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Seymore Butts' Seed of Seymore

Studio: Seymore Butts » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 2/1/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

GENRE: Gonzo Feature
DIRECTOR: Seymore Butts
STARS: Mari Possa, Reina Leone, Isabella Sapprano, Trina, Lauren Phoenix, Hershal Savage, Alex, Trent, Seymore Butts
LENGTH: 114 mins without bonus material

To look at him, you'd never imagine that Seymore Butts was a porn star, let alone a veritable porn impresario. Yet thanks to his series on Showtime, the immensely entertaining Family Business, Seymore – a.k.a. Adam Glasser – has become one of the guiding lights in the adult industry. Along with Jenna Jameson, and Ron Jeremy, he is probably responsible for more mainstream audience members coming to XXX titles than anyone before or since. His inventive, cinema vιritι or "gonzo" style has been heralded as groundbreaking and interactive. He has also been called a hopeless shill, and an egotistical opportunist who never misses an opportunity to push his product or make a fast buck. With dozens of titles to his name and a growing grassroots business fashioned around his harem of hot honeys – known as the Tushy Girls – Seymore is becoming an institution, a name synonymous with hardcore sex and homemade moviemaking.

But the true test of porn is always in the pork pudding, so to speak. You can be a veteran of several decades, or a novel noodling novice, but if your hump helpings are less than inviting, you'll soon be selling insurance to supplement your dwindling income. The one thing about Seymore is that he is consistent. Unless you are talking about his compilations, which can occasionally be hit or miss, his first run films are always sweltering and scorching. Seed of Seymore is no different. Following a formula the auteur has down pat, we get five fiery scenes of sensational sex (well, only four, really) that prove that even after a decade plus in the poon packaging biz, Seymore has lost none of his spark. His movies are as erotic and enigmatic as ever.

The DVD:
As light on the plot pointing as usual, Seed of Seymore starts out with our popular porn provocateur preparing to be inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame (that's the X-Rated Critics Organization for those of you not in the know). Looking for current gal pal, the ex-secretary "Myrna"/ Mari Possa, Seymore stumbles upon his lady love giving a substantial strap-on schooling to Reina Leone. Thus begins the day in the life aspects of this title, a typical trip through the friend and fuck filled existence of a certain Mr. Butts. There is no real attempt to set up the scenes, just a glorious gonzo attitude as we move from one sex sequence to the next. Therefore, a Seymore Butts movie is all about the balling, and we get a nice selection of smut here. Viewed individually so as to dissect their particular perversions, we being with:

Scene 1: Mari Possa, Reina Leone
It's not everyday that you find your significant other sticking a big plastic dildo up another lady's love canal, but that's what happens to Seymore when he seeks out Mari and Reina. He wants to make sure they are ready to leave for the XRCO awards, but he gets a little pre-show scintillation as the gals go grinding with the help of a handy, manmade hard-on. Reina rides the rod, reverse cowgirl style, driving the dong deep inside herself. Mari grabs her from behind and plays with her ample tits. The couple kisses and continues the fuck fun with the addition of cunnilingus and salad tossing. When Mari senses the snatch has had enough, she tongue ties Reine's rectum, preparing her pooper for the plunge. It's dick to dumper as Mari pops Ms. Leone, doggy style. Once Ms. Possa stops pitching, it's time to catch as Reina grabs a butt plug and goes to town. There is cunnilingus, ass antics and lots and lots of gaping.

Here is the funny thing about a Seymore Butts title. Mari and Reina aren't really doing anything that a million other actresses aren't exploring in hundreds of hardcore titles on the market. Yet, most of the times these girl-on-girl scenes, even with the fake prick in play, are deadly dull. Yet for some reason, when presented here, they sizzle like the proverbial bacon on the beach. Granted, some of it has to do with the performers. Both Mari and Reina react like they love every lesbian licking minute of this same sex fun. But there must also be a Seymore aspect to the situation. Maybe he creates a comfortable atmosphere on set, allowing his performers to get lost in the porn instead of worrying about the production. Perhaps he has a skill at picking talent. It could be that he has the secret to sensational smut that other filmmakers couldn't find with an electronic gonzo locating device. Whatever it is, it works, because this scene sizzles with Sappho sensationalism. Score: 6.5 out of 10

Scene 2: Mari Possa, Seymore Butts

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It's the morning after the awards, and Seymore is asleep. Mari decides to wake him "up" with a pre-piss wood working hand job. Mr. Butts likes what he's receiving, and soon his lady is lunching on his log with vigor. Mari gives a GREAT spot of head, as she works Seymore's balls and taint with fervor. The resulting blowjob lasts a good 10 to 15 minutes, and ends with a nice juicy cum shot all over Ms. Possa's puss (read: face, not fetlocks). Mari makes the whole oral-only event that much more tantalizing, and the Seymore POV camera sells an almost interactive ideal to the action. About as good as a single sex position scene can get. Score: 6 out of 10.

Scene 3: Isabella Sapprano, Hershal Savage
In perhaps the weakest wanton entry in the entire sex sequence collection, Seymore stumbles upon Isabella and Hershal as they fool around on the toilet. Isabella blows Mr. Savage's sausage, getting a little too close to the commode for comfort. Taking the rest of the raunch to the vanity counter, Hershal plows Ms. Sapprano's pussy from the straight mish position, with the occasional leg lifting to showcase the path to penetration. After what seems like a relatively short period of time, Hershal is ready to burst. He leaves his load on Isabella's stomach, and suddenly, the scene is over. This is a very odd pairing. Isabella looks lovely enough, but Hershal is so old and paunchy that he makes Joey Ray look like a male model. The combination produces very little chemistry, and the quickie concept of the sequence leaves us more perplexed than pleased. In an otherwise solid shark set, this installment is a major letdown. Score: 3 out of 10.

Scene 4: Trina, Alex, Trent
There is so much intense sex in this three way free-for-all, that an initial list is necessary just to cover all the carnality. We are privy to the following fuck and suck facets – dueling head, double dick sucking, fierce face fucking, with throat jousting, tea bagging, cunnilingus, blistering fingering, anal fisting (well, at least four fingers of a fist), anal reverse cowgirl, DP in the cowgirl position, DP in the reverse cowgirl position, ass slapping, gaping, straight anal, facials and mouth money shots. Throughout the entire scene, Trina plays the trooper, taking it all in stride and inside as she welcomes all hardcore histrionics. Alex gets the best of the banging, as he offers the unique face facet complete with deep throat jousts that penetrates Ms. T's pretty mouth with true dexterity. Trent looks a little young to be pounding poon like he does, but the overall sense is of something erotic and arousing, not exploitative. Score: 7 out of 10.

Scene 5: Lauren Phoenix, Mari Possa, Trent
As he has been known to do from time to time, Seymore inserts something into a scene that just makes it stand out over and above anything similar to it. In a typical two on one scenario, where the guy is getting friendly with a couple of willing females, no one would expect the massive amount of ass playing given to the DUDE'S dumper. But that is what happens here as the vivacious Lauren Phoenix and the mischievous Mari teach Trent a thing or two about good booty hygiene. Catching the 18 year old actor in the shower, Lauren and Mari lather up the manchild's wonder wand, and work his worm into a literal lather. Noticing that his butt is bearing a little too much hair for their lick liking, the ladies get the lad out of the bath and down onto the bathroom floor.

Man crack in the air and armed with a razor, the gals soap up Trent's tushy and begin the shave. That's right, Mari and Lauren take turns removing ever bit of hair from Mr. T's butt, and believe it or not, it's incredibly sexy (and a little surreal). Both women tease and prod at Trent's pucker, and he responds with squirms and squeals. Once he is clean and froth free, it's salad tossing and tongue fucking time as Mari and Lauren launch into Trent's no-longer-rancid rosebud with aroused aggression. From here on in, it's a whirlwind of weirdness, as each gal gets fucked by the fellow while the other works his sphincter. There is cunnilingus, 69, blowjobs, vaginal scissors, ball sucking, anal cowgirl, dueling oral, anal reverse cowgirl and anal doggy. Naturally, there is far too much A to M, V to M and alternate gal A/V to M to keep track of. Finally, Trent is brought to the point of no return, and he releases his seed inside Mari's mouth. The ladies then share a sperm-laced lesbian kiss, making out with incredible abandon.

WHOA! It may be strange to say this, but the way Mari and Lauren were working Trent's trunk had the Dirge wanting one of their Trac II teasings as well. Both girls bring so much heat to this meat beat manifesto that it's hard to get a handle on how horny it all is. They use and confuse Trent, and he is so hopped up by the end that he seems to be sticking his prick into any and every opening he can find. The result is a ridiculously erotic scene, on of the best Seymore has ever captured on camcorder. If there is a single reason to see Seed of Seymore, it would be for this sensational – and strange – shaving sequence. Score: 9 out of 10.

In what is getting to be a boring bit of analysis, Seymore Butts again finds a way to turn the typical homemade scene compilation into something truly outstanding. The hardcore is passionate, intense, erotic and inventive. The sole substandard sequence – featuring Isabella and Hershal – goes by so quickly as to leave little negative impact, and the genial, wholesome approach here is more than welcome, especially in an industry that occasionally trades on filth as a way of increasing the fuck fuel. While Seymore is not known for his super attractive gals (all the ladies here are fine, if unique in both their physicality and personas) he finds a way to showcase them so that they become the object of desperate desire for the humble home viewer. It is obvious why the XRCO invited him to be a member of their elite Hall of Fame. No one makes porn like Seymore Butts, and Seed of Seymore is another dick stiffening winner.

The Video:
As a handheld camera creation with very little post-production work, the 1.33:1 full screen image does have a few focus issues and obvious grain. Seymore sometimes shoots when available light is at a minimum and the tell tale gray specs of tanking technology are occasionally viewed. Editing is also a little suspect from time to time, but nothing so horrible as to hinder the hardcore. Still, the overall transfer is very good and even with all the POV predictability, this is a bright, colorful collection of sex scenes.

The Audio:
Utilizing the internal mic in his camera, Seymore barely captures the conversations occurring during Seed of Seymore. Sometime, the dialogue drops out. Then there are times when Mr. Butts is taking a more Q&A approach to the recording and when he does, the exchange of words comes in loud and clear. The sounds of sex are also highlighted in the Dolby Digital Stereo presentation, so we never miss a moan or misinterpret an orgasmic ovation.

The Extras:
As is standard with most adult industry DVDs, Seymore Butts includes a photo gallery, some trailers and other merchandising messages from the ass loving organization – including a hilarious infomercial for Seymore's latest enterprise: as a planner and provider of BACHELOR PARTIES!!! The Behind the Scene featurette has far too much photography facets and not enough interaction with the stars (the best part occurs when Isabella informs Seymore, the king of ass, they she DOESN'T do anal...oops!). The rest is mildly interesting, but this making-of is not must-see. Mari's biography is also enlightening. Over the course of several text screens we learn a little more about Ms. Possa than perhaps we ever wanted to really know.

But the best extra bit here is the added footage that can be found with just a click of your remote. During Scene 1 and 4, you can view more fuck footage by pressing the appropriate button whenever the word "bonus" appears in the lower right corner. You will then be treated to about 10 minutes of additional monkeyshines if you utilize this tool. While not better than a supplementary scene, this feature is something new for a Seymore Butts bonanza, and shows a potential for good things in the future.

Final Thoughts:
The Dirge is slowly coming to the realization that, at least in his mind, a certain Mr. Seymore Butts can do no wrong. Seed of Seymore follows American Tushy 2, Orgasmatic and Slippin' In Through the Outdoor as highly recommended works of unwavering wantonness. Earning an excellent 7 out of 10 on the Disco Dirge Peter Meter, this is one title that fans of the filmmaker will want to add to their collection. Couples will also find this hardcore hoedown a definite delight. Therefore, a Cohabitation Certification is easily awarded. It's hard to believe that Seymore Butts has been in the business for nearly 14 years. That's about 280 in pragmatic porn years. It's difficult enough to keep relevant in an industry that embraces a new concept of carnality every few weeks, let alone the intense turnover in talent. But Seymore has stayed afloat thanks to one true fact – he makes great fuck films. All TV shows and media props aside, this is one XXX moviemaker who knows how to turn on an audience. Seed of Seymore is another sensational sampling of Mr. Butts' flesh peddling skills. It is well worth a look.

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