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Twisted Vision

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/28/04

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Twisted Vision

Red Light District/Michael Stefano Productions

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Michael Stefano

Cast: Missy Monroe, Michael Stefano, Juan Cuba, Sativa Rose, Roxy Jezel, Taylor Rain, Jennifer Luv
Non-sex cameo by Kylie Ireland

Length: 136.5 minutes

Dates of Production: 8/5/2004, 8/7/2004, 8/10/2004, 8/11/2004, 8/24/2004

Extra's: The best extra for most consumers will be the 19 minutes of additional sex footage. If given a choice between seeing more action and seeing a dozen trailers, what do you think most guys would ask for? The 19 minute long Behind the Scenes feature was also a lot of fun to enjoy. There were some moments of sexual activity but most of the feature was taken up by Missy and Sativa (although all the gals got a bit of screen time here). It's always interesting to see what the gals "really" look like (before the makeup) too. There was also a pop shot compilation from the scenes, a photogallery, some trailers and a director's biography (however limited it was).

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Twisted Vision was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Michael Stefano. The focus was sharp in most cases and the lighting, while not perfect, was usually pretty good. Michael didn't compensate for some of the extra light during Roxy's scene outside and Missy's scene was edited in a hit or miss fashion but I can't deny that there was enough to like that a few moments of weaker material wasn't a big problem for me. I saw a bit of grain at times and the video noise during a couple scenes was a pain but overall; I liked the visuals. The stereo English audio was similar in terms of quality in that it had a few rough spots but wasn't terrible by any means. If you listen closely, you'll hear some of the background noises that made the movie seem a bit realer than average, even if I didn't care much for it as a viewer.

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Body of Review: Having left his cozy spot at Platinum X Pictures for a chance at the brass ring (Red Light District tends to sell more copies based on name recognition alone), Michael Stefano is a man poised at a turning point in his career. Moving behind the camera instead of just being a meat puppet, he brings a bit of style to all that he does, although he still has room to grow as a director. His latest release for Red Light District (made for PXP though) is Twisted Vision, a point of view movie that sets a goal of trying to allow the viewer to place themselves in Michael's shoes as he has sex with a cast of cuties. This was billed as his first such attempt and while there was a lot of footage not truly done in POV style, it had a fair amount of enjoyable sex taking place with 60% of the gals doing anal with all the usual tricks of the trade. If this sounds interesting to you, read the following breakdown of scenes by cast and action:

Scene One: Missy, the blonde on the front DVD cover in the cage, Michael, and Juan were up first. Juan played a loser hobo, and Missy was a captive love slave of Michael forced to wear a hood and handcuffs as well as some nice lingerie. I have to admit that the entire bondage theme is something that I associate more with Red Light District's sister company, Platinum X Pictures (the company this was originally going to be released for), since the kink factor was so high. It's still rare that real sex takes place in a bondage laced scene given legal proceedings of past movies but the action was pretty solid nonetheless. The sex included oral, vaginal, anal, PTM and ATM although there wasn't nearly as much point of view action as I was led to believe by the advertising. Missy is a talented sex worker and this scene proved she had what it took to get guys off but it wasn't her best scene to date. I liked her vocalization about what she wanted and there was a lot of POV action (I just prefer it to be all or nothing in that sense) so the bottom line is that the scene was still well worth checking out.

Scene Two: Sativa, one of the hottest Latinas making porn these days, was up next in a scene with Michael at her place. She masturbated with a skin rag as he looked for her and the result was a warm, wet pussy for him to play with when he found her. She's usually more aggressive than this scene showed her but she seemed to thoroughly enjoy the action as her nipples got hard, her skin looked flush, and her breathing rate quickened. There was no anal this time but she did enjoy taking his penis into her mouth and pussy with some PTM action as well. Fans of swallowing will appreciate her willingness to down his healthy sized load but my biggest aspect of the scene was how great she looked.

Scene Three: Roxy, playing a hitchhiker along a deserted desert road, got in the SUV with Michael after flagging him down. She rambled on for a few moments and eventually, the two got down to business. The scene included all the usual tricks she's known for, including oral, vaginal, anal, and the taste testing after positions (both PTM and ATM). Roxy's biggest asset is her lean body combined with a sex drive matched by few other exotic looking women these days and she put it to good use here. I'm not her biggest fan and even I thought she did a decent job of milking his nuts here so fans may be even happier than I was to see her in action. She didn't have the chemistry of Sativa or the energy of Missy but she gave it her all and the outdoor nature of the scene added something less tangible to the mix (natural lighting always seems to enhance a gal's looks). The POV aspect of the scene was better done than in the other scenes too so fans of POV will like it all that much more.

Scene Four: Taylor, a very attractive gal with raven black hair and a very lean body (some would say "skinny"), crawled across the floor in her black lingerie as she attempted to seduce Michael. Evidently, it worked since she was inhaling his cock in no time at all after showing her nicely round ass (even if it had too many minor blemishes for my tastes). She stretched out her ass with large anal beads and continued the POV camera angle action in a pleasing manner as he hammered away at her from several positions (my favorite of which was doggy). I have to admit that her ability to take anal from such a large penis was impressive but even more so since she appeared to completely enjoy it. Like the other gals, she did the usual taste testing with flair and I can see why she has so many fans given her energy levels here. It was the weakest ending of the movie but her strength was with the action, not the finish, so take it for what it's worth (a good scene).

Scene Five: Jennifer, all dolled up in a green top and short skirt, had a scene where she applied for a receptionist job with Michael in his office as he watched one of his movies (you'll win a no prize award if you guess which scene correctly). He left her to see if the movie would have a positive effect on her (it did) and before long she was masturbating like crazy in the office chair. He walked back in and she practically jumped his bones in order to gain some measure of relief for her wild desires. She gave some good head and did well in the vaginal sex, showing a bit more energy than usual and some chemistry too. While she didn't take anal here, I didn't miss it as she appeared to get off at least once during the scene with him. The POV camera angle was employed the whole time here and that increased the fun factor although the creampie and farting were a bit much for me to handle. Whew!

Summary: Twisted Vision was a bit less twisted than it could have been but it did manage to pique my interest with a few of the scenes being so well done. The cast of women was also solid as they did a whole lot to get Michael (and, in one case, Juan) off in a variety of positions. If you're a fan of POV action and attractive gals, you'll agree that the movie was worth a rating of Recommended but it wasn't the best such feature released by the awesome gonzo machine that is known as Red Light District. Michael has been getting better all the time and I can see his immediate future looking quite rosy as he continues to improve his technical skills with a camera but the rough edges needed a bit more polish this time and it showed more than a few times. There was a nice variety of gals here to enjoy watching but even the conceptual basis for the movie wasn't always followed so I had to deduct a bit from the rating. Check it out if you like the cast and the POV action advertised, just remember that you can find better at RLD.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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