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Rocco: Animal Trainer 16

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/27/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Rocco: Animal Trainer 16

Evil Angel/Rocco Siffredi Productions

Genre: Anal, Foreign

Director: Rocco Siffredi

Cast: Alina Sun, Monica B., Demi Cool, Stallone, Atis, Russo, Rudolf, Lorenzo, XXL, Roly Reeves, Megan D., Jennifer Max, Juliano Ferraz, Kid Jamaica, Monika, Claudia Jamsson, Rocco Siffredi, Lou Lou Bais Dande, Max White

Length: 130 minutes

Date of Production: 10/6/2004

Extra's: The best extra here was the inclusion of 14.5 minute of extra sex footage. It wasn't technically well done and had a lot of limitations but Rocco was in playful form here as was his gal pal. The other extras were the helpful cast list, filmographies, a photogallery, fetish menu, and biography for Rocco Siffredi.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Animal Trainer 16 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color, as originally shot by director Rocco Siffredi. Like most of his work, the technical aspects weren't bad but seemed to lack the polish of the other directors at Evil Angel in favor of a slightly realistic approach (not as bad as a home movie or amateur porno but in that direction nonetheless). The colors were accurate but the shadows and grain were more than I care for with camera angles that sometimes didn't enhance the way the gals looked. The audio was presented in stereo English but it was as basic as ever with limited dynamic range and not a lot of separation between the channels. I've never expected a lot from the audio of gonzo porn so I won't wail on this one for giving me exactly that but some day soon, I'd like to see someone really focus on the audio.

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Body of Review: Few would argue that Rocco Siffredi is anything less than a legend in porn; having succeeded in all sorts of productions before focusing his efforts on his Evil Angel releases. I've found that his work in gonzo manages to provide a lot of heat on average but even after all these years, it's kind of hit or miss at times since he seems to really connect with some gals (and it shows) while others just don't seem to bring out the best in him (and vice versa). I'd be lying if I said he wasn't generally worth keeping track of but his latest release, Rocco: Animal Trainer 16, seemed a bit more like Rocco: The Tamer Animal, due to a lack of the usual circus act sex on display and the way the concept fell aside at the earliest convenience. I still liked the show but it was not up to the standards set by early volumes (in a sense, I liked it more since I'm not into the circus act sex but fans are demanding more hardcore these days, not less). If you're still interested in what took place, read the following breakdowns of the three scenes that follow:

Scene One: Alina, Monica, a good looking gal with a sweet ass and head of big hair that'd make a Texan proud, Demi, Stallone, Atis, Russo, Rudolf, Lorenzo, XXL, and Roly, had a scene after some indecent exposure action in a public park (by one of the guys). Monica came to the rescue of Alina while wearing her retro white outfit and once the gals got home to meet Demi, the real fun began. They initially put on a lesbian show for the guys while wearing hot lingerie that accentuated their curves and I had to admit that I've long been fond of this type of action as it builds up a lot of heat. The guys joined in before too long and all heck broke loose with all holes being plundered in many ways. My favorite gal of the scene was Monika for her curvy body, long hair and perfect ass but I think Demi was a bit cuter in the face. In any case, all the gals gave a lot of energy in the scene with a fair amount of passion rather than the more typical mechanical boning (Evil Angel releases tend to have more chemistry than other foreign porn makers show). For those who care about specifics, there was a lot of anal and ATM along with tons of oral and other expected acts but no DPs.

Scene Two: Megan, an attractive blonde, Jennifer, a super hot brunette, Juliano, and Kid had a scene that started off by the docks. Both gals had some extra junk in their trunks and Megan was the dominant one of the scene (donning a hot dominatrix outfit complete with strap on dildo) that worked for her. This scene also started off with some lesbian action on a couch by the patio (I would've liked a scene by the ocean though). The guys joined them and the oral, vaginal and anal action took place outdoors with a lot of anal and ATM (ass to mouth) for fans but no DPs as I'd have expected. I though Megan took anal the best but each had plenty to like and Jennifer's ability to take Kid's large black cock shouldn't be discounted.

Scene Three: Monika, Claudia, the fine blonde so many fans clamor to see, Rocco, Lou, and Max had the final scene in this trilogy of tarts. Rocco started it off by picking up the hot looking Claudia in a local park (loved her green eyes and tight, skimpy outfit) while the cute Monika teased her two black friends at an empty house. Rocco hooked up with both gals at the house (getting first dibs on both of their asses) and the action was slower than usual with a bit of sultry anal (and ATM) before the others joined them. Lou and Max were actually hardly in the scene, joining the nearly depleted trio in the last ten minutes of a nearly hour long scene. Monika was best with the other men but the scene was designed to showcase Rocco and the gals so your mileage will vary about the interracial factor. There was definitely chemistry between Rocco and the gals but the others made it somewhat mechanical; perhaps best suited for a bonus scene or footage extra if anything.

Summary: Rocco: Animal Trainer 16 was a decent little flick to enjoy if you're not too into the harsher aspects of the early volumes in the series but limited if that's what you're expecting (and fans tend to expect a series to be somewhat consistent; it's why they buy them over and over again). I'm going to give it a rating of Recommended since the cast was attractive, did what I liked with plenty of heat and chemistry, and managed to provide a good amount of fuck for the buck but if you're looking for the trainer part of the earlier volumes, you may be disappointed with this one. I haven't seen a volume in ages but if this trend is acceptable to you, you'll probably be able to get off as much as I did with it.

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Note: You can see recent candid shots of several of these performers by visiting: My Photo's and read about their antics at 2004 AEE Show.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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