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Wet Teens Vol. 7

Studio: Simon Wolf Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/16/05

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Wet Teens 7

Simon Wolf Bold/Illicit Pictures/Pure Play Media

Genre: Vignette

Director: Robert Herrera

Cast: Kirsten, Barrett Blade, Summer Raine, Nick Manning, Brodi, Joey Ray, Veronica Fox, Tommy Gunn, Gwen Jade, Chris Cannon, Nyomi Marcela & Kayla Paige (bonus scene only)

Length: 95 minutes

Dates of Production: 11/13/2004, 11/16/2004

Extra's: For me, the best extra was the inclusion of a 21 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Don Fischer that had the gals provide interviews, show off their skills, and give a glimpse into the scenes from a different point of view. I like the format and how each gal had their chance to shine, making it a value adding extra for me. The next decent extra was the bonus scene from Blue Angels between Nyomi Marcela and Kayla Paige. It wasn't their best work but I liked seeing the scene when I reviewed the movie just as much as I did this time. The other extras were the usual trailers and photogallery but I really don't care much about that kind of thing since my preference is for extras made exclusively for the title being reviewed.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Wet Teens 7 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color that it was shot in by director Robert Herrera. The color tones were a bit deeper than I like and I noticed some video noise as well but the overall quality of the picture was about what I expected from the show. By this, I mean it kept with Mr. Herrera's general romantic feel for the series that admittedly had some grain and over saturation but wasn't as harshly lit as gonzo porn would be. I saw no compression artifacts and fans of the series will know what to expect. The stereo English audio track was about average with minimal separation between the channels and dynamic range that won't tax a low end home theatre but you could hear the performers as they moaned and groaned (sometimes in a very fake manner) so it wasn't something much different than I'm used to of a vignette porno.

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Body of Review: I don't see many of the releases by the crew at Simon Wolf these days but I hear they're making large, positive strides since working out a deal with Pure Play Media to distribute their movies. These days, the company is primarily made up of CEO John "Simon Wolf" Chambliss and director Robert Herrera as they've trimmed the fat to provide a lean, almost guerilla like ability to shoot porn on the fly when the opportunity to shoot a new gal comes to them. While I miss the feature movies they used to make (and apparently still make but rarely), I can't deny that they provide some fresh new blood with series like Wet Teens 4. The latest in the series is Wet Teens 7, a title that keeps the formula alive with a host of new honeys to enjoy watching. If you like formulaic porn that is made with the gal in mind, you'll enjoy this one too. Here's a look at the five scenes (and bonus scene for that matter), one of which included anal:

Scene One: Kirsten, the lean little sweety with a 19 year old body (they all claimed to be 19 years old) on the front DVD cover was wearing a two tone pink bikini on a couch, and Barrett, had the first scene on a couch. I liked how they started off by kissing and otherwise warming up before giving one another oral. Her skills weren't exceptional by any means but she had a freshness about her that was quite fetching and the vaginal sex (with PTM) in a couple of positions fulfilled her duty to the scene. It ended with a pop shot to her mouth and I had to admit that the two seemed to have some chemistry together with a little energy; even if not as much energy as I like.

Scene Two: Summer, a gal with light short, spiked hair and a body similar to the other gals in the movie, had the next scene with goofy Nick on another couch. I still liked the way they made out before going further and it seemed like the scene would be a carbon copy of the last until Nick started his vocal dirty talk (hint: it sucked the heat out of the scene faster than a gal saying she's pregnant). The scene then went into anal with her cleaning off his penis orally at the end. There was some more energy this time but at the expense of the chemistry (I thought she wanted to kick his ass at one point) so if you like your sex scenes this way; it'll be enjoyable to you.

Scene Three: Brodi, one of the gals that started off behind the scenes in porn and was quickly recruited for her sultry brunette heat, began the scene with Joey by wearing a pink top and matching plaid skirt. Of course the scene was on a couch and her powerful legs looked very good to me as the couple followed the formula. I thought they had fun with the oral and the vaginal screwing was okay but the faked moans detracted from what would've otherwise been an average scene. I think she has a lot of potential to succeed (or is that, "suck seed"?) in porn but she needs to kick back and enjoy the action a little more.

Scene Four: Veronica, a 19 year old with a large chest and multicolored hair, began in a slightly different fashion by giving Tommy a backrub by the fireplace. With such a romantic setting, I figured they'd have a decent scene and they did; again following the sexual formula provided by director Robert Herrera. The oral and straight sex were decent and well shot with no surprises except that Tommy must've worked a couple of scenes earlier in the day given the miniscule amount of semen coming out of his penis. I'd like to see more of her in action, preferably with a bit more energy (although she did seem to like him as a partner).

Scene Five: Gwen, an average looking gal with reddish blonde hair and a lean body that fit right in with the other gals of the show, had the final scene with Chris. The foreplay was the same, her appeal fit the same parameters as the others, and she turned in a pretty warm scene although there were no surprises here either. I've long thought that the entire series is a hit or miss proposition; you either like it or you don't, based less on the nature of the sex acts than on the relative newness of the cast.

Bonus Scene: Blue Angels: D-Steven St. Croix: 2/27/2004: Nyomi, a cute Asian gal with killer curves, and Kayla, one of the more underappreciated babes in porn these days, had a lesbian scene that didn't really fit in with the movie all that much. While the sex was limited to the usual rubbing and licking, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the two since they appeared to be getting off at least once apiece. On the down side though, the scene was too short for my tastes (it seemed to fly by too quickly for me), leaving me hanging in terms of self love. Each gal brought her own talents and appeal to the scene so I guess it's safe to say that they should be used in more scenes in the future (I'd lick the sweat off either of their butts…).

Summary: Wet Teens 7 was a decent romp into familiar territory with all new female faces. A few of the gals seemed into the action and none of them was bad, just inexperienced. I had some fun with the movie but I think most porn lovers will consider this one a Rent It due to the way the generic settings and sexual laundry list droned on so much. The up side is that fans of new gals will probably think even more of the release than I did so adjust your pocket peter meters to whatever setting you'd give such a release. There wasn't a lot of circus act sex for the raincoater crowd but I think a lot of people will enjoy it as much as I did.

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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