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Private Penthouse: Greatest Moments 1

Studio: Private » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/21/05

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Private-Penthouse: Greatest Moments 1 (Best of #62)


Genre: Compilation

Director: Antonio Adamo

Cast: Silvia Saint, Ian Scott, Peggy Sue, Frank Major, Caroline, Lisa Crawford, Monika Sweetheart, Bruno SX, Eric Leroi, Richard Langin, Kate More, Sophie Evans, Franco Roccaforte, Claudia Jamsson, Nacho Vidal, Mercedes, Jeweliette, Alexa, Lea De Mae,

Length: 131.5 minutes

Date of Production: 11/2004 (compilation only)

Extra's: The extras were the standard package that Private offers; some trailers, a photogallery, some fictional biographies of the women performers, various languages for fans around the world to enjoy the show, and a few production notes that outlined the cast and details of the scenes. To be up front, I expect better extras from a DVD these days but the amount of footage in the feature itself was enough to make me not care much about the extras as much.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Private Penthouse: Greatest Moments 1 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame format that the original scenes were recorded in. The use of light and shadow was well done but the over use of special effects like slow motion bothered me a whole lot since a little bit of it goes a long, long way in my book. Otherwise, the fleshtones looked accurate and the scenery was pretty solid much of the time with some nice camera angles. The stereo audio was okay but the heavy reliance on the droning soundtrack might've been revisited or at least modified to allow for a choice of somewhat lowered volume on the music (as Anabolic does).

Body of Review: Private has become known almost as much for their compilations as their big budget features these days as they focus increasing amounts of resources on cutting away the crap to showcase what they consider their best material. I think they do a better than average job of it and shows like Private-Penthouse: Greatest Moments 1 (the 62nd volume of Private's Best of series) allow fans of certain cast members a chance to separate the wheat from the chaff enough to justify buying the compilation over the original release. If you like the listed cast, and there's no reason to think you wouldn't, read the following brief breakdown of the scenes by cast and action:

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Scene One: Call Girl: D-Antonio Adamo: 10/1999: Silvia, arguably the most popular performer in foreign porn movies several years ago (before she retired) and Ian, were up first. In case you've been living under a rock, she's the blonde on the front DVD cover and while this was far from her hottest moment, she looked great in the passionless scene. It was oral and vaginal only and weakened by the slow motion photography used to shoot the movie.

Scene Two: Call Girl: D-Antonio Adamo: 10/1999: Peggy, a curvy Latina with some pubic hair and more than a little baby fat, took care of Frank after some solo tease footage. The sex was once again limited by the artistic methods employed and it was far tamer than most Private releases are these days. In the end, she jerked him off onto her face but it was just as soulless as the last scene.

Scene Three: Call Girl: D-Antonio Adamo: 10/1999: Caroline, Lisa, Monika, Bruno, Eric, and Richard, had a bit of an orgy (called an "orgy ball" by the narrator) with the gals all wearing masks. The action was more varied this time with some lesbianism, oral, vaginal, anal and multiple splooge loads to the face of the gals. While somewhat mechanical (like the other scenes from the movie), at least the cast looked to be having some fun without the reservations of the last few scenes.

Scene Four: Fashion: D-Antonio Adamo: 12/1999: Kate, Sophie, and Franco, had a scene in a large, indoor pool after the gals did some lesbian action in front of him. The gals looked hot (you can see their pictures on the front DVD cover at the bottom) and while I'd have preferred the action to take place in real time rather than slow motion, I'd be misleading you to say they were anything short of fabulous looking as they engaged in their oiled up sex scene. Kate took the anal like a champ and Sophie cleaned him off nicely to finish. Yum!

Scene Five: Fashion: D-Antonio Adamo: 12/1999: Claudia, a classic blonde with an attractive (and elegant) look to her, took on the manly Nacho in an alleyway at night. The romantic music didn't really help much in terms of setting a mood but the two appeared to have a fair amount of chemistry together, something missing in the previous scenes (for the most part). Her ice blue eyes sure didn't hurt as she watched the camera and fans of anal will appreciate that her ass took his penis deep inside (although to slow for most people's tastes).

Scene Six: Fashion: D-Antonio Adamo: 12/1999: Mercedes, a lean brunette with perhaps the least attractive face of the entire group (still worth dropping a few loads on though), tormented and teased Nacho as he sat on an easy chair in a barren room. Her slowly grinding hips looked good to me and while the droning music detracted from the heat, it also had a lot of anal for fans. While not bad, it was definitely a filler scene.

Scene Seven: Fashion: D-Antonio Adamo: 12/1999: Jeweliette and Kate, both fairly attractive gals, had a scene together on an elegant chair in a well designed room (after the narrator gave an over the top description of what would take place). The sex was fairly limited in the types displayed; focusing mostly on licking and rubbing. It was also a short scene so I really didn't think much of it.

Scene Eight: Dangerous Things: D-Antonio Adamo: 3/2000: Alexa, a girl next door brunette that was on the lower front DVD cover, had a scene with Franco in front of some other men as she was about to be sacrificed on an alter in a cave of sorts. I thought his penis was way too large for her tiny, tight asshole but she didn't appear to refuse him at any time. She also managed to give him some decent head using both of her hands.

Scene Nine: Dangerous Things: D-Antonio Adamo: 3/2000: Lea, Silvia, Franco, and Nacho, had a scene on a boat in an alcove of a tropical island. The emphasis was on Silvia but the dear Lea looked awesome (sadly, she passed away last month) in a way that only she could. Both gals took facials at the end and it was a warmish scene, hampered by the effects as most of the other scenes here were.

Scene Ten: Dangerous Things 2: D-Antonio Adamo: 3/2000: Silvia, still looking hot in a tiny bikini, and studly Nacho, had a porn remake of the scene from the movie From Here To Eternity on a beach. The photography worked better this time than in most of the other scenes since it looked right rather than fake. The audio could've been better but I couldn't deny the appeal of these two going at one another in a heated fashion.

Scene Eleven: Dangerous Things 2: D-Antonio Adamo: 3/2000: Silvia, now out of retirement, teased Franco while she relaxed in an outdoor pool in the midday sun. She worked over his penis enough that I wanted her to do the same for me and the oral with vaginal screwing was pretty fun to watch.

Scene Twelve: Dangerous Things 2: D-Antonio Adamo: 3/2000: Lea, back on the boat from the earlier scene, Franco and Nacho, had the final scene of the show. It included a short double penetration (DP) as the climax and her oral skills rarely looked as good. I'll miss her more as time passes by but at least she'll live on in scenes like this.

Summary: I think the cast was very attractive, the lighting good and the amount of fuck for the buck swell but unless you enjoy slow motion sex that seemed weaker than average, you'll understand why I rated this one as a Rent It. Director Adamo is a most acquired taste and fans will already own anything he's done while non-fans won't care. I'm one of the few caught in the middle but even I have my limits to what works and how much I can take. Check it out if you're unsure about what I mean but for the most part, the artistic crowd will have long passed this type of thing by in favor of a more straightforward rendition of sexual activity.

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Note: You can see recent candid shots of other performers by visiting: My Photo's and read about their antics at 2004 AEE Show.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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