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Wolf's Tail, A

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/3/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

A Wolf's Tail

Adam & Eve/Simon Wolf

Genre: Feature

Director: Bud Lee

Cast: Allysin Chaynes, Alec Metro, Alexandra Nice, Joel Lawrence, Asia Carrera, Devin Wolf, Sydnee Steele, Dillion Day, Dee, Elizabeth X, Herschel Savage, Evan Stone
Non-sex roles by George Kaplan, Anthony Crane, Sissy and Bonsai (the wolves) as well as a few others

Length: 106 minutes (the cover stated 90 minutes-bargain!)

Date of Production: 6/00 (DVD case), 3/2/01 (credits), 5/01 (interviews)

Condoms: Yes

Extra's: There were a bunch of trailers, a sex reel from Bud's various movies, a bonus sex scene from Emerald Rain, another sex scene from Invisible, a bunch of interview/biographies, a documentary on wolves, a blooper reel, two director cut's of scenes from the feature, and a 20+ minute long Behind The Scenes feature (box listed it as 24 minutes).

Audio/Video Quality: A Wolf's Tail was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as originally shot by director Bud Lee. The picture looked crisp, the details sharp, and the DVD mastering was exceptionally solid (especially for the time this was made). Even the editing was great, much to the chagrin of a few other reviewers on another website). It would've been really easy to mess this one up since most of the scenes are required to be dark and video hates a lack of light more than anything else. When given the proper budgets and time, Bud is very capable of proving his ability to shoot under difficult circumstances as he has here. The stereo audio for the vocals seemed very well balanced although the music seemed to pop in and out at times (I thought it was on purpose for some unknown artistic reason but maybe it was a slip up). Good work Bud!

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Body of Review: One of my favorite companies making porn a few years back was Simon Wolf (especially when they were partnered up with Adam & Eve). Their Tail trilogy was really fun to watch and like my review of A Witch's Tail, A Wolf's Tail was very entertaining for me. The story concerned a successful female writer, Asia, who had some sort of magical powers. Those powers haven't been realized yet so her protector, George Kaplan and/or a magical Wolf depending on your interpretation of the events of the first two movies, must keep her safe from various evil entities. In the first movie, it was a Witch and in this sequel it was a group of uptight vampires. Okay, it sounds a bit hokey and it probably is but it was also fun.

Let's face it; no one buys a movie from Adam & Eve expecting a gonzo splooge-fest. They expect high end production values and at least a bit of story. They get both in spades here. I'm sure the cable TV and pay per view markets were extremely happy with this release as it had something for almost everyone. Sure, it had porn staples such as condoms (not in every scene though), platform heels in inappropriate places, too much makeup, implants and men who jerk off to orgasm, but most of those factors are expected these days-it's hard to blame Bud for including them.

So, what do you get? Attractive women having hot sex with a bit of story and humor thrown in too boot. The special effects are better this time as are the extras. I was also pleased that the DVD didn't have any of the problems that some of A&E's Premium line had had when I watched this one-the extra's accessed quite quickly this time. Here's a quick breakdown of the scenes if you need it to make your decision:

Scene One: Alec and Allysin boned on a coffin. While that sounds kind of gross, it makes sense in the context of the movie. The two either shared some chemistry or their acting is way off the charts for porn performers. She took the facial like a champ and barely flinched when he doused her eye a bit. You can see a slightly longer director's cut of this scene on the second DVD.

Scene Two: Alexandra gave Joel a terrific BJ and then proceeded to enjoy his penis in her other two holes before getting a facial. I don't have to have a facial or anal in a movie to enjoy it but she seemed on fire as she enjoyed every second of it. Great Scene!

Scene Three: Bud likes to tease Asia's fans by rarely including her first sex scene until well into the movie. I've noticed this in several of his past movies including A Witch's Tail. No matter, the lovely Asia took on Devin in a dungeon here and it was worth the wait. It seemed appropriate that he was in this Simon Wolf movie and his Keifer Sutherland meets pimp daddy look worked well in this role. The sex was well done and both seemed to have as much fun as I did. See the second disc for an extended version of this scene.

Scene Four: Sydnee and Dillion boned as Herschel and Dee watched. I couldn't take my eyes off her and the two had something going on. On a technical note, the sex was good if not the best here. Is it any wonder why Wicked Pictures hired her as a contract performer not too long after this was made?

Scene Five: Dee, Elizabeth, and Allysin get in on some Herschel action. The ladies had a fair amount of chemistry and he wasn't too bad in his role either. This was the weakest scene and appeared too scripted to me to enjoy fully.

Scene Six: Asia and Evan bone on the mansion's stairwell. The two looked good together and appeared to have lots of fun. I like both of them and only wished his non-sex role could've been longer and/or explained a bit better. It was a very warm scene though, regardless of the background relating to the story.

Summary: The sex and production values were both very good compared to what else was on the market when this was released several years ago. The overall package was head and shoulders above more than 98% of the market at that time too. My complaints are minimal and the positive aspects are too strong to ignore. I suppose a bit more rehearsal with the lines would be the only thing that a few of the performers should've changed that wouldn't bother those who hate change (a few characters were a bit weak with their lines) but that's almost always the case in porn.

I liked this sequel so much when it originally came out that I gave it my highest rating but these days, time has moved forward so I'm only giving it a rating of Highly Recommended (still a great rating as most of you are aware). The production values, the great extras, and the well made movie itself in combination with a skilled and attractive cast made this an easy one to rate although the third chapter in the trilogy was designed to surpass this one even more than the first volume surpassed this one. If you don't mind a bit of story with your sex scenes, this is a good place to start for fantasy buffs. Check it out!

This Don Houston "retro-review" was written long ago before the so-called Professor of Porn had much experience writing reviews. Since that time, he has seen more porn than almost anyone reviewing on the internet. Keep in mind that his comments accurately reflected his fresh viewpoint of the time he first saw the movie.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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