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Immorality (Anime)

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by The Immoral Majority » Review Date: 3/8/05

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

The Show:

Hustler has recently signed an agreement with Japan X to import some of their hentai (animated porno) titles for release in the US. Their first release was Cage (read Don Houston's review of that title) and they've followed that up with Immorality, a confusing and uninteresting tale that contains lots of animated sex.

Sayoko is a very busty police agent who is working undercover at a high school to find the source of a new drug that has been infiltrating the city. After having sex with three boys who have a supply of it, she goes and talks to the principle, another over endowed lady who also happens to be the prime suspect as the kingpin. Even though they have sex, Sayoko doesn't learn anything about the source of the drugs.

She runs into two of the boys she screwed at the beginning of the story and jumps in bed with them, but this time she has sex with them for a long time. Each of the guys cums five of six times, and at the end of this marathon sex session, they are dead. All that is left are withered corpses.

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You see, Sayoko is really an alien. She can somehow drain the life force from a man while having sex with him. She receives new orders now, to kill the president of the school board. Turns out she enjoys orgies with the teachers and students of the school. Come to find out, the school board president, as well as the principle, are aliens who can make a penis emerge from their vagina in order to fuck female students. The whole drug angle has been long forgotten by this point.

This was a horrible mess of a show. Clocking in at a tad under an hour, this two episode series didn't make any sense. It really seemed like they changed their minds on what the show was going to be about half way through the first episode. For the life of me, I couldn't decided who which side was supposed to be good; the murderous Sayoko, or the drug dealing aliens who are trying to stop her.

To top it all off, the series doesn't end with this volume. At the end of the second episode, we are still in the middle of the story. What's up with that? For the price they could have at least given us the entire series.

I'll agree that plot takes a backseat to action in most porno films though. So how was the sex? Not that great. I've never been as turned on by animated sex as the real thing, and this DVD just isn't that hot. Yeah, there are lots of double penetrations and rim jobbing, but you can see that with live actors if you want to. The whole chicks-with-dicks thing never did much for me, and having it show up unexpectedly in this animated movie was a bit of a turn off. Seeing a penis grow out of someone's vagina just doesn't float my boat.

I'm really surprised that Hustler picked such a lame series as they start off publishing hentai. If they continue with shows like this, I predict that they'll have to drop the line in short order.

The DVD:


This DVD is presented in the original stereo Japanese with optional English subtitles. There is not an English dub. The audio sounded fine for this type of film, but the subtitles weren't very good. They were filled with odd spacings. "My name is Yuka." And such were common. Periods at the ends of sentences were often preceded by a space, and extra spaces would often be inserted in the middle of words. Sometimes two words would run together without a space between them. This got to be distracting after a while. A poor translation I can understand, but surely Hustler must have an editor in their employ who knows when to put in a space.

The title screens are not translated either.


The full frame image was adequate. There was a little aliasing, and some parts were a little soft, but there were no major defects.


The case boasts of a trailer and bonus footage, but there are no extras on this disc at all, not even previews to the other Japan X movies that Hustler is releasing.

Final Thoughts:

This was just a bad DVD. The plot was stupid and nonsensical, the sex was uninteresting, and the subtitles were awful. Add to that the high price and short running time, and you end up with a DVD that deserves to stay on the retailer's shelves. Skip it.

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