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Wild On Sex 3

Studio: Platinum X Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/21/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Wild On Sex 3

Platinum X Pictures

Genre: Lesbian, Gonzo

Director: Jewel De' Nyle

Cast: Cassandra, Pamela, Jenny Rider, Angelina, Jamie James, Lena Bacci, Mandy Allison, Sarah, Lanny Barbie, Kimberly Franklin

Length: 125 minutes

Dates of Production: 5/14/2004, 5/15/2004, 5/17/2004

Extra's: There were a few very cool extras for me this time rather than a lot of mediocre ones to speak of. First up was a 36.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that initially showcased some of the gals with crew members Jewel, Brandon and another guy as they took a tram ride through a park to "smell the roses". Personally, the only smelling I wanted to do was smell the crotches of the cast but I'm supposed to think that way because I'm a pervert. Anyway, after playing around on the botanical garden ride, the action shifted to some of the scenes (with a bit of the other stuff too) and the gals goofing off was cute (even though Pamela wore a Hustler t-shirt). Brandon's observations about DVD extras were worth a listen too but check out the BTS feature and you'll see what I mean. There was also a healthy 24.5 minute long series of photoshoots for the gals (with the pictures ending up in the usual photogallery). The extras were rounded out with some trailers and a director's biography of the lovely Jewel De'Nyle.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Wild On Sex 3 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as it was shot by Brandon Iron. The visuals weren't as good this time since the lighting was slightly off (it just looked off to me; perhaps since Jewel was on the road and didn't want to carry around as much equipment with her) but while it wasn't as clear and crisp as usual for PXP, it was still better than many of their competitors. The issues with grain were minor and the fleshtones accurate so I wasn't too concerned about the picture. I saw no compression artifacts or video noise, which indicated the DVD mastering was solid. The audio was presented in the usual stereo English with minimal separation or dynamic range (at times approaching hollow audio with echoes). Audio is almost always handled worse than video but I suspect that won't be the case forever and I long for the day my home theatre gets a workout on a gonzo porn movie.

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Body of Review: Fans of lesbian action have long had plenty of choices with modern porn since this is one of the most common acts. In recent years, this kind of lipstick lesbianism has seen a decline therefore it's important to let you know when a series or feature provides the kind of heated action many of us enjoy watching. One of the better gonzo lesbian series is shot by the former porn goddess Jewel De' Nyle with the latest volume being Wild On Sex 3. The movie was fun to watch, much like Volume 1, as a host of cuties were doing one another; this time in a travelogue fashion with Jewel as the host (not to mention director, producer, etc.). While not all of the gals looked as hot as most Platinum X Pictures performers, the energy levels were usually very high with a lot of passion for fans. Here's a quick look at the action, noting that the basics were covered in every scene:

Scene One: Cassandra, a cute gal with brown hair, and Pamela, a lean gal with black hair, started off the scene with an interview by Jewel in a botanical garden in Montreal. While Pamela has never appealed to me, Cassandra was worth checking out as the two hit a couch and started rubbing on one another. There was some extensive foreplay and licking as the gals warmed up for the passionate lesbian antics that typified the whole movie. Essentially, they went down on one another, sucked a bit of ass and then used toys to get off; including a double headed dildo. There was a lot of energy and the gals seemed to like one another just fine so the scene was pretty good. Fans of more extreme sex with be happy to note that some PTM (pussy to mouth) and ATM (ass to mouth) took place and that the gals appeared to orgasm.

Scene Two: Jenny, a blonde gal, and Angelina, the brunette on the front cover, were up next after a short interview outside the world famous Montreal casino. Jewel joked about picking them up at the slot (or "slut") machines, but that was, of course, not really the case. Once they got back to the hotel room, they began going at it in the bathroom with Jenny using a strap on dildo to dominate Angelina. With some sucking action to wet it a bit, the gals began humping within moments of the sex starting and it was an energetic fuck to be sure. They mixed it up more after the PTM and even did some masturbation in the tub with lizard kissing although I thought they were better when trying to tear each other up with the toys.

Scene Three: Jamie and Lena, another couple of dark hair gals with impossibly lean figures, started off the following sex scene using a strap on dildo as though it were a real cock (including sucking it off) after a short interview outside the Montreal site of the 1976 Olympics. They wasted no time with the tender stuff as they simply went at it with a lot of gusto. They did some PTM as they switched positions with some hardcore screwing in various positions and I'm sure Brandon (one of the crew this time) was sniffing at the couch after the scene was over since they got so wet. There was also some carpet munching between the screwing with full on licking and fingering taking place to really trip their triggers. I liked how the action was less formulaic this time with the screwing happening early and the oral afterwards. Fans of women speaking French during their scenes will be happy to know that the gals starting babbling like crazy as they got off and the scene was solid.

Scene Four: Mandy, a gal that looked more than a little like a cleaned up Belladonna, and Sarah, a gal looking much like Jessica Drake, were then interviewed outside a statue of the Maisonneuve (basically a pillar to the guy who founded Montreal) before donning some hot lingerie (well, Sarah did at least) and taking care of business on a couch. With Sarah's sweet ass in the air, she used a moderate sized dildo on her pal to warm up her crotch for some deeper action. There was some licking but most of the best oral took place later and the gals slowly started getting more into the scene as time went on. When it was Sarah's turn, I found out she was quite the anal slut when she all but inhaled a toy in her ass. The gals then went hip to hip with a double headed dildo to finish as the sucked the toy clean before the strap on action.

Scene Five: Lanny and Kimberly, a couple of hot looking brunettes portraying hookers (gasp!) on a street corner in the seedier side of Montreal, were up next after Jewel picked them up for a scene. Lanny's pretty well known by now and I suspect Kimberly will be joining her in a claim to fame after this scene. The two started off slowly as they sucked one another's breasts and rubbed crotches. It wasn't long before they went down on each other too with an increasing passion; fingering taking place to generate even more heat. They used toys, including a strap on dildo, to get off with some masturbation action near the end of the scene (employing the usual taste testing for kicks). The gasping for air and throaty moans worked for me and this scene was the best in many ways.

Summary: Wild On Sex 3 was worth a rating of Recommended to me although some of you will likely view it as a bit better or worse depending on what your personal tastes are. The general feel I got for the movie was that Jewel was determined to provide a lot of fuck for the buck and she succeeded both in the feature as well as the extras. I never saw volume 2 of the series but if it was anything at all like the first and most recent shows, I just may have to shell out a few bucks and get it myself. I hope future volumes get a more attractive (though still energetic) cast but there was still plenty of eye candy it that's your thing.

Note: You can see recent candid shots of many local performers by visiting: My Photo's and read about their antics at 2004 AEE Show.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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