looked pretty good, even the older ones, with some grain and minor visual defects that would bug a critic such as myself. The good news is that when the scenes were good, you'd miss any problems and if they were bad, you'd skip them and not care. Otherwise, some of the directors employed visual effects that were painful to watch (slow motion, overdone, is lame). The audio varied a fair amount but was seemingly presented in stereo English most of the time/ I noticed her English skills had improved quite a bit in the interview and many of the scenes were fairly well done too in terms of audio quality.

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Body of Review: In the last few years, Private has really shown the world that it can make a number of types of porn in order to address a variety of markets, from the hardcore fuck fests to the features with all the bells and whistles to the compilations using scenes taken from their extensive library of smut. One of my favorite series has been the Private Life series where the goal is to truly showcase a single performer, using two discs worth of scenes, interviews, and material not available anywhere else, to provide some top notch entertainment for fans. I've enjoyed Jessica May, Jodie Moore, Rita Faltoyano, Jane Darling, Kate More and even the talented Michelle Wild, in their volumes of the series and while I wish I could say I've seen all of them; I can't. The latest release in the series is The Private Life Of Sandra Iron, focusing on the lean hotty that so many fans have enjoyed as she made scenes for Private, although she's made a small number of scenes elsewhere (under various names) that were solid too. This compilation was very good though and fans will want to check it out for all it has to offer them, so here's a breakdown of the material by scene:

Scene One: Superfuckers 7: D-Pierre Woodman: 9/2000: Sandra, in her first scene for Private was a raven-haired cutie with slightly bigger than average hips, having a scene with James on a hotel room bed. The Superfuckers series is patterned, in large part at least, on the American Dirty Debutantes series by Ed Powers although Pierre didn't generally have the sex with the gal all that often. Sandra was good at the action even then, a tribute to bank tellers everywhere I suppose. Pierre did play a little bit here but not enough to get credit from me and I liked how a condom was used this time. This scene was very long and had anal too. It wasn't her best work but it was certainly reason enough to keep hiring her for more work.

Scene Two: Without Limits 2: D-Antonio Adamo: 4/2001: Sandra, this time as a blonde, Loureen, another attractive blonde though with shorter hair, Toni, Steve and Franco, were up next in a colorful scene that included anal but wasn't as energetic or filled with chemistry. I prefer substance over style so while it looked good, it was less filling for me.

Scene Three: Funky Fetish Horror Show: D-Kovi: 2/2002: Sandra, this time made up with funky make up and a fetish outfit, Michelle, also looking good but weird, had sex with Choky and Steve with the gals dominating the action. I admit that the female outfit on Steve looked kind of silly but it was an interesting scene to watch with lots of oral, straight and anal sex.

Scene Four: Sex Secrets of the Paparazzi: D-Kovi: 6/2002: Sandra, dressed in a flashy dress and hat, had a scene with Choky, one of her favorite partners, in a cave. It looked crystal clear and there was definitely some passion between the two; elevating its worth for me to watch with repeated playings. Most of the action was oral and vaginal with some PTM going on before the anal began. She did some ATM to finish up with a facial of large proportions in this decent scene.

Scene Five: Sex, Lies, & Internet: D-Gianfranco Romagnoli: 6/2003: Sandra and David had the next scene in the rain at night as she enjoyed the feel of outdoor sex. It was actually one of the more skillfully shot scenes although the slow motion photography got in the way at times. I've only seen a handful of such scenes over the years and this was perhaps the best in most ways with her oral truly outstanding and the rest of it fairly solid too.

Scene Six: Amsterdam Sex Games: D-Anita Rinaldi: 3/2003: Sandra, this time as a redhead in fishnet stockings, and blonde Betty, had the last scene of the movie proper. They were in a dilapidated building with rubble all about and a man watching them from the shadows as they fingered and sucked one another off before pulling out the toys. I'm not sure I liked this scene as much as I could have since the music was jarring and the photography tried too many tricks to keep the eye interested (something the gals could do just fine on their own).

Scene Seven/Bonus Scene on first disc as an Easter Egg: Sex, Lies, & Internet: D-Gianfranco Romagnoli: 6/2003: This was another scene from the movie, included as an Easter Egg, that lasted 12.5 minutes long. "Sandra, an attractive blonde with short hair and a pretty face, finished going to the bathroom when David approached her stall for some heated action. After some rambling speech that she probably didn't know what the words meant, she blew him with lots of energy before he rimmed her in return. They screwed like happy little bunnies and she also did some anal before the pop shot. This was a good scene too."

Scene Eight: Sex Secrets of the Paparazzi: D-Kovi: 6/2002: Sandra, Michelle, Bianca, Claudio, and Bob had a scene on the lawn during a sunny day. It looked very warm and I liked it the first couple of times I saw it elsewhere. Yum!

Scene Nine: Without Limits 1: D-Antonio Adamo: 3/2001: Sandra and Toni had a warm little scene in an office building where they turned up the heat at work.

Scene Ten: Bitches: D-Pierre Woodman: 8/2000 to 9/2000: Sandra, Asian, Betty, Carla, Alberto, and Joachim had an orgy after the black boss man ordered the gals to strip, then please, the guys. Those who like power games will especially enjoy this one but only Sandra was really hot in it.

Scene Eleven: Reality 9: Do Not Disturb: D-Kovi: 1/2002: Sandra, Bianca, and Steve, had a scene centering on a honeymoon although how he married two gals as cute as this (and why would anyone be dumb enough to marry two at once) is a mystery. They had a hot little trio going though so I stopped caring about the metaphysical aspects of it quickly. Yum!

Scene Twelve: Too Many Women For One Man: D-Antonio Adamo: 6/2001: Sandra, Jessica, Philippe, and Francesco all made out in a fancy room before taking it to the extreme for the cameras.

Scene Thirteen: Deep Obsessions: D-Gianfranco Romagnoli: 3/2003: Sandra and David, both regular partners when working at Private, had a nice scene on a beach. I hated her short cropped hair but liked her sexual skill. Talk about mixed messages!

Scene Fourteen: Fetish TV: D-Kovi: 4/2002: Sandra, Bettina, and Choky were up next in a little fetish oriented scene on a stage with PVC outfits and silk stockings. I wanted to see more after this one was over as it was so short in length.

Scene Fifteen: Dark Side: D-Antonio Adamo: 2/2001: Sandra, Loureen, Kathy, Mona, Toni, and Karl had an orgy in a fancy room with lots of trim and fancy material all around. It was erotic more than heated but I liked it enough to watch parts of it twice.

Scene Sixteen: Love Is In The Web: D-Kovi: 1/2002: Sandra, Angelica, and Nick had a scene in a living room of sorts that included all the usual tricks but it was a moderately weak scene for me, even though it looked good.

Scene Seventeen: Body Shock: D-Gianfranco Romagnoli: 10/2002: Sandra and Zenza had a spicy little soirée that you get to see if you beat the rather easy quiz.

Summary: Sandra, was an attractive gal with a fair amount of sexual talent so it was sad to hear that she's not in porn any more. On the plus side, she is now enjoying her life as a wife and mother so I suppose it's for the best that she move on and make way for the next great Private gals to come along. Like the other releases in the Private Life series, I found a lot to like about this one and as far as compilations go, Private seems to have the finger on the pulse of the consumer; providing tons of fuck for the buck in this two disc set. I also applaud the honesty of the interview where Sandra was quite clear about the limitations of what she did, what she didn't really care for, and how her time at Private had its ups and downs (which, I guess, is true of any porn stars career). In any case, for fans of Sandra's, the only rating that makes sense is Highly Recommended and even those of you that weren't her biggest supporters may change your minds if you see this DVD set.

Note: You can see recent candid shots of many other performers by visiting: My Photo's and read about their antics at 2004 AEE Show.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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