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Nasty Art Box Set

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 1/14/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Irvin Bomb is widely regarded as a master of explicit artwork. His paintings are quite renowned and his work has been seen on his own pay-per-view special. Hustler Video presents two discs that capture the excitement that a modeling session for Bomb entails. Working primarily with girl-girl models, this is two discs of art and smut combined! In a sense, you get to see hot chicks make out with each other while Bomb captures it all in his artwork. Overtop of all of this, Bomb and the girls are interviewed on camera (while the action is going down) making for an educational experience as well as an erotic one.

Disc One: Sexual Strokes

Scene 1 Love On The Nile: Dee and Isis start things off by getting ready for their session. They strip down to their skimmies and then get dolled up in some Egyptian garb. After some mild foreplay the girls lie down in bed and slowly start to get down to business. Isis goes down on Dee, then goes back up top for some tongue kissing. Dee in turn goes down on Isis, then pays special attention to her breasts. The girls then play a little game of footsie together, then move over towards Bomb as he's painting to try and distract him (it doesn't work).

Scene 2 Vampire Lust: Darian Caine and Victoria Vega start off decked out in Goth lingerie but soon strip down to what the good Lord gave them. They don't waste any time getting into position for Bomb to paint them, and once he gets the basics down, they love it up lesbian style. Each girl makes sure to go down on the other one, and Darian pays special attention to Victoria's pierced clit, using her fingers and her tongue. After seeing Darian in many a Seduction Cinema production, it's nice to see her in some harder material.

Scene 3 Lesbian Mermaid:Ruby and Tiffany star in this third segment. While Bomb works some mermaid motifs into his art (in fact the painting for this one only has one girl in it, leading me to wonder if this isn't just an excuse for Bomb to watch hot chicks fuck each other in the name or art!), this is simply another lesbian scene don't go looking for fishy bits here, as there aren't any. The girls seem to enjoy kissing and frolicking as they do early on, and they take their time getting on to the harder sex. Once they do though, it's all good Ruby eats Tiffany from behind, working her pierced pussy with her tongue for the camera. Ruby in turn busts out her fingers and tongue for Ruby's vagina, proving that it's better to give than to receive.

Scene 4 Caught In The Act: Vanisha goes solo in this one, showing up at the studio and quickly stripping down and hopping into bed. Once she's there, she poses a bit and then busts out a lovely metallic vibrator, which she proceeds to use on her pink parts. She goes back and forth from her toy to her fingers, sometimes using on or the other and sometimes using both. She seems to be having a good time and being an absolutely gorgeous girl, this turns out to be a pretty good solo scene.

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Scene 5 Manhattan Cheesecake: Ava Vincent and Natalia Ash are eating cheesecake at a diner when Bomb approaches them to pose for him. They agree, and it's back to his studio where the girls are soon stripping down. Ava gets naked first and poses solo for a little bit, then Natalia decides to do the same and join in. They kiss and lick at each other in preparation for the main event, then they let their fingers and tongues take over and it's a good ol' lesbian love fest in the grandest of traditions. Blonde all over blonde, the girls get right into each other, making sure to do the best damn job they can of licking each others labias. Each girl gets a chance to come, while Irvin paints away. The natural enthusiasm shown by the two blondes in this scene makes it a winner, as they seem truly into it and are obviously having quite a good time in bed together, particularly once they bust out the pink vibrator and use it on one another, and even more so once they bust out the strap on and fuck each other from behind.

Scene 6 Irvin's First Time:Katie Jordan and A. J. Kahn approach Irvin at a bar to get a drink. He convinces them to pose in some gothic fetish wear so he can paint them. They oblige, and soon the two lovelies are decked out in some medieval sex garb, posing around a bubbling cauldron. Soon, as you'd expect, the girls start paying less attention to their roles and more attention to each other. Some nice light foreplay soon leads into some oral action and then the girls are rubbing up on each other in just the right way. Fingers and tongues find all manner of unholy crevices to explore, then A. J. busts out a spur to rub along Katie's body, and then a giant purple dong which she uses to bring her to a climax.

Disc Two: Fleshtones

Scene 1 Blood Lust: Vanisha and Sasha are stuck in an elevator and decide to kiss a little bit to pass the time. The elevator finally gets them to where they need to go, Irvin Bomb's studio. They strip down and pose for him for a few minutes, looking way too good together, and then as they discuss how their boyfriends suck, they start to get in the mood for some girl on girl fun. They kiss and lick each other softly and sensually, then start to get into it some more and move down south for some tongue twirling hijinks. After they go down on each and finger one another for a bit, they slow down so that Irvin can finish up his painting. I swear this Irvin Bomb guy has the best damn job in the universe. These two girls are beyond hot perfect skin, perfect bodies, and way into eating each other out and using vibrators and strap-ons on one another. Lucky bastard. And he just sits there and paints!

Scene 2 Zebra Girl: Justine Kase flies solo in this scene. She gets naked right quick, strikes a few poses for the maestro, then allows him to airbrush her body with silver paint into a zebra pattern. I guess your enjoyment of this scene will hinge on how sexy you find zebras. Justine is a nice looking girl, but this part work for me. Soon though she washes off the paint and the lovely Sean McBride wanders in to spot-check her with her tongue. The two girls go to town on each other and completely make amends for the zebra girl silliness with their lipstick lesbian love. Fingers poke, tongues slip, and gashes are spread wide open leaving nothing to the imagination. No toys, but that's ok, none are needed. These girls know what they're doing and it shows.

Scene 3 Ride The Horse: Amarillis and Kitana are back in the same elevator that started off this disc, also warming up with a kiss or two. They're into the studio and down to their panties as soon as you can say 'kaboom.' Bomb convinces them to get totally buck naked, and being the good models they are, they oblige and even take it one step further by running their fingers over each others bodies. That seems to do the trick and get them hot, because soon enough they're sucking and fucking and slapping and tickling. These girls get each other plenty wet, and once they're good and prepared they bust out a pair of dildos and a strap on to bang each other some more. This is highlighted by the skillful use of a double ended dong which the girls both insert and ride at the same time, and even manage to work into a double doggy style session.

Scene 4 Birthday Girl: Anastasia shows up at Bomb's studio and models for him in a great naughty school girl outfit. She slowly takes it all off, and struts for him naked as a jaybird. It takes her awhile to start diddling herself and she only does it briefly but she's so hot looking that really, all you need to do is just look at her. She's gorgeous and she knows it and she's more than happy to flaunt it in this scene.

Scene 5 Vegas Vixens: Morgan March and Destiny St. Claire are picked up by Bomb on the streets of Vegas. Soon he's got them up in a hotel room to pose for him, and they strip down accordingly. These girls don't really waste anytime with foreplay, they go straight to the goods. They start by licking each other where it's good to lick, then break out a big black dildo, that is put to the best use possible. A different dildo is then brought into play, spit on and licked, and the inserted into Destiny's slit, which she fine tunes with a clit massage courtesy of her own index finger. Lots of moaning and groaning and juicy sound effects keep this one moving along at a good pace.

Scene 6 Jungle Heat:Dee and Obsession are at the gym when they decide to head over to Bomb's place to pose. They're naked as fast as you can say 'please take off your clothes and have sex with each other' and soon enough, they're having sex with each other too. This is another one that goes right to the oral fun, and after everyone has eaten their fill they bust out a double-ended dildo, which they ride together in unison. Once that's over and done with, it's strap-on time and they finish off the scene in grand fashion.



Both discs contain material that was shot on tape, and it shows. Towards the bottom of the screen you'll notice some tracking lines that are a little bit annoying. The image is rather soft and fuzzy and lacks much detail. Colors are okay, and thankfully the flesh tones look decent enough, but this is obviously a VHS source transferred onto DVD.


The English Dolby Digital Stereo soundtrack sounds pretty good. The interviews and dialogue overtop of the action comes through nice and clear and I didn't have any problems understanding anything anyone said. The background music is strong enough to add to the fun but not overpowering enough to drown out any of the spoken bits.


Supplements on the Sexual Strokes disc include a photo gallery of about twenty images from the feature, an art gallery featuring twelve of Bomb's paintings, a cast list, a phone sex link, and a behind the scenes segment. The behind the scenes segment shows Bomb sketching a girl at a convention, and isn't really behind the scenes of this feature at all. It's interesting to watch a talented artist work though, so it is worth checking this out as it's brief and only runs a couple of minutes.

Supplements on the Fleshtones disc include a photo gallery of sixteen images, an art gallery of seven paintings, a cast listing, and a phone sex link.

Final Thoughts:

While slim on the extra features and not of the best video quality, the Nasty Art Box Set proves that classy porn can still work well. It's balances nicely between art and hardcore smut and creates its own unique erotic entertainment that comes recommended.

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