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Briana Loves Jenna

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Chris Knight » Review Date: 12/20/04

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Justin Sterling
CAST: Briana Banks, Jenna Jameson, Shay Sweet, Isabella, Jim Enright, Mr. E., Eric Everhard, Dick Stolz
PRODUCTION DATE: June 18, 2000

The Main Event
I was curious as to why this title crossed our desks again, after it was originally released on DVD back in 2001, but according to the disc art, Briana Loves Jenna is being re-released exclusively by Adam & Eve. It could be released by Joe & Shmoe, but I'm not about to question why I get to review a Jenna DVD. This was a big deal back in the day, as it was Jenna's first straight sex scene in over two years, as she made her on-screen debut with her husband, director Justin Sterling (fucking as Mr. E.) The story centers around a doctor's efforts to cure Jenna of her psychosis, in which she imagines a lover who's obsessed with her.

Right off the bat we get a scene with the titular stars of the show, Briana and Jenna. In terms of pure size, there's more breast in this scene than there is in most movies. They both enjoy a box lunch, before Jenna straps on a big black faux-cock, and bangs the hell out of Briana. She may not have been born with a penis, but Jenna fucks like she's had one all her life, invading Brianna's pussy and ass. Though it's fake, Briana gives Jenna's dick a nice BJ, and then gets a string of ben-wa balls in her ass. These are some massive beads, so they are not messing around. More extensive oral wraps things up as Briana eats out Jenna's pierced pussy. A hot scene, though the artsy editing is a bit distracting.
[Jenna Jameson, Briana Banks | Oral (F), Fingering, Toy Play, Strap-On (Vaginal/Anal) | Doggie, Missionary | Condoms: N/A | ]

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Briana and her breasts come back for more, but this time with a real cock...and real big as well. Everhard's odd-shaped dick gets sucked down readily by Brianna, who rides his tongue in a hallway stand-up. Primed and ready, the dining room table is where Briana's pussy gets pounded hard and fast. Her tits may be fake, but they have some bounce to them, which is nice to see as her pussy is stuffed again and again. The sex is a bit more straight-forward this time, but there are still plenty of artistic touches that might make some guys' dick limp. Your mileage may vary. One of the hottest moments has to be when Everhard takes her from behind. The piston-like fuck is shot from a perfect angle to show how hard Briana's getting it, while some sped-up and slowed-down shots make for a hot scene. A well-placed cum shot ends up on her chin.
[Briana Banks, Erik Everhard | Oral (M/F), Tit Fucking, Fingering, Masturbation, Vaginal, Facial | Cowgirl, Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie | Condoms: No | ]

Another lesbo scene has Jenna and Shay enjoying each other's pussies in a dimly-lit hallway. Wearing short dark wigs, they look a bit like Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta Jones from Chicago which makes it even hotter in a way. This may be the least "standard" of all the scenes on this disc, with the camera suffering from ADHD, so there's little flow in terms of the sex. The scene ends with Jenna smoking and banging herself with a pistol (though there's no penetration on-screen.) Seemed like a bit of filler compared to the other scenes.
[Jenna Jameson, Shay Sweet | Oral (F), Fingering | N/A | Condoms: N/A | ]

This scene features Jenna times two, as her "naughty nurse" persona blows her doctor, while the patient plays with herself. Jenna gives a tremendous blowjob, while her other self puts on quite a show, playing with her tits and pussy. The advanced age of her cocksman might be distracting to some, but watching Jenna swallow down a dick has a way of making other concerns disappear. If that doesn't do the trick, the other Jenna fucks herself with a big clear dildo. This scene is free of the special effect camera work, probably because the whole scene is one big camera trick. This scene is a big Jenna showcase, that, though limited in scope, is tremendously hot.
[Jenna Jameson, Jim Enright | Oral (M), Masturbation, Toy Play, Facial | N/A | Condoms: No | ]

We're back to more Sapphic fun as Jenna dominates sexy Euro starlet Isabella. With a set that's more elaborate than almost any I've seen in porn, the scene starts off with some foot worshipping by Isabella. Jenna's so grateful that she eats her pussy and ass, fingering and licking her to orgasm. The introduction of a fucking machine takes the scene to the next level. Jenna gets banged by a machine-driven dildo, and then actually takes the mechanical cock in her mouth. It's a strange, but sexy moment. Strapping-on again, she pounds the pussy out of Isabella, fucking her doggie-style on the couch. Like I said before, Jenna may as well be a guy with the way she fucks.
[Jenna Jameson, Isabella | Foot Worship, Oral (F), Fingering, Toy Play, Strap-On (Vaginal) | Doggie | Condoms: N/A | ]

Done up like a heavy-metal goddess, Jenna plays with her pussy, getting it sticky and wet with her fingers. She's soon joined by Mr. E, whose face she sits on, riding his tongue like a cock. As she's fucked from the side, the camera work and editing gets increasingly annoying. This is a rare straight Jenna scene, but you don't get to see what's happening half the time. A hot blowjob shot from below redeems the scene for a moment, but then we're back to the MTV-style editing. Not even a hot reverse ride is safe from the "art", as a disjointed money shot interrupts the sex. The sex is hot, but it could have been better thanks to the editing.
[Jenna Jameson, Mr. E | Oral (F/M), Vaginal, Facial | Side Entry, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie | Condoms: No | ]


There's was a definite look attempted with this movie, and I'd say the DVD reproduced it correctly, as there was no evidence of any kind of production error. The film was shot with several different kinds of cameras and film, and as a result, the movie's look changes often. Each time, the looks seems "right." The audio, presented in 5.1, isn't bad, but the music is overwhelming in most scenes, and the sounds of sex aren't heard as often as I'd like. This disc focused more on the look of sex than the overall feel, which includes sound.


The biggest extra, found on the set-up menu, is a feature-length, screen-specific commentary with Justin Sterling and Jenna Jameson. Thanks to their real-life relationship the two play off each other well, as they reminisce about the shoot and chat about how the movie came together. There's more involved in making a porno than one would expect, and these two tell you all about it. Jameson has no limits, and she talks about everything, as one would hope. There's a lot of "I love this" going on, but there's plenty of info shared.

The rest of the extras are in the bonus feature area, starting with a fetish menu that provides direct access to six different types of sex scenes. For people with specific tastes, this is a big help. Almost six minutes of outtakes are on this DVD, including raw footage of ben-wa balls being inserted and removed from Briana's ass. That alone makes this worth checking out. Two masturbation scenes feature Jenna and Briana separately. Only the first six of Jenna's 15 minutes are her diddling, before a cock joins the party. Then it's BJ and handys until she gets a facial. This artsy scene shows a more natural Jenna, without her usual liberal make-up job, which is nice to see once in a while. Briana is pure one-on-none, as she assaults herself with a pair of toys for almost 10 minutes. Some photo galleries (one for each scene) and website links are also included.

Concluding Words

Though this is a Jenna Jameson flick, it's not a traditionally hardcore flick, as the editing and film style are rather artistic. As such, this video isn't for everyone. But the sex is very hot, especially when Jenna's got a girl on the business end of her strap-on. It's a bit old at this point, but the movie holds up well, and should be in the collection of every Jenna (or Briana) fan out there. A pretty good collection of extras only seals the deal.

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