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Studio: Nectar Entertainment » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/24/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Mystified 1: The Vision

Nectar Entertainment

Genre: Vignette

Director: Marty Zion

Cast: Bobbi Eden, Talon, Taylor Rain, Cheyne Collins, Mari Possa, Anthony Hardwood, Bella Marie, Dick Delaware, Breanne, Charisma Cole, Venus, Steve French

Length: 132 minutes

Date of Production: 8/18/2004 (box), 9/6/2003, 9/7/2003 (credits)

Extra's: The best extra this time was a full length music CD by Rex Humboldt with about 53 minutes of extended versions of the soundtrack from the show. Before you get too harsh about it, consider that this is bold territory for extras (especially for a porno) that few companies, never mind a rookie company, have ventured into. The good news is that it really did stand on its own (amazingly enough). I've listened to thousands of CDs over the last two decades (my legally purchased, not downloaded collection is something over 6500) and while this might not win any awards, it was quite competitive with many that have. The next best extra was a 14.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Kevin Winters. I had the gals posing for pictures, snippets of the sex acts from the movie, and a variety of goofing off all set to the music of the show rather than the cast speaking. I missed the vocals even more here than on the movie but the cast looked great. There was also a bunch of trailers and a slide show.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Mystified 1: The Vision was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color, as originally shot by director Marty Zion. The picture was similar to some of the earlier Andrew Blake movies (back when there was actually sex in his shows) and the kind of stylish camerawork was employed with the usual slow motion such releases tend to have. Even if you hate slow motion in your porn as much as I do, there might still be some hope for you since this movie actually works more often than not (sometimes because of the special effects and sometimes in spite of them). The colors were generally very accurate due to decent lighting, a nice stage set in what's made to look like a forest, and the static nature of where the cast was at. There was some grain in the scenes but it was usually limited to parts that were slightly darker than average and it wasn't so bad as to impact my ratings. There were also a few moments where the lighting guy must've been on a smoke break since the scene went from overly lit to under lit but that was noticeable only in a single scene. I saw no compression artifacts and the style generally enhanced the way the gals looked (enough that the focus was lost a number of times). The audio was presented in stereo with some separation between the channels but it was almost exclusively the soundtrack with all the vocals cut out. Personally, I like to hear the moaning and groaning of the cast, primarily the women, but, as I noted in the extras section, the music was well done and I liked it a lot. Maybe in future outings, Nectar Entertainment can offer two audio tracks as some companies have begun to do, as fans are very divided on the subject.

Body of Review: Nectar Entertainment is one of those new companies looking to find a niche all their own in porn. I must say that they have had a long struggle to find it and their recent comedy series Welcome To The Valley may well prove their claim to fame yet they have also attempted to usher back in an age of style that has been sidelined by the rise of gonzo in recent years. If they can achieve this feat, more power to them, but there's still a large audience of fans that want something like what they offer and their latest release is Mystified 1: The Vision: Collector's Edition. Now I've not been all that supportive of Nectar's past releases since I've found them to rely too heavily on style and have too little substance for my tastes. The other day, a friend asked me about one of their works showing on TEN (The Erotic Network) and I kind of dismissed it without a thought based on my past experiences. Well, the long story short, here I am reviewing this two disc set (one is the music CD) based largely on his request so bare with me as I break down the scenes:

Scene One: Bobbi, a beautiful blonde coming out of a beam of light on a string of gossamer, awakened Talon who was asleep in the forest by an old growth tree. I thought she looked fabulous as she stripped down to her birthday suit and the two got down to business. She tended his shaft orally in a manner that proved the best looking women don't have to rely on looks alone and while I wasn't a fan of the slow motion used at times, the scene got better as it went along. He also went down on her to ready her for the action and it was nice to see both of them enjoy the oral action. The vaginal was okay but the anal proved she was no prima donna too, taking it with a gusto usually reserved for some of the skankier anal whores in the business. It ended with a facial and the energy levels, combined with the passion, made this a great scene.

Scene Two: Taylor, a very lean brunette also in rare form in the forest paradise, had laid waiting for Cheyne to visit her little corner of the world with a bed and mosquito netting lit by lanterns (well, it wasn't really but that was the effect shot for). After she had her little tease session, he entered her set and did what any normal guy would do; anything she'd let him! Taylor was a bit more aggressive in her sexuality than Bobbi, something new gals tend to be when trying to make up for their own insecurity, but I have to admit that she played the seductress well for her age. Cheyne orally pleased her and she practically inhaled his penis into her throat before they took to a heated screw in her pussy and ass. I wasn't keen on the slow motion here either, it hurt the scene more than the last one, but some of you will enjoy watching her take the pop shot in her tiny gaping ass.

Scene Three: Mari, the hot looking cover gal that is known for her work with Seymore Butts as much as anything else, was up next in a scene where she wore a classy white dress on a platform in the forest. I've never been a huge fan of hers in his works although she's certainly turned in some good performances at times but she also benefited from the stylish treatment here, at least in terms of her looks. After the tease session was over, Anthony got to do the honors with her after she masturbated with a vibrator. They licked and kissed one another and the screw itself was less eventful than the last two but still kind of fun to watch. I think she was most suited for this type of vignette show, despite her work with Seymore, as it enhanced her appeal quite a bit for me. No, I didn't like the slow motion and essential lack of vocals on the soundtrack but she carried herself off well and it showed throughout the scene. The sex was oral and vaginal only but if you're one of her fans, you'll have to get this scene.

Scene Four: Bella, an exotic looking brunette with a few more curves than the last two gals (I'm not a fan of her implants but that ass!!!), followed the formula and after a healthy tease session with some solo work, put her DSLs to good use sucking off Dick's dick in a clearing of the forest. Fans might like that she pissed a little bit in the solo footage but otherwise she showed her usual talents in action nicely enough. The sex was again oral and vaginal but she managed overcome the effects laden camera work to shine as usual. I don't recall ever being disappointed with her scenes and this was no exception.

Scene Five: Breanne and Charisma, two lean brunettes that looked like high end exotic dancers, were up next in a lesbian tryst in a tent of sorts in the soundstage made to look like the forest. Lipstick lesbians or not, the scene was very well done, even with the slow motion and aside from the licking, rubbing and sucking, the use of a strap on dildo was pretty hot too. I wonder what that thing would've gone for on eBay, coated with their sweet juices, and the only weak part of the scene was the way they looked at the camera too much instead of one another.

Scene Six: Venus, yet another talented brunette with a long history of hot scenes, followed the usual formula as she stripped and teased the camera inside a netted stage surrounded by forest on a bed. Her scene was with Steve, a guy not on my list of top fifty best porn studs but she upheld the quality of the heat by virtue of her own appeal, rendering him something of a meat puppet. I'm not one of those reviewers that think all the guys are like that and I've had many heated discussions about the topic, even with those in the industry, so the scene wasn't as good as it could have been with another guy. Otherwise, she gave good oral, had fun with him in her pussy and ass, and the ending pop shot wasn't the worst I've seen in recent months. The energy levels were high even if the chemistry levels were low so it should get you through a few cold nights on its own.

Summary: Well, I guess I've have to eat my words and rate this as Highly Recommended despite the lack of vocals and the special effects I generally hate with a passion. If you don't mind such things, you're going to love this one like crazy since the cast was hot looking, did a great job performing, and the setting was exactly what folks wanting porn in a Lord of the Rings setting might enjoy. I may have to check out more of their work in the future as this was very well made on a technical level too (for all the minor blemishes it had). The extras were great, there appeared to be some added footage from the first release of the show back in 2003, and the future seems a lot brighter in my estimation for the company due to this movie and the aforementioned Welcome to the Valley series.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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