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I Dream of Jenna

Studio: Club Jenna » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 1/7/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

GENRE: Straight Feature
DIRECTOR: Justin Sterling
STARS: Jenna Jameson, Nikitak Denise, Inari Vachs, Kari Anna, Autumn, Jewel D'Nyle, Aurora Snow, Brittany Andrews, Lezlie Zen, Kathy Curtin, Charlie Jaqz, Missy Milan, Steven St. Croix. Randy Spears, Justin Sterling, Jim Enights, Eric Everhard, Jay Ashley, Johnny G, Donny Karma
LENGTH: 140 mins without bonus material

She is undoubtedly the world's most recognizable porn star. A stunning beauty with a killer body to match, Jenna Jameson has managed two near unthinkable feats: she has managed to become the Queen in an industry with a massive daily turnover of potential replacements and pretenders to the throne; and she owns the unique ability for finding a way to get the conservative, mainstream audiences of America to accept her shady, sexual past as merely part of her larger than life persona. She is currently working her entrepreneurial magic with her own company (Club Jenna), website, line of sexual aids (including medications and performance enhancers) - even a bestselling autobiography (How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale). There are rumors of reality television shows and legitimate movie offers, and it appears the sky is truly the limit for this one time strung out stripper from Las Vegas.

But what about her hardcore foundation? Is Jenna really that ripe of an onscreen sex vamp to warrant all the accolades and approval? Is there proof in the porn, or just the clever marketing of an equally intelligent woman and a billion dollar business? Because of the limited amount of XXX she's created, it is sometimes easy to forget that Ms Jameson built her bravura on her back (or sides, or front...) long before she was an action figure, author or an auteur. Now, Club Jenna and adult mainstay Vivid are giving us a chance to experience her impressive oeuvre by releasing I Dream of Jenna on DVD. In an excellent, bonus filled 2 disc set, we learn why Jameson is at the top of her game. Most filmmakers or stars don't make hardcore this hot – and Jenna is the reason behind the vast majority of the heat.

The DVD:
I Dream of Jenna is, naturally, a spoof of that classic crackpot sitcom from the swinging 60s, Sidney Sheldon's I Dream of Jeannie. The referenced rib-tickler, about an astronaut who finds a super sexy genie in a bottle was the ultimate Playboy After Dark dirty joke for network TV, a concept cleaned up for middle America and sold as wholesome family entertainment. Never mind that the premise has a humpable harem babe desperate to serve her "master" in any manner he required, or that Barbara Eden was sizzling in her skimpy slave girl garb. No, series star Larry Hagman (who played the harried space case, Maj. Tony Nelson) always seemed less interested in trying out Jeannie's tricks than proving he wasn't crazy to NASA psychiatrist Dr. Bellows. Only his best buddy, Maj. Roger Healy, knew the sweet skin deal his pal lucked into, and spent the majority of each episode giving his best knowing nudge to the home viewer.

I Dream of Jenna takes this moldy old idea and retrofits it to the porn world of a modern, post-millennial world. Ms. Jameson's variation of the free love folly comes from the later years of the series, when Jeannie and Tony (here known as Jenna and Tommy) were actually a couple, and the green-eyed monster of jealousy drove almost every one of the woman wizard's comedic actions. In this adult film anarchy, Tommy (Steven St. Croix) and Roger (Randy Spears) have been recruited by Dr. Fellows (Jim Enright) to help out a movie being made about space travel. As technical advisors, Tom and Rog will get to "work" with the production to make sure they get all the details right...and if they bag a few starlets along the way, all the better. Naturally, this makes Jenna furious, and she calls on her sister Katrina (Nikita Denise) to help her out. Unfortunately, Katrina wants Tommy all to herself, so SHE calls Holterian (Justin Sterling), Jenna's old master, to come back and reclaim his jinn. He plots to get Jenna back in the genie bottle, and whisk her back with him.

In the meanwhile, Jenna shows up on the set of the sci-fi flick to find her man screwing around with the hired help. She takes over the production, comes on as director, and fires the females frisking her man. Katrina shows up – with Holterian already bottle bound, and puts the moves on Tommy. Jenna eventually is trapped in the bottle with her ex, and it will take a promise from the womanizing Tommy to finally free her. Naturally, in between all this comic capering and intimate intrigue we are treated to a lot of fun fucking and sucking. Jenna is well known for her gal-on-gal goodness, and there is plenty of the pussy popping here. But equally engaging are all the hetero happenings. In order to understand all the hardcore action that exists in this film, it is best to view all the moments individually, to determine the XXX-citement factor. Let's begin with:

Scene 1: Nikita Denise, Jim Enright (Stunt Cock by Randy Spears)
Acts Performed: Blowjob
In a bit of warm-up wantonness, Nikita blows boner with a great deal of passion. Enright acts up a storm, which is all the more appropriate when we learn that he did not provide the peter for this scene. Spears plays stunt stump, as this brief bit of oral activity gets us going (sorry, no money shot) for the next bit of boning. Score: 5 out of 10

Scene 2: Jenna Jameson, Nikita Denise, Autumn
Acts Performed: Female-to-Female Oral, Fingering, V to M, Salad Tossing, Tit Sucking, Ankle Strap-On Action, Strap-On Anal Doggy, Strap-On Oral, Strap-On A to M
Giving us more of that certified Sappho goodness that she's known for, Jenna really juices up the joint as she and Nikita work Autumn over like a new found fuck toy. The amount of aggression and passion is palpable, with Nikita keeping up with Jenna in the crotch-craving department. From the amazing amount of ass eating to the slam bang dildo drilling, these ladies lewd it up in ways unimaginable to the average fan of same sex shenanigans. As a result, this is one of the best scenes in the movie, a pretty amazing accomplishment for a lesbian workout. Score: 9 out of 10.

Scene 3: Kare Anna, Inari Vachs, Randy Spears, Steven St. Croix
Act Performed: Doggy, Face Fucking, Straight, Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Reverse Cowgirl, Gaping, Implied V to M, $hot on Girls, $hot Facial
In our first full on frig footage, Randy and Steven dick their dalliances with decided aplomb as they prove to Kare and Inari why they are some of the best ballers in the business. While Randy rams Inari to within an inch of her horniness, it is Steven and Kare who serve up the best smattering of smut here. Each guy/gal combination seems perfectly matched, meaning each pair really get off on each other's strong sex vibe. St. Croix delivers another of his patented pop shots (he practically covers his lover with nutsack nougat) and the oddball setting (some weird sci-fi alien interior) really amplifies the arousal level of this freaky foursome. Score: 8 out of 10.

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Scene 4: Brittany Andrews, Lezley Zen, Flick Shagwell, Kathy Curtin, Charlie Jaz, Missy Milan, Eric Everhard Johnny G, Donnie Karma, Randy Spears
Acts Performed: Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Standing Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Pile Driver, Spooning, Toe Sucking, Foot Fucking, $hot on Feet, $hot Facial
It's balls to the wall orgy time as a group of gang gropers get their grapple on in a perfectly directed, expertly edited slice of shark. For a company usually accused on going for a more softcore than hardcore approach to porn, this is some powerful, potent stuff for Wicked/Club Jenna. Typical to the Jeannie ideal, Spears's Roger is sent to the scenario by Jenna's magic, and he immediately gets his gratuitous groove on. Along with the other man meat in the scene, the pumping is pile driving dynamic. There are a couple of times when we loose track of the performers under mounds of flesh and aggressive aardvarking, but this is not a lensing issue. It is near impossible to keep this much skin centered when it's being forcefully fluffed and fucked like this. This is a very erotic scene with a little – make that a LOT of - something for everyone. Score: 8 out of 10.

Scene 5: Jewel D'Nyle, Steven St. Croix
Acts Performed: Blowjob, Face Fucking, $hot on Himself
In a basic oral workout, Jewel delivers an amazingly hot helping of head to Steven's curvy cock. Building to a beautiful climax, St. Croix pours out the pud pudding as Ms. D'Nyle sets up her sluttiness in expert style. But the best is yet to come as Jewel gives Jenna a good going over. Score: 6 out of 10.

Scene 6: Jenna Jameson, Jewel D'Nyle
Acts Performed: Kissing, Spitting, Fondling, Cunnilingus, Tongue Fucking, Fingering, Fisting, V to M, Salad Tossing, Anal Tonguing, Strap-On Doggy, Strap-On Anal with Reverse Cowgirl DP featuring Glass Dildo, A to M
Proving that she puffs poon as well as she does peter, Jewel dives directly into some feminine freestyling as another horny honey happening featuring Jenna occurs before our babe appreciating eyes. The combination of Jewel's dark features and Jenna's sunny summer girl good looks makes for a gorgeous bit of girl/girl, and the final act of DP with the unique strap-on/ glass dildo action is incredibly intense. Score a second sensational same sex outing for the queen of onscreen mons munching. Score: 9 out of 10

Scene 7: Aurora Snow, Jay Ashley
Acts Performed: Masturbation, Blowjob, Cowgirl, Standing Cowgirl, Straight, Anal Doggy, Pile Driving, Gaping, A to M, Anal Reverse Cowgirl, Standing Anal Reverse Cowgirl, $hot in Mouth
A true fan favorite, Aurora proves why most men wouldn't mind a Snow-job from this babe-alicious brick shithouse. Taking on Jay in a manner that will steam up your jeans for days to come, this couple really randies up the raunchiness as Jenna sits in the background, touching herself (and with good reason - this scene sizzles!). Aurora gives it as good as she takes, and the results are spectacular, as Jay jams his jock as far in her ass as she can tolerate, and Aurora just snuggles up for as much concentrated butt balling as she can get. If there is one downside to this scene, it is that we don't get enough full on couple shots, letting us wallow in the passion between these performers for ourselves. Otherwise, this is another fantastic fuckfest in what is quickly becoming a film crammed full of superior cock to cunt action. Score: 9 out of 10.

Scene 8: Nikita Denise, Steven St. Croix
Acts Performed: Cunnilingus, Salad Tossing, Anal Tongue Fucking, Fingering, A to V to M, Anal Reverse Cowgirl, A to M, Blowjob, Ball Action, Vaginal Doggy to Anal Doggy, Scissors, $hot in Mouth, Oral Cleanup
And the hardcore hits just keep on cumming. Nikita Denise is so sensually sleazy, so obviously enamored with male member that she seems to be absolutely starving for shaft. As Steven does a hilarious male stripper routine (to some retrofitted version of the Village People classic, Macho Man), Ms. Denise grabs his ass and jones for his johnson. Naturally, Steve must get in some snatch snacking before Nikita gets her groin goodies. Once they get to sticking, the intensity blisters from the screen. On a DVD filled with excellent boy/girl action, this may be the best bonking of the entire set. Score: 9.5 out of 10.

Scene 9: Jenna Jameson, Justin Sterling
Acts Performing: Masturbation, Foot Sucking, Cunnilingus, Tongue Fucking, Straight, $hot in Mouth, Oral Cleanup, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, $hot in Ass, Male to Female Snowballing
Finally, after eight previous scenes, lots of sexual heat, and a fair amount of tantalizing tease, Jenna does dong (thanks to a partnering with real life hubby Sterling) to prove, conclusively, why she's the Queen of Porn. One would expect that working with your significant other would be either a boon for the poon or a hardcore hindrance, but Jenna and Justin are fabulous together, combining their personal preferences into one very passionate exchange. The double dose of dicking here (two pops for the price of one) shows you how comfortable and complete these two feel together. And as usual, Jenna gives a sweltering performance, making this easily the most erotic scene of the set. In a movie filled with great fuck and suck, no one does it better than the star. Score: 10 out of 10.

You have to really love the way Jameson and Sterling handled the lampooning of this classic TV show. By playing on the premise we all knew was buried under the early 60s censorship surface – that is, that Tony would pork the pita out of Jeannie is given half the chance – and using it as the basis for their bush and boner bonanza, we get both great fucking and proper parody. Every actor here gets a moment to shine, either in the sack or in the satire. Especially excellent are Jameson (playing up her basic bitchiness while staying set in her kooky character) the always hilarious Spears (who feeds off his overheated macho persona perfectly) and that maestro of manic mugging himself, Steven St. Croix (who is a notorious scene stealing stitch in comedies). And although she is hampered by a thick Czech accent (which the filmmakers use to their advantage by filling in the gaps with hilarious subtitles) Nikita Denise makes a devilishly delightful Katrina. Since the rest of the cast is XXX actors, we get a very bold statement in the sex arena from even the most ancillary supporting player.

And that is what is most important about I Dream of Jenna. This is safe, secure, hot, horny porn at its most professional and high end. Not necessarily falling into the over-sentimentalized soft/hard arena (which the Dirge likes to call PPP) or grossly gamy and gonzo, there is a nice balance between the comedy and the cumming in this film. Sure, the spoof isn't always on the money, and some of the jokes are too inside, or just plain lame, to resonate with an outsider audience. But when you can make fun of yourself and get your fuck flag flying at the same time, you know you are in the hands of seasoned porn pros. Though many could accuse this film of being nothing more than a clothesline production, with the Jeannie junk as the minor movie premise upon which all the pork product is placed, I Dream of Jenna doesn't feel like such a victim of the vignette. Instead, there is a real attempt to make everything gel, to have the sin and the silly unify and delight. While it's a challenge at times, it is one that Jameson and Sterling are up to. I Dream of Jenna is what we've come to expect from Her Royal Horny Highness. This is hardcore porn at its most accessible.

The Video:
Though the tendency toward soft focus seems to distract from the details in the production, I Dream of Jenna looks excellent in its 1.33:1 full screen presentation. The filtering facets do tend to mute the colors a little, and give all the fleshtones a bit of a washed out feeling, but the overall image radiates with a lovely luminescence that generates an actual aura of class. There are minimal special effects used (mostly CGI smoke and sparkles) but they are incorporated well into the picture. The transfer is clean and crisp, without a single defect like flaring or bleeding to ruin the video variables. While there have been better looking hardcore films in the lexicon of the lewd, I Dream of Jenna still provides a very professional, cinematic image.

The Audio:
Club Jenna does something very novel with the aural attributes on this DVD. They offer three differing sound setups for your viewing pleasure, all in amazingly atmospheric Dolby Digital 5.1. You can choose the normal movie mix, or opt for more talk/less music, or visa versa. In either case, you get to hear exactly what you want, and avoid the noise that lessens your love longing. Though the different dynamics sometimes fail (you can hear some music during the dialogue-only track and a few "sounds" creep in over the tunes), these are still great options to have for those who like to program their porn to meet their naughty needs.

The Extras:
Divided up over two discs, I Dream of Jenna has some substantial bonus features, many of which turn this title into a delightful DVD package. Let's look at each one individually:

Disc 1:
Commentary by directors/stars Jenna Jameson and Justin Sterling: Funny, fresh, and a little catty at times, Jenna and Justin turn their full length narrative into a Mystery Science Theater 3000 of XXX quips. They make fun of EVERYONE here, from Randy Spears's less than large loads to Steven St. Croix's bent wang. They out both Inari Vachs and Brittany Andrews as being "less than cooperative" on the set, and describe how much they hate the gratuitous shot of man ass that usually arrives with any penetration scene. As the film winds down, so do they, saving their most scandalous comments for some of the performers and performances in the latter scenes. While this may seem just like a goofy gossip fest, it really makes for an incisive, insightful bit of commentary. We long to hear such backstage drama and personality clashes, and Jenna seems so genuine in her praise that a little bitchiness is just fine. She's the star, after all.

Fetishes: Via this menu option, you can cruise over to any sex act that stiffens your britches. You can choose from "Blowjobs", "Cowgirl", "Cum Shots", "Doggy", "Missionary" and "Pussy Eating". Once you pick your proclivity, the ability to select which scene you want to see is offered. While it would have been nice to feature all the fetishes shown in the film (where's the love for foot fiends, or people who like salad tossing?), this is still a better way of giving us the usual "all pop", or "all oral" DVD feature.

Disc 2:
Photo Galleries: Standard shots, both solo and during sex, of most of the female stars of the film.

Five Masturbation Scenes: Jenna #1, Jenna #2, Nikita Denise, Autumn, and Flick Shagwell/Brittany Andrews: Through five examples of auto-erotic manipulation we see why some gals have the knack for personal gladhanding, while other could use some pussy playing skills. Naturally Jenna, and Nikita know how to pet their fleshy fur patch. Autumn, and Brittany could use a few poon pointers. Flick is somewhere in the middle. She manipulates the mons with ease, but can't seem to get beyond the basics of self-balling. Still, instead of a bio or some lame scene compilation, it is nice to see these stars enjoying their own personal parameters.

Blooper Reel: Though it's really just a repeat of the material shown over the closing credits, this collection of goofs and gaffs is really very funny. Especially interesting are the mistakes that occur DURING the hardcore action (someone farts, Jewel blows a wad of spit all over Steven's shirt, not his cock). Combined with the missed lines and occasionally imitations (St. Croix does a mean Brando), this is an enjoyable added feature.

Making Of Featurette: Unlike other onset shill jobs, this actually has the feel of being with Jenna and hubby Justin as they travel around LA looking for props and costumes to make this movie. Once we get to the shoot, we are back to the random behind the scenes shenanigans, with actors playing jokes on each other while other performers put on the demented diva routine. It is here where we learn of Enright's stunt schlong, and how NO ONE wanted to sub for him. We also watch the increasing level of professionalism involved in making one of these movies. While it would have been wonderful to have some Q&A with the actors, seeing them run lines or go over their script with Jameson and Sterling helps satisfy our 'how'd they do that' curiosity.

Final Thoughts:
Fans of other hardcore honeys probably rack their nookie-loving noggin over why, of all the profitable porn stars, Jenna Jameson is considered the best. She doesn't do certain scenes, she's almost exclusive to her girl-girl preference, and makes films so infrequently that other XXX ladies lap her in the available product arena. Well, one look at I Dream of Jenna should answer any and all queries and concerns. Offering nothing but the highest quality hardcore, with just a little mainstream merriment to spice up the scenarios, Jameson's career canon is filled with this type of quality, not overexposed quantity. As a result, I Dream of Jenna is a highly recommended ride into the risqué, featuring some of the best fuck and suck the industry offers. On the Disco Dirge Peter Meter, this DVD gets a 9.5 out of 10, and just misses the DVD Talk Collector's Series by a plot point or two. Couples will certainly enjoy the level of lick and stick here, so a Cohabitation Certification is easily awarded. With her acceptance as a part of the proper popular culture all but a done deal, Jenna Jameson will end up being on the greatest success stories in the history of adult entertainment. If you want a good reason why she'll always remain #1, just watch I Dream of Jenna. It's porn at its most provocative and exciting.

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