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Modern History

Studio: Erotic Media » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 2/7/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

In Marco De Bernardi's Modern History, two pals named George and Richard are each married to a hot chick Elena and Marina respectively. They decide to explore their wild sides a little bit and everyone pretty much fucks everyone else while doing so. That's the plot in a nutshell there's nothing to complicated here, nor are there any big time M. Night Shyamalan style twists at the end of the film it's simply a loose plot that strings along a few decent sex scenes, that's all.

Chapter 1 : Cristina Bella starts off the first sex scene (which doesn't start until seven minutes into the film) by having her pussy eaten by her man. She returns the favor and gives him a sloppy wet blowjob. He puts her on her side and slams at her old school-like, then they move to cowgirl, then doggy style. She gets back onto her back, they fuck missionary a bit, then she finishes him off in her mouth. Cristina is a drop dead gorgeous raven-haired minx, and she performs well on camera with a lot of enthusiasm and obvious skill. This makes her opening scene a good one, even if it is a pretty standard sex scene.

Chapter 2 : Alexa May, clad in some flesh colored stockings, gets down and dirty with her hubby starting things off with some stroking fun. This inspires him to head south and he gives her a moustache ride. She gives him head for a good five minutes, then he gets her on all fours and pokes her pud from behind. After that she gets on top, and he puts a finger in her bum. From there it goes reverse cowgirl, missionary, then doggy style until they're both as good as good can be, at which point he pulls out and she sucks him off. Like the first scene, the girl is pretty enough to be incredibly easy on the eyes. Her oral skills appear to be up to snuff as well and we're treated to another skillful if predictable scene.

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Chapter 3 : Lilly Love gets her titties sucked on for a little bit, which eventually results in her giving some dude a hummer. He puts her on her back on the couch and nails her missionary style, then flips her over and sticks it up her rump. She heads on over to doggy style land where she takes it in the ass a little bit longer, then she takes him in her mouth and finishes him off. Lilly is a nice looking girl who wastes no time getting her ass crammed. The end result is a scene with a hot chick that feels just a little bit too rushed. Not a bad scene overall, it just needed a little more foreplay to be really effective.

Chapter 4 : Cristina Belly goes to see her shrink who decides to best way to help her out would be to munch on her box. So he does just that, and she seems to agree with his diagnosis, because right after that she puts his dick in her snatch. He pounds away at her while she's straddled on his desk, then gets onto her knees to lick his cock and balls for a while. After that, he's into her doggy style, then he hits the presto chango button and rams it into her cornhole. She's okay with that though, and she decides things would work maybe just a little bit better if she rode his dick from above. While he's pounding away at her ass, some other guy shows up and walks in on them, but she's the friendly sort so she sucks on his dick for a while. As you'd expect, this leads to a double penetration scene. After that, she puts the ass dude into her mouth, and lets Captain Blowjob fuck her from behind for the big finish, as both guys pull out and shoot all over her. The DP action wasn't too expected, but Cristina takes it like a champ and seems to be having a good time with it all. Again, she's gorgeous, which makes the scene a little hotter than it would be otherwise.

Chapter 5 : Lilly and her tennis instructor get it on in the lounge. He eats her out, the she gives him some head. He slips it in from behind and hits her like a jackhammer, then eats her ass for a few minutes. That's a primer for his anal rampage, of which she now finds herself on the receiving end. After he bangs her bum for a couple of quality minutes, he pulls out and cums in her mouth. By this point in the movie, the sex is proving to be slightly predictable. The girls all look hot, but they're more or less doing the same thing every scene. It's not bad, it's just not surprising or groundbreaking.

Chapter 6 : In this final scene, all the guys get together with all the girls for a big ol' gang bang. Surprisingly, it stays almost completely hetero and the girls don't bother with each other too much, which is slightly disappointing cause hey, who doesn't love a good lesbian love session? At any rate, it's a flurry of blowjobs and vaginas and ass fucking and boobs. There's no real rhyme or reason to it, but it does round out the film properly and given the context of the plot it makes sense for the movie to end this way.



The fullframe image looks a little bit on the fuzzy side, sadly. The colors are okay, and there's a reasonably decent level of detail in the well-lit picture, but the fuzziness and softness does take away from what is otherwise a pretty solid transfer. Thankfully there aren't any problems with edge enhancement or mpeg compression, and for a picture that was obviously shot on video it sure could look a whole lot worse, but it also could have looked quite a bit better as well.


There's only one audio option on this DVD, and it's English, which would be fine if that's the language that the performers were speaking. Sadly, it isn't and this is a rather 'talky' porno. The poor dubbing is easy to understand and follow but it's of such obviously bad quality (in that the voices really don't match the performers very well) that at times, when things should be steamy and hot, the proceedings take on an almost comical tone, which kind of undoes the sexual tension that was built up in the first place.


There's a decent sized still gallery featuring shots from the feature, a nine minute 'cum shots' feature that just replays all of the money shots from the film in sequence, a web link, and a behind the scenes featurette that runs just under sixteen minutes in length. This behind the scenes segment features candid footage of the cast and crew both in front of and behind the camera, and it gives an interesting look at the locations, cast, and crew involved in making the film.

Final Thoughts:

The dubbing on this one is pretty bad, which brings it down a notch or two but if you can get past that, Pure Play has delivered a decent smut film with Modern History. There's nothing too nasty in it to be off putting, the production values are nice, and this wouldn't be a bad couples film if you were into that type of thing. Recommended.

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