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Stud Hunters

Studio: Limelight Productions » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 3/26/05

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The Movie:

Randi Foxx (Misty Mallory) needs men to work in her porno photo shoots! That's about the entire plot of this 1983 XXX feature from Suze Randall. The film follows her as she tries to recruit some guys and gals to fuck in front of the camera. Opening with the catchy title song (Stud Hunters… I need hardcore lovinnnnngggggg), then leading into some silly voice over narration, the film kicks into action fairly quickly with the first sex scene occurring only five minutes in. The plot is hardly anything to right home about and it basically exists just to string the sex scenes together but there are some good humorous moments in it that are kind of fun.

Chapter 1 – Desiree Lane, Michael Morrison: Sitting poolside, the mood strikes these two and once Ava warms Mikey up with some cocksucking love, she mounts him reverse cowgirl style so she can play with her fun bags while she rides him. Soon he lays her on her back and mounts her missionary style while some banjo music plays in the background. Once he's good and ready, Mike pulls out and shoots on her snatch.

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Chapter 2 – Pippy Anderson, Mark Wallice/Misty Mallory, Amy Allison: While Misty Mallory fingers a girl in the studio, Mark gets his dick slobbered on by hot to trot Pippy Anderson, who deep throats him really well for a few minutes while he makes all manner of silly faces to show his appreciation for her oral skills. Meanwhile, Misty and Amy are eating each other out on the bed in the studio. The scene cuts back and forth between the two fuck couples – Pippy ends up riding Mark and Misty and Amy sixty-nine each other to a climax. Mark gets Pippy bent over the disc and mounts her like the dog that he is, while next door in the land of lesbian love a dildo makes it's new home in Misty's gash. Eventually everyone gets off, and everyone is happy.

Chapter 3 – Pippy Anderson And Five Guys At a Gym: Pippy wanders in to do some recruiting and finds herself involved in a three way before you can say 'holy gang bangs, Batman!' She sucks off each of the three young men and then lets each one take a turn bouncing on her box. After each on has had a go at her they all jack off onto her body for a big finish.

Chapter 4 – Debi Diamond And Lisa Laredo: The girls are fucking and sucking in a closet when the phone rings. Debi answers while Desiree continues to do her thing down there. It's a short scene.

Chapter 5 – Pippy Anderson, Amy Allison, Two Guys: The two girls get him in front of the camera and suck him off to get things going. As the camera snaps away, Marc Wallice is called in to play along and an orgy breaks out. Each guy gets his dick slobbered on quite a bit, then they take turns pounding each of the pussies that have been made available to them. The guys pass the two girls around a fair bit and each one of them gets to have sex with the other.

Chapter 6 – Joanna Storm And Some Dude: The phone rings and she's off to an apartment where she administers a very fine looking blowjob to a lucky man. Soon she's ready to be banged though and she mounts him. He stabs away at her snatch with his pork saber for a few minutes and then he throws her legs over her head and licks her pussy until she comes again. He finishes off by titty fucking her and shooting all over her hooters.

Chapter 7 – Misty Mallory And A Guy With A Big Moustache: Misty gets down and dirty with moustache man in the bedroom. He literally rips a hole in the ass of her pants and gets his fingers in her snatch as soon as he can. He rips the rest of her pants off and decides that give him a blowjob. She obliges him, while he says 'oh yeah' about sixty eight times in two minutes. Once he's been sufficiently sucked on he mounts her then flips her over and fucks her doggy style. She switches over for some reverse cowgirl fun, then it's missionary, and then he pulls out and cums on her tits.



The fullframe image was shot on film and doesn't look bad, but neither does it look that great. The aspect ratio looks correct but there's a pretty heavy coat of grain over top as well as some mild print damage. Mpeg compression and edge enhancement aren't much of a problem but it doesn't look like much effort was put into cleaning up the image at all.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono mix is a little harsh sounding in the high end and rather flat overall but everything is at least reasonably audible and you shouldn't have any problems making out the remarkably cheesy dialogue. The theme song comes in loud and clear and might just want to make you get up and strut… it's just that good.


The only extras, aside from a web link, are trailers for the other discs available in the Suze Randall/Pure Play line.

Final Thoughts:

Stud Hunters is a really silly early 80s porno with a decent cast and a few solid scenes. In short, it's a fun sex comedy with hardcore inserts. The humor works, even if the story is simply an excuse to watch people fuck (not that there's anything wrong with that). Pure Play's DVD is of acceptable quality but not much more and it is sadly lacking in the extra features department. Vintage smut connoisseur's will dig it (I did) but others will want to rent it first.

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