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Dasha Gets Real

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/22/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Dasha Gets Real

Wicked Pictures

Genre: Vignette

Director: Dasha

Cast: Dasha, Robert Rosenberg, Petty, Dillion Day, George Uhl, July Silver, Elen Saint, Joe Monti, Janet Alfano, George Reno; Pett, Luna & Boby in the bonus scene

Length: 88.5 minutes

Date of Production: 9/1/2004

Extra's: The best extra for most people will be the bonus sex scene between Pett, Luna, and Boby from the Wicked Pictures release Prague By Night. They were in a large bathtub together and the scene lasted over 15 minutes (the gals looked great). I actually liked the 15 minute long Behind the Scenes feature more though since it was made for this specific movie. The BTS feature had a lot of sex taking place but the central emphasis was on the photoshoots more than anything else. Otherwise, the extras were standard Wicked Pictures fare with trailers, photogalleries of the female cast members, a photogallery of the movie, a Wicked Pictures DVD catalog, promotional reels, Wicked Casino, awards and nominations list, desktop backgrounds, and a double sided DVD cover.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Dasha Gets Real was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color that it was originally shot in while overseas (in Prague) by Dasha and crew. For the most part, the production values were very solid with good lighting, reasonably pleasant composition, and minimal grain. There were no compression artifacts and other than some occasional lens flare or other minor issues, it looked very crisp and clear. The audio was presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital stereo English but there was no real separation between the channels, limited dynamic range, and pretty much average vocals throughout the show.

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Body of Review: One of the most common occurrences these days in porn is to get a performer direct the movie they're in. Whether it's to save money, add to the press hype, or simply act as a means for a performer to expand their creative outlets really doesn't matter since the relative merits of the movie are what counts (although you probably wouldn't be surprised at how some critics treat such movies with kid gloves). In any case, last year saw the return of the hot blonde contract star Dasha as she made a come back to porn having left Vivid in the dust for greener pastures. Appearing in a number of gonzo productions, she managed to prove to almost everyone that she not only had what it takes to succeed (or suck seed) on a far greater level than previously allowed to, but really up the energy levels with other partners than her long time lover, Dillion Day. In what has been billed as Dasha's directorial debut, Dasha Gets Real, the busty blonde provides a series of vignettes shot in Prague for the top of the line feature company, Wicked Pictures. For the most part, the scenes are very well done and they looked fine although I have my doubts about how much directing Dasha did (given the BTS and bloopers footage). Either way, I think she looked great here and the action was more than Wicked usually shows so if you're still interested, read about the individual scenes below:

Scene One: Dasha, the busty blonde on the front DVD cover and director of the movie (well, sort of), and Robert Rosenberg, started off the action in the courtyard in the midday sun. She looked like she had been working out so fans can rejoice that she looked better than she ever did during her Vivid Entertainment contract. The sex was pretty basic with each giving and receiving oral before a powerful screwing took place. She worked herself on his penis with a lot of energy so it can't be said she just took the sausage like a corpse. She didn't do anal but the sex was as good as anything she had done with preferred partner Dillion Day while at Vivid (they often tore up the screen). It ended with a pop shot to her chest and so the movie began.

Scene Two: Petty, the sole brunette of the movie and a gal with some extra meat on her bones (though not much), and studly Dillion Day, were up next on a couch indoors. He went down on her as though trying to show Dasha that she's not the only one who can stray and I think Petty really enjoyed it (more than just acting that way). She reciprocated with some decent, if less energetic, oral and the two then boned like a couple of high school kids on prom night. Her anal action wasn't as heated as the vaginal but she looked good nonetheless and took a facial fairly well with an open mouth.

Scene Three: Dasha, wearing a blue crop top and blue jean shorts, sat on a chair outdoors before being joined by George Uhl. This was another solid scene where Dasha proved her value as an established performer. The energy and chemistry were pretty high and I have to admit that she was great even if the anal was somewhat slower (at first). For those who think the flavor of month types are better sexually, they should watch Dasha in any of her scenes here as she really gives a lot of herself. For the record, it ended with an abdominal pop shot (I know many of you greatly prefer facials but I've never understood why).

Scene Four: July Silver, a younger blonde that looked a bit like Dasha and had some decent sexual skills of her own, was up next with Robert Rosenberg in an atrium. Her tussled hair reminded me of Gina Lynn but her strong point was her exceptional oral skills (she knew how to play a skin flute). Both of her holes got a workout but she was too cognizant of the camera and she wasn't as energetic at taking his member inside her. He kept up the pace though and she took a facial at the end of this fair scene.

Scene Five: Elen Saint, the cutest blonde of the movie (Dasha is super attractive but "cute" isn't a valid descriptor of her beauty), was up next as she walked along the walkway outdoors before hooking up with a guy I believe was Joe Monti. Her red, skimpy dress and butt floss underwear looked fantastic on her lean body and he appeared to agree with me. They then followed the formula of having oral, straight, and anal sex outside on and around a bench. I doubt I'll ever tire of watching her although her sex skills were not as defined as Dasha's were. In any case, she bounced up and down on her member as though she were in heaven (at least until he hammered her sweet ass) and this was a good scene with lots of energy. It ended with a pop shot to her lovely face for those who care.

Scene Six: Janet Alfano, had the final scene with Dasha acting like the director (in the BTS and bloopers footage, it appeared as though the "real" director was Richard Mailer), as George Reno took her on a couch. She's a lean gal with an all natural body although her face wasn't on the same level as Dasha or Elen (or even the rest of the cast). I think she knew it and therefore worked her partner a bit harder to make up for it, going so far as to gag down his meat and act playful at the same time. She was more the recipient than active partner in the anal sex but I had to give her some credit for giving everything she had; something most performers don't do. It ended with a facial for those keeping track.

Summary: Dasha Gets Real was well worth a rating of Recommended based on the fine cast, the energy & chemistry, and the high end production values present. I would've preferred something more exhaustive in terms of extras but even there, the company seemed to add plenty of value for fans. I look forward to seeing more of Dasha in Wicked Pictures movies but I also think some of the other cast deserve recognition for their stunning looks (Elen Saint in particular) or highly skilled performance (a toss up between Petty and Janet Alfano).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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