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Young Natural Breasts 6

Studio: Simon Wolf Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/21/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Young Natural Breasts 6

Simon Wolf/Illicit Pictures/Pure Play Media

Genre: Young Gals, Natural Bodies

Director: Robert Herrera

Cast: Erin Moore, Joey Ray, Sammie Rhodes, Dale DaBone, Randi Wright, TJ Cox, Hollie Stevens, Scott Styles, Gabriella Banks; bonus scene had Daisey McClane and Dino Bravo

Length: 97 minutes

Date of Production: 7/29/2004 to 8/6/2004

Extra's: Most people will like the bonus scene from Wet Teens 4 (as described below) more than the rest of the extras. Otherwise, it had some trailers, a photogallery and nothing else to offer. Like a couple of other recent Simon Wolf features, the ending credits listed Don Fischer as having directed a Behind the Scenes feature but none was present on the DVD (unless it's hidden as an Easter Egg). What happened?

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Young Natural Breasts 6 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color, as all the Simon Wolf shows have been shot to date. The colors and fleshtones were accurate and the amount of grain was minimal thanks to solid lighting. The composition of the scenes was very similar as Robert seemed to follow his usual brand of showing the action with minimal comment or extremes in terms of what took place. If you want photographic tricks that look flashy but detract from the heat; Robert's not your man. I didn't see many compression artifacts but there were a few and otherwise, the scenes looked good. The audio was presented in the usual stereo English although the talk was very limited and the music not as much a factor as other releases these days. It hit the basics and that's just fine by me as Mr. Herrera follows the KISS philosophy (keep it simple stupid) that so many of his peers leave behind.

Body of Review: These days, Simon Wolf productions have largely become a single director company (much like Cherry Boxxx and a few others) with the capable hands of Robert Herrera helming all the movies the company releases. While I miss the fantasy features they used to make, I know that a lot of consumers seem to enjoy seeing the basics done with attractive gals having fun; in sort of a backlash to the usual gonzo circus act sex so many companies chase as a means to sell titles. In Robert's latest release, Young Natural Breasts 6, he continues the success he had with Volume 5 of the series in how he used a basic background to accentuate the attractive and less used female cast to coax your money out of your wallets, much like the gals coax loads out of the male performers cocks. If you enjoy seeing this kind of thing, you'll be happy as a clam and here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and action if you need them to decide if the show is for you:

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Scene One: Erin, an attractive, all natural blonde with a sweet body, was up first with Joey on a couch. Joey was rubbing her the right way and she was jerking him off through his pants but that didn't last long as they stripped and got down to business quickly. Her oral included a lot of hand action but she also employed her knob bobbing action to insure his full attention. He returned the favor by giving her some head as he fingered her but it didn't last long and they were boning within moments after that. It was a slow ride in several positions and it ended when he jerked off to her face (he nearly lost his load before that though) with some titty fucking to make it more exciting. I liked it as an alternative to the ultra hardcore action that has taken over porn (for the most part at least) and saw some measure of chemistry between them.

Scene Two: Sammie, another lean blonde (bleached) that had a similar look to Erin, was up next in a scene by the fireplace with pretty boy Dale. She was the featured blonde on the front DVD cover so you can get an idea as to why men seem to follow her around like puppies but her innocent look belied her sexual skill. The scene had a bit more foreplay than the last scene and this helped heat things up as they teased one another enough to get my attention before she began playing his skin flute like a champion-to-be. The no-hands action managed to excite Dale and fans of leaner porn performers will appreciate her immensely as she managed to get Dale to give her some warm head before the boning. She did plenty of the work as they proceeded and the results were very solid in terms of chemistry and passion. If not for the ending facial, I'd have thought Adam & Eve had a great new director.

Scene Three: Randi, a gal with a similar body to the others but some wild hair (long, black with some blonde streaks: very original!), had the next scene with TJ on a purple loveseat. There was less foreplay this time as she started in on his penis, primarily with her mouth as she held it firm with her hand (as opposed to jerking him off with her mouth on top). Aside from her many piercings, she had two large rose tattoos where her ovaries are (unless that's why she got the tattoos; to hide surgery), and some angular features on her face. TJ went down on her as though he enjoyed it but her moans seemed canned more than coming from the heart so I was losing interest in her scene until the screwing began. He did most of the work until she started getting into the action a little bit and rode back to give it a decent ending. To her discredit, she closed her eyes when he was about to unload the facial and it made the pop shot seem kind of forced with regard to her enjoying it. For the record, she was the gal with the darker hair on the front cover although the picture did not do her justice.

Scene Four: Hollie, a pleasing to look at blonde with a bit more curvature than the others in the movie (she wasn't fat by any means, just had a few extra pounds that looked good on her frame) and Scott continued the formula where they made up on a couch before the sex began. I've maintained for some time that I enjoy this type of thing and far too few companies utilize it in their releases but they did some okay oral on one another too. Rather than fake enjoyment, she made him keep working her crotch until he got it right and as a result, I believed it when she got off at least one time, if not more. Her oral wasn't as good but the worst blowjob I ever got was better than the best punch in the face so I'm not going to harp on it. She was another that rode him as much as he rode her and the results were good as the scene proved fun to watch. There were more close ups this time but the playful factor was higher and she appeared to enjoy the mouthful of semen heading her way at the end.

Scene Five: Gabriella, a redhead with a few extra pounds of her own (again, they enhanced her look unless you like the preteen look), had the last scene with Dale. I also knew it would be on a couch and while the minimal setting was not a factor for me, it did lent an air of repetitiveness to the backgrounds (I know it saves money and allows more to be budgeted for the women but with only five scenes, that argument falls a bit flat). The two shared less chemistry than the others and appeared more professional as to how they reacted to the action. By no means did they do anything wrong to lessen the heat; it was just their attitudes that weakened it for me somewhat. They did some vaginal before the facial and it ended the DVD with more of a whimper than roar although Robert could be heard commenting in the background (Oh shit!) as though something special happened.

Bonus Scene: Wet Teens 4: Daisey McClane, another bleached blonde, and Dino Bravo, were making out on the couch when this one started. They slowly undressed one another and continued kissing as they got to know one another better. In keeping with the formula, he went down on her first, tasting her crotch and getting her wet, before it was her turn to show some oral skill. Her blowjob was not the best of the bunch but I wouldn't have turned it down if offered. They screwed in several positions before he jerked off onto her face. It was an okay scene.

Summary: Young Natural Breasts 6 is worth a rating of Recommended for all those who want attractive, lean, and sexually fun women to liven up their screens. It wasn't the best DVD I watched this month but in terms of simple fun without all the trimmings, I can tell you that it had a decent amount of replay value given how some of the gals appeared into the sex more often than not. If you want to see anal, double anal, ATM, and gang bangs, you can find them elsewhere but for clean, straightforward fun, you'd be hard-pressed to find something as pleasing as this DVD. The series has a lot to offer those who want a great cast having a good time although I wish the missing BTS feature were included and the amount of time on the feature to last closer to two full hours.

Note: You can see recent candid shots of other new performers by visiting: My Photo's and read about their antics at 2004 AEE Show.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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