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Hot Bangin' Cowgirls

Studio: Baby Doll Pictures » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 1/21/05

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The Movie:

Who doesn't love naked, slutty cowgirls? I know I sure do. Here's a DVD that shows six fine fillies in action…

Scene 1 – Stacy Thorn: Some lucky cowboy comes into the barn to find the lovely blonde Stacy Thorn diddling where she shouldn't be diddling. It seems she was supposed to be doing her chores, but decided to put her fingers in the fur instead. To make up for it, she decides to fuck the lucky buck. Things start off with a blowjob but soon wind up with a doggy style slamming. She puts it back into her mouth for a little bit, and then hops on him reverse cowgirl style for a good cornholing. She seems pretty into having her brown star pummeled, and manages to stay on top for a while and then she proceeds to take it from a few different positions. Soon he pulls out and fills her mouth with muck, bringing the scene to an end. Stacy's a very pretty girl, aside from the odd, and very bulbous, birthmark (?) on her shoulder, who seems very much into anal play – seeing as that takes up the bulk of the scene, it works in her favor.

Scene 2 – Nikki Hilton: The cowboy from the first scene returns to the barn to find Nikki Hilton (who sure looks an awful lot like Paris) up on a ladder, her ass in plain view. He digs this enough to take her back to the ranch to suck on her petite titties for a while. Soon he has the good sense to put his wang in her mouth, and she rewards his wisdom with a blowjob of epic proportions. She hopes up on him cowgirl style, straddling his dong with her pierced pussy, then turns around for some reverse action an in turns, gives the camera a better view of her goods. After that, he spreads her legs on the bed and taps it the old fashioned way, then once again pulls out and fills her mouth with muck, bringing the scene to an end. Nikki's hot. Plain and simple. She's a good-looking girl with a penchant for giving head. Great body, pretty face. Nuff said.

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Scene 3 – Nikki Loren: Back to the barn where yet another cowgirl is masturbating. This time a new cowboy finds her out, but the same routine goes down – beginning with Nikki going down. He's kind enough to return the favor and services her with some slurps. He pokes her missionary style, then puts it back into her mouth, then back into her gash. She hops on him reverse cowgirl style, then bends over to take it doggy style. After that, it's back to the missionary position on the couch, then he pulls out and fills her mouth with muck, bringing the scene to an end (see a trend here yet?). Nikki is a very classically beautiful girl – nice and curvy in just the right places which makes her a lot of fun to look at. She fucks like a champ, but by this time the sex is getting a little repetitive.

Scene 4 – Melissa: Proving once and for all that this must be the best barn ever, we find Melissa masturbating just like the first three girls were. Surprisingly enough, a cowboy finds her in there and takes her back to his room. He pulls out his branding iron and puts it in her mouth to cool it down. She blows him then mounts him cowgirl style. After that he lays her missionary style, puts it in her mouth for a second, then slams it back into her doggy style. After that, he pulls out and fills her mouth with muck, bringing the scene to an end. Melissa isn't a bad looking girl but again, the sex is getting repetitive. She doesn't do a bad job with the scene at all, but by three quarters of the way through the DVD you'd think something different would occur.

Scene 5 – Daryn Lee: Imagine that! Daryn Lee is caught masturbating in the barn by a cowboy. Holy shit, what a surprise. It's back to his room for a suck off, then he puts her on the bed and mounts her with his mouth from above. After he snacks, it's her turn to eat and she puts his salami into her throat. She lays down, he puts it in, pumping away for a little while and then they decide to let her suck his dick again. She mounts him reverse cowgirl style, then takes it from behind doggy style. After that, he pulls out and fills her mouth with muck, bringing the scene to an end. Daryn has a remarkably lovely ass. It's just fleshy enough to make you want to lay down and snuggle with it. She's a cutie with the booty. Again though, the sex is repetitive when compared to the first four scenes, which are more or less interchangeable with this one.

Scene 6 – Daphne: This one at least starts off a little differently – Daphne, a hot little red headed number with a cute bob cut, finds a cowboy chilling in his tightie-whities in the barn. It seems he's slacking off and not doing what he was told to do, so she punishes him with a blowjob. I slack off all the time and this never happens to me. He gets her naked then spits all over her slit, gobbling her beef curtains with all the enthusiasm of a teenager. He spreads her legs and fucks her from the side, then slips it back into her mouth while she fingers her flip-flop. Then he stabs away missionary style, then doggy style, then reverse cowgirl. After that, he pulls out and fills her mouth with muck, bringing the scene to an end. They spice things up a little bit in this scene by using a few different camera angles (towards the end there's a great shot of her giving him head that also manages to get her pussy and ass into view – tricky but effective!) but again, it's more of the same. Not bad, just not original.



The 1.33.1 fullframe image was obviously shot on video as it looks a little soft and some of the colors are a slight bit fuzzy. The image is okay in that you can always tell what's going on but don't expect this one to look crystal clear because it doesn't. It looks like your average shot on video smut movie – and average is how I'd describe it.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Sound is pretty clean. You can tell it was recorded with the camera, or at least it sure sounds like it was as the dialogue sounds a little far away at times, but other than that there aren't really any problems with the audio on this presentation. The moans and groans come through fine, and the twangy country sounding soundtrack is presented at a high enough volume to add to the action but not so loud as to take away from it.


Sadly, this release falls short in the extra features department. Off of the main menu there's a slideshow of a few images from the feature presentation. In the XXXtras section, there's a website link, a phone sex ad, contact info for Baby Doll Pictures, and another weblink. In short, these extras are pretty useless.

Final Thoughts:

The girls aren't bad looking, the sex is of average (decent) quality. The DVD looks and sounds just fine. I guess with that in mind, Hot Bangin' Cowgirls is worth a rental, maybe even a recommendation if you've got a thang for gals in cowboy boots.

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