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Studio: Smash Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/22/04

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Smash Pictures/International Film Group

Genre: Foreign, Feature

Director: Jose M. Ponce

Cast: Sara Bernat, Tavalia Griffin, Tania Lorenzo, Maeva Excel, Betina Campbell, Laura Angel, Nacho Vidal, Chipy Marlow, Ramon Guevara, Aura, Ivan Arevalo, Sophie Evans, Tony De Sergio, Steve Holmes, Eva Falk, Toni Ribas, Sequeiros, Pamela, Carmen, Max Cortes, Daniella Rush, George, Kevin Long, Steve

Length: 141.5 minutes

Date of Production: 11/10/2000

Extra's: The only extra that could've worked for me was the 6 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. While it was presented in Spanish (European Spanish at that; believe me, there is a difference), I still got a pretty good idea of what was said (Yay foreign language skills!) and wish it lasted a lot longer. There was also a photogallery, some trailers, and an internet commercial.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Gothix was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Jose Ponce. The colors were very accurate, the fleshtones perfect, the composition of the scenes exceptionally good and the focus very tight. I didn't like some of the artistic effects used too often here but otherwise, it looked very good in most ways. The stereo English track (there were several language tracks) wasn't as well defined as the Spanish track but other than a lousy dub, the music was interesting. That doesn't mean it was great but at least it had some variety to it as I listened throughout the show.

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Body of Review: Foreign porn has been considered a largely untapped source of material by most domestic porn companies due to the difference in sexual tastes many of us have compared to our more sexually open neighbors in Europe. The porn made there tends to be harder sexually and more driven by small niche markets rather than trying to be everything to every body as so many American companies seem to work at. European companies also seem far more willing to take on subject matter perceived of as demonic and satanic than what you'll find here so it's no wonder that Smash Pictures took a chance on bringing over Gothix, a movie about a guy trying to figure out his role in the Universe as he wavered between good and evil; Heaven and Hell, in a clash between the forces that pitted his better nature against his carnal needs. If this sounds too metaphysical for you, consider that the sex took up the vast majority of screen time (and the borrowed metaphors and ideas from far greater directors worked well here). Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that most of the scenes had anal in them with no condoms:

Scene One: Las Tentaciones de Latex: Sara, Tavalia, Tania, Maeva, and Betina, had a lesbian scene with the emphasis being on some of the liquid latex body paint that was in vogue several years ago. I had thought the sex would start with the hot Sophie as she masturbated in a dark room at the beginning but it cut away too quickly for me to count it as a scene. In any case, the lesbian action went beyond the lipstick lesbo stuff we usually see in American made porn with the gals getting into it more than a little with some toys, some solo jerking off and oral to pass the time away in a pleasant manner. The gals were attractive and the scene was well done with a bit more energy than I expected. If you'd rather have the cookie cutter gals seen in most shows, stuck with the domestically produced movies but these gals had a lot to offer.

Scene Two: Mundo, demonio y carne: Laura, Nacho, Chipy, Aura, Ivan, and Ramon had what amounted to a set of three scenes all put together as one. The couples each stuck with their partner and the lovely Laura was the showcase gal throughout the scene. There was oral, straight and anal with some taste testing and moderately warm action but Laura and Nacho were easily the best of the group and I'd have been happier if the scene just had those two going at one another.

Scene Three: El Deseo y la Muerte: Sophie, the lead gal of the movie and the centerpiece of the front DVD cover, finally got her chance to shine as she took on a couple of masked men; Tony and Steve. I don't believe I remember ever seeing Steve this far back and his unkempt appearance was certainly a change as the duo were pleasured by the hot young gal in her prime. The sex included vaginal, anal and a DP with more passion and heat than any of the other scenes here except one (also with Sophie). The dubbing did detract from the heat a bit and I wish it lasted longer but the entire scene was well done and ended with the double facial as so many fans seem to enjoy.

Scene Four: El alter ego: Eva, a hot cutie with a sweet ass, took on Toni and Sequeiros next. She teased them into submission and worked them both over as she wiggled on a table in a darkened room. It was primarily with Toni and had no anal but I wanted to see a lot more of her once this one ended. In short, she knew how to coax a load out of a guy and while it was the tamest scene if you consider the styles of sex taking place, she used some sultry moves in a manner that went beyond the mechanics of the sex.

Scene Five: Angeles y Demonicos: Pamela and Carmen, both dressed as angels, took on Max and Tony, both dressed as devils (hence the title). The oral was the best part of the scene although an argument could be made that the vaginal and anal screwing wasn't bad either. Like a few Private movies having a similar theme, this one fell short of the mark due to the way the gals seemed focused on milking out the loads rather than having a good time. I've seen better performances out of third rate hookers and that's a shame since I got the impression that these two gals were top of the line hoochie from the Czech Republic (or possible Spain).

Scene Six: Los Pescadores de Cuerpos: Daniella, a very attractive redhead in a setting of the wild sea, took on Steve Holmes, Tony, George, Kevin, and the other Steve in a tame gang bang. It had a lot of oral, a lot of vaginal, and tons of anal with a few DPs but the action appeared to be slightly off (with some of them looking away from her as if being directed too much from the sidelines). It was a subtle matter but it certainly impacted the heat of the action and when a guy that really likes the lead gal (in this case, Daniella) sees a problem, you have to know it's weaker than it should be.

Scene Seven: La Piedad: Sophie, looking even better this time, had the final scene with Toni by the ocean setting (on the balcony that many of the scenes were shot). He started off slowly licking her to warm her up and eventually hit home to full effect with her responding nicely. She returned the oral pleasure and gave him a spiffy blowjob before they went at one another full force in vaginal and anal. While I imagine they were held back a little bit by the subject matter, I'd be hosing you if I said the scene was anything less than a pleasure for me to watch. The pacing worked better than in the other scenes primarily because the two had so much chemistry and passion for the other. If the other scenes had been this good; I'd have been giving it a much higher rating overall. Whew!

Summary: Gothix was a limited movie but was worth checking out for the attractive cast and varied sexual practices presented with some high end production values. I'm rating it as a Rent It primarily due to the lack of passion many of the gals had and the mechanical nature of the action but many of you may enjoy it more than I did, especially fans of the cast. If you can get past the atrocious dubbing of the acting parts, you'll find it wasn't bad although the replay value may be more limited than you'd like in your porn.

Note: You can see recent candid shots of many domestic performers by visiting: My Photo's and read about their antics at 2004 AEE Show.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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