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Baby Face 2

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 12/27/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

GENRE: Gonzo
DIRECTOR: John T. Bone.
LENGTH: 1:16
CAST: Juliana Gomes, Cindy Love, Agatha Crispy, Emmanuelle Lay, Nicky Estewan, Mary Castro, Nicole Gaucha, Bad Boy, Roger Campinis, Mr. Marlboro, Victor Ventura & Henry Miller.
PRODUCTION: July 23, 2004


the Audio/Video

The video was shot in the full-frame 1.33:1 ratio and exhibited a softness for the majority of the feature. During one scene, there's an annoying "effect" that has a black blur lining the entire picture. The audio, painfully dubbed, was slightly clear and presented in 2.0 stereo.

the Special Features

Nada. None. Not even a phone sex ad.

the Fucking



-- sponsored by --



At Dame Edna Fortisque-Smyth's Finishing School For Young Ladies, the girls have gotten together in the study hall to trade summer exploit stories. As they're talking, Mary's in the principal's office attempting to make nice with a bouquet of roses. Well, Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS, didn't appreciate the gesture and she bends Mary over a table, lifts her dress and starts smacking her ass; first with the roses, then with her hands. When she's done doing that, she lifts a leg up so Mary can suck on Ilsa's heel before opening up her trenchcoat and making Mary suck her nipples. Next, the principal lifts up Mary's dress and has her lay on the table so she can give Mary's pussy an excellent tonguing. After taking off her trenchcoat and throwing some of the rose petals on Mary's stomach, Ilsa straps on a thick, transparent dildo. She spreads Mary's legs and starts fucking her missionary before bending her over to do her doggystyle. Ilsa sits on the chair and Mary hops on top for some EXTREMELY sexy reverse cowgirl until she cums.

I didn't know what to make of this scene when it started. I'm not really into the whole "German leather" fetish scene, but once that camera started focusing on Mary, the scene's heat increased dramatically. See, at times, Mary looks similar to Eliza Dushku [from "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" fame]. And if that wasn't hot enough, once Ilsa brought out the strap-on, on the heat index scale of 1 - 10, it shot up to 11.      

[Mary Castro & "Ilsa, She Wolf Of the SS" | Toys, Fingering, Oral, Vaginal | Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggystyle | Condoms: None | ]

Emmanuelle is sitting on a bench near the pool, when her father's best friend walks up to her and starts kissing her. He lifts up her skirt and starts licking and fingering her pussy before whipping out his dick for her to suck. When she's done, she bends over for some sexy doggystyle. Emmanuelle then gets on top of him for reverse cowgirl followed by a deep anal missionary until he shoots on her face. 

Emmanuelle has all the things I love seeing in my porn: a slight tan line, a thick ass and a nice rack. Once a honey has all those things, a pair of black, thigh high boots is the icing on the cake.

[Emmanuelle Lay & Her Father's Best Friend | Fingering, Oral [M/F], Anal, Vaginal, Facial | Doggystyle, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary | Condoms: No | ]

The "Samuel Sisters" are breaking curfew in the dining room while the other girls are sleeping. While they're enjoying fruit and drink, Victor walks in to begin chasing them around the table. When he catches them, he starts giving the brunette's pussy a licking as she reciprocates by pulling his dick out and sucking on it [with some assistance from her "sister"]. After the ladies are done with the duel blowjob, he grabs the blonde sister and lays down with her on the table. The brunette grabs Vic's dick and sticks it in her sister for reverse cowgirl; both vaginal and anal. One quick lubing from the blonde and Vic starts doing the brunette doggystyle; again, both vaginally and anally. Once the blonde hops on the table and gets on her knees, Vic can't help but feel compelled to hop up there too and start fucking her ass until the sisters try to share a weak shot. 

Both girls were slightly cute, but this scene really didn't hold my interest like the previous two. 

[the "Samuel Sisters" & Victor Ventura | Oral [F/M], Vaginal, Fingering, Anal, Facial | Reverse Cowgirl, Doggystyle | Condoms: No | ]

Nicky starts daydreaming about John, the boy she met on holiday with her parents. Though they never had any time alone, she wonders what would've happened if they had. Of course it starts out with a kiss and, after John frees her lovely tits, he makes his way between her legs to give her pussy a brief licking. He then spreads her legs wide for missionary followed by anal reverse cowgirl. There's some anal missionary and anal scissors, until John shoots a small load between her tits. 

This wasn't a bad scene. It was, however, made annoying by the appearance of a black "special effect" lining all four sides of the screen to signify that Nicky's "daydreaming". That said, Nicky has a nice rack and watching her fuck was hot. However, the "special effect" got on my nerves after a while.

[Nicky Estewan & "John" | Oral [M], Vaginal, Anal | Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Scissors | Condoms: No | ]

As Nicky is sitting and daydreaming, the other girls join her and tell her she'll never have sex. While there, the other girls prod Juliana into telling them about her sexual escapes before school started. Apparently, the Saturday before school started, Juliana was at a bar with Roger and Billy. They talked her into going with them to the picnic grounds and promised her a night she'd remember. As the guys carry her inside a cabana, they alternate between smacking her ass and pouring champagne on her pussy. When they finally reach it, she gets on the table and starts sucking one while the other is licking her pussy. After the guys switch, Juliana continues sucking dick while getting fucked doggystyle. During anal scissors, she gets smacked in the face with some dick until a double penetration on the table. The scene ends with her taking a double shot on her face followed by the guys driving off without her. 

Juliana has a nice body with a sexy ass and a very hearty rack. Combine this with her golden skin tone and eagerness to fuck and get fucked, and this was a pretty hot scene.

[Juliana Gomes, Roger Campinis & Billy | Oral [M/F], Vaginal, Anal, Facial | Doggystyle, Scissors, Double Penetration | Condoms: No | ]

the Final Word

As a reviewer, one of my jobs is to post my opinions in addition to the facts. While my opinions are easy to come by, in the porn industry, the facts are practically impossible to ascertain. See, this disc was fairly simple to review. In fact, I could sum it up in two words: Highly Recommended. Unfortunately, trying to find out who the FUCK was featured on this flick was damn near impossible. There are some that might think this was a good thing. Hell, it would force us to be more creative in our descriptions of sex scenes. But, there are times where we let the aggression we feel at the inability to put together a complete review get the better of us. Is it really that hard to accurately list the performers on these discs? Is it, John?

Well, my knee-jerk reaction to all of this would be to knock my rating down a peg or two. But that would be just that, a "knee-jerk reaction" and that might not be fair. However, the total lack of Special Features will more than justify my final rating of Recommended.

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