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Seduced & Abandoned

Studio: Erotic Media » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 1/16/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

GENRE: Feature
DIRECTOR: Pepe Catman.
LENGTH: 1:43
CAST: Laura Angel, Max Cortes, Jessica May, Karma, Julie Silver, Laura Lion, Julia Crow, Cynthya, Charlotte, Rita Faltoyano, Nacho Vidal, Tony Ribas, Michael V., Ramon Nomar, Nicol and Federico.
PRODUCTION: July 23, 2004


the Audio & Video

Video: Shot in the standard full-frame 1.33:1 ratio, the picture was slightly soft with slight grain, but nothing terrible. Audio: Dubbed, clear and presented in 2.0 stereo.

the Special Features

Photo Gallery, "Cumshots" [a 7m 18s compilation of the disc's cumshots] and "Web".

the "Story"

Max is writing a story about  the sex lives of models and strippers. After traveling to meet theatrical recluse Federico, and passing his " Style is not how you write or how you think, but not how you make love to a woman" test, he helps Federico write his memoirs.

the Fucking








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After a brief interview with Nicol, Max heads home and starts making out with Cynthya. He gives her pussy a brief fingering and sucking, until she unzips his pants and stuffs her mouth with his dick. When she's done, Cynthya bends over for doggystyle before heading over to a nearby chair to go for a ride reverse and regular cowgirl-styles. While riding, Cynthya can't help but notice a framed picture of Laura on a nearby table. She asks Max who it is and he tells her that it's his mother [?!?!] and that she has magic powers. Cyn flips the frame down, switches positions and sticks Max's dick in her ass for reverse anal cowgirl. There's some anal missionary before Cyn milks a load out of Max.

Meh. This wasn't a bad scene, and Cynthya sure can ride but, would I watch it again? Probably not.

[Cynthya & Max Cortes | Fingering, Oral (F/M), Vaginal, Anal, Facial | Doggystyle, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl | Condoms: None | ]

When he finally meets Federico, Max is introduced to Charlotte and told that Federico wants to observe Max making love to her. Max accepts the challenge and wastes no time getting into bed with her and letting his hands wander between her legs to give her pussy a rub down. All the while Federico is sitting and watching [creepy!]. Max gives her pussy a brief petting and fingering before Charlotte is playing tonsil hockey with Max's dick. As this is happening, Max looks over to Feddy and he exclaims "Splendid !" Charlotte continues with her lengthy, deep blowjob until she stands up against the wall so Max can finish undressing her and give her pussy another licking. Running back to the bed and bending over, Max mounts her as we are treated to more shots of Pervy Feddy eagerly watching this action. During his spooning of Charlotte, Max asks Federico for a progress report [and gets a thumbs up!]. Charlotte hops on top for cowgirl before turning around to get some reverse anal cowgirl until she sucks a shot on her face. 

Honestly, this scene was just flat out creepy. My idea of titilation does NOT include having an old man watching me fuck. Nor would I pause at various times asking him "Hey grandpaw, how'm I doin'?". Sorry. If this is a European thing, i'm just not down.

[Charlotte & Max Cortes | Fingering, Oral (M/F), Vaginal, Anal, Facial | Doggystyle, Spoon, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl | Condoms: No | ]

As Julie's playing the piano, Julia walks over with a riding crop and starts rubbing it along her body. Federico narrates and tells us that the ladies were staying at his place and that he happened to walk in on them. However, according to Federico as he attempted to get involved, both ladies told him to take a hike and continue stripping each other down and letting their tongues roam over each others bodies. While the ladies are on the table grinding pussies and using the riding crop that now has a blue dildo at the end of it, Michael notices what's going on and walks in hoping to join. The ladies stop what they're doing and drop Mike's pants to begin sucking his dick. Julie hops on the table and spreads her legs for missionary from Mike with an assist [and some PTM] from Julia. Next, Julie is bent over getting fucked doggystyle while she uses the riding crop dildo on Julia, who's spread in front of her. This continues until both ladies share a shot from Mike. 

Kinda like going on a bender at a bar, as this scene wore on, I found the girls more and more attractive. However, watching them grind against each other probably helped too. 

[Julie Silver, Julia Crow & Michael V. | Oral (F/M), Toy Play, Vaginal, Fingering, PTM, Facial | Missionary, Doggystyle | Condoms: No | ]

A upset and vengeful Federico calls one of the ladies he'd been the most pleasurable to and invites her over. It turns out it's lovely Ms. Rita [yay!]. When she arrives, she begins undressing and Feddy tries to make a move, only to be refused with a transparently weak excuse. Federico, being the playa that he is, goes out to buy her roses. While he's out, she strips down and begins playing with herself. He tells us that returned to find her masturbating and, instead of joining her, he hides and watches. Unfortunately, as he's watching, room service bring up the champagne that Feddy had ordered earlier. It's not long before Ramon is taking off Rita's pants and licking her scrumptious pussy. She gives his dick a sucking that turns into a sexy 69 before hopping on top for some deep cowgirl. We get a sexy reverse cowgirl followed by an even more stimulating spooning until Rita's bent over and getting her ass fucked doggystyle. The scene ends with Rita milking a shot on her face and Ramon pouring champagne down the front of his body as his dick is in her mouth.

Rita, Rita, Rita. I love me some Rita. She's the one of the only ladies that could make the reverse cowgirl position sexy [Mercedez, is the other]. As usual, Rita brought the heat - which this disc had been lacking thus far.

[Rita Faltoyano & Ramon Nomar | Oral (M/F), Masturbating, Fingering, 69, Vaginal, Anal, Facial | Cowgirl, Spoon, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggystyle | Condoms: No | ]

As Federico relates to Max one of the best [and worst] experiences that he's ever had, he tells Max that he has to experience it as if Max was there. Sure enough, we see Max and the ravishing Laura sitting on a bench as she starts sucking his dick. He reciprocates by eating her pussy before spreading her legs for missionary followed by some doggystyle, both vaginal and anal. Laura also hops on top for reverse cowgirl before Max pops a weak shot on Laura's tits. During the post coital bliss, Laura tells Max/Federico that she's pregnant and the baby is his. Max cites the fact that he's an actor, so he's not ready for a baby. Laura promptly kicks him to the curb. Oh, but not before placing a curse on him.

This scene wasn't as long as I would've liked. Laura, on the other hand, looked good as usual. However, the scene could've been longer.

[Laura Angel & Max Cortes | Oral (M/F), Vaginal, Anal | Missionary, Doggystyle, Reverse Cowgirl | Condoms: No | ]

To see if his mojo is still working, Federico hires Nacho to stimulate Jessica and Karma to the point where they'll jump Feddy - no questions asked. As the ladies walk over to Nacho, they start stripping down and, after he makes out with both girls, Nacho whips his dick out so they have something else to keep their mouths busy. Karma does the most sucking, until she gets on top for cowgirl while Jessica plays with Nacho's balls. Next on Nacho's agenda is scissors and, again, Karma's the lucky recipient. Jessica finally gets fucked reverse cowgirl-style before greedy Karma gets back on top. The ladies bend over and once Nacho's done fucking Jessica, he pops his shot on Karma's ass.  

Karma is a cutie with a nice ass and a great set of tits. Jessica has a nice ass, but she didn't participate as much as Karma. Which, I suppose, is okay since I enjoyed watching Karma's titties bounce. 

[Jessica May, Karma & Nacho Vidal | Fingering, Oral (F/M), Vaginal, Facial | Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Scissors, Doggystyle | Condoms: None | ]

Giving it one last shot, Federico decides to approach the LUSCIOUS Laura, who's relaxing in a hot tub. As soon as he approaches, she turns him down cold. A little later, Tony, Federico's brother, joins her. He hops in the tub, fully erect, and immediately starts sucking on her humongous NATURAL titties. Making his way down between her legs, he gives her pussy a quick licking and fingering before she returns the favor by sucking his dick. Tony lays back and Laura gets on top for a quick ride until she bends over for some boner inducing doggystyle. Watching her pussy as her was fucking her was tremendously sexy and it continued while she was riding her reverse cowgirl and her breast were jiggling. Some brief anal doggystyle was up next, until Laura sucked out a weak shot.

Whelp, guess I have another European honey to watch out for. Laura pushed ALL my buttons, man...and she's not even LATINA! She's so hot, I had to post TWO pics of her! Well, that, and I couldn't grab a cap with just her face in it.

[Laura Lion & Tony Ribas | Masturbation, Fingering, Oral (M/F), Vaginal, Anal | Doggystyle, Reverse Cowgirl | Condoms: No | ]

the Final Word

There's more to the story after the final scene with Laura, but i'm not going to ruin the "twist" for you. Suffice to say, this disc heated up once Rita showed up and Pepe definitely save the best for last. Other than that, this was a really creepy disc that made me slightly uncomfortable [including the final scene - ugh]. But, on the basis of Rita, Laura [BOTH of 'em] and Karma's performances, i'm going to slap this one with a Recommended

Just make sure you fast forward through the scenes with Federico.

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