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Private Story of Bobbi Eden, The

Studio: Private » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/22/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Private Story of Bobbi Eden (#3)


Genre: Compilation, Bobbi Eden

Director: varied by scene

Cast: Bobbi Eden, Toni Ribas, Cain, Claudia Claire, Jodie Moore, Robert Rosenberg, Max Cortes, Steve Hooper, Francesco Malcom

Length: 160.5 minutes

Date of Production: 12/2004 (compilation only)

Extra's: With all the sex scenes on the DVD, the extras really weren't a huge factor this time but there were some decent ones included just the same. There was a trailer for the show, some cast biographies, other trailers, a photogallery, and all of Bobbi's photoshoots from the Private magazines as well as the usual double sided DVD cover, production notes, and various langue choices.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame but many of the scenes were displayed in their original widescreen format. The lighting was generally solid with little grain, lots of special effects like slow motion, and a good amount of clarity much of the time. I'm not going to hose you and tell you each scene looked picture perfect but several of the earlier ones employed some interesting angles as well as the use of shadows to tell a story, something most porn directors are afraid to do (for good reason though). The audio was presented in stereo English although there was a choice of several languages and subtitles as Private is known for. I think the audio was generally about average for Private but one look at Bobbi and your ears will not care one little bit as your libido kicks into overdrive.

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Body of Review: Bobbi Eden is one of those blonde, blue eyed hotties you'd expect to meet in the Netherlands at a state function. The 24 year old has been in a number of movies over the last several years and her name is synonymous with goddess in several languages I'm told. Today's review is all about Bobbi in her latest compilation from Private, The Private Story of Bobbi Eden, the third in the Private Story series. The difference between this series and its bigger brother, the Private Life… series is mostly the ability of Private to put all available material on a single disc this time and provide fewer extras. That said, there were a few exclusive scenes of the blonde hotty and this compilation is nearly as good in terms of fuck for the buck with the nearly three hours of footage on tap. If you're a fan of blondes in general or just this major babe, you'll want to read the following breakdown of the scenes if not just rush out and buy the DVD. Here's a very brief look at the DVD for those wanting more details:

Scene One: Squirting in the Cinema: D-Toni Ribas: 6/2004: Bobbi, in an exclusive scene for this DVD, enjoyed Toni's unique style of fun as he got her off several times, to the point she pissed all over his hand. They did the usual oral, vaginal, anal with her tasting his penis after each hole but the important thing was the high energy each gave the scene and the chemistry between them. This was a far cry from some of her earlier work where she looked great but wasn't always as sexually skilled.

Scene Two: Solo Masturbation: D-Dave Densen: 4/2002: Bobbi, wearing a sweater in the barren woods, diddled herself silly on the ground. This was another exclusive scene I believe and while it was short, it was still kind of interesting to watch, even if the technical values weren't as high as most of the other scenes, giving it a Blair Witch Project kind of look at times.

Scene Three: First Scene: D-Dave Densen: 4/2002: Bobbi, back when she was fresh and pure (well, sort of if you know what I mean), had a scene with favored partner Cain at night in a dark room. They orally stimulated one another before boning and her appeal was based more on her look and lack of moves than her sexual skill at this point. Fans of new gals would like this as her first scene; the one that got her into the business at Private. While limited in terms of variety of positions and acts, it serves to remind fans of her early years.

Scene Four: Reality 12: D-Dave Densen: 4/2002: Bobbi, looking extremely hot (more than usual), and Cain, had a scene outdoors in a field after driving around in a stylish manner. Fans of widescreen presentation will enjoy her all natural look even more here because it looked like a lot of attention was paid to the visual aspects of the scene this time. The sex itself was kind of limited but watching her actively participate as he pumped away deep into her pussy was great.

Scene Five: Reality 12: D-Little Al: 4/2002: Bobbi, Claudia, Jodie, all three very hot looking blondes, had a lesbian scene in a loft as they took a study break. If any one of them had been my study buddy, I'd have flunked out of college a long time ago (and not have cared one little bit). Yum!

Scene Six: Reality 15: D-Puskin: 4/2002: Bobbi and Cain had yet another scene although this one favored style over substance and the visual aspects were given even more attention with the use of special effects and weird music. I like straightforward scenes and this sure didn't take that direction. Otherwise, she looked good so I can't yell too loudly at the slick way this one was over produced.

Scene Seven: Cleopatra: D-Antonio Adamo: 1/2003 to 2/2003: Bobbi and Robert, in one of Private's biggest movies to date, enjoyed each others company as they screwed like happy little bunnies on a couch. It started off slowly and concentrated mostly on oral and vaginal sex but it added something besides chemistry and energy to make for a decent scene to repeatedly enjoy watching.

Scene Eight: Cleopatra: D-Antonio Adamo: 1/2003 to 2/2003: Bobbi, looking more like an archeologist in the tomb of Cleopatra, took care of Max orally in this great scene. The way she paid attention to him was great and the lengthy blowjob made me long for more (and I do mean LONG). Yum!

Scene Nine: Sex Experiment: D-Antonio Adamo: 7/2003: Bobbi, looking a bit heavier than usual for some reason, had a scene with Steve. The scene was slower than average and I didn't detect any chemistry but the thing that bugged me most was the way she stopped looking at him most of the time and paid attention to the camera. Half hearted attempts at POV style shooting really weaken a sex scene for me and this was no different, even though I'd do almost anything to tap her sweet ass.

Scene Ten: House of Games: D-Antonio Adamo: 4/2003: Bobbi and Donna had a lesbian scene at the club in this one. They started it off by making out on a couch with Steve and Francesco watching and to be honest, it really worked (initially). Foreplay is always a good idea in this type of movie and playful foreplay generally excites people a lot, including me. Sadly, the scene went to using a big dildo and then the men joined in before it got interesting. The scene then fell into the cookie cutter sex trap with the usual oral and straight tricks before the male orgasm sequence. It wasn't bad but the scene started off looking like it would be really erotic and then became too standardized for my tastes.

Summary: If you enjoy watching beautiful Bobbi Eden in action, you'd be hard pressed to find any DVD where she was shown in abundance as this one and that's why I'm giving the movie a rating of Recommended. The scenes weren't all her best work but they were representative of her material from Private and while I'd still have preferred seeing her compilation include other works, the scenes and interview footage as well as the extras gave this a lot of fuck for the buck. If there was more balls to the wall fucking taking place without the stylish crud, I'd have rated it even higher but take a look at this hotty and you'll never stop wanting to see more.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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