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D.P. the Hole D.P. & Nuttin' Butt D.P. 1

Studio: Juicy Entertainment » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/27/05

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

D.P. The Hole D.P. & Nuttin' Butt D.P. 1

Juicy Entertainment

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Buster Booty

Cast: Lucy Lee, Tyce Bune, Tina Fine, Anthony Hardwood, Olivia O'Lovely, Kammie, Cheyne Collins, Charlotte

Length: 125.5 minutes

Date of Production: 2/1/2005

Extra's: The best extra, by far, was the inclusion of 10 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage that started with Tina Fine teasing the camera and ended with Olivia O'Lovely choking on a blowjob. It wasn't the best BTS feature I've watched of late but it did add some entertaining moments to enjoy. The other extras included a more traditional photogallery, pop shot compilation from the scenes and a set of trailers for other releases.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: D.P. The Hole D.P. & Nuttin' Butt D.P. 1 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color that it was shot in by director "Buster Booty" (AKA: Tyce Bune, I believe). The lighting was a mixed issue with some scenes having too much, thereby washing out the performers at times, to too low, making the grain appear all over the place. The composition of the shots was also lame in that there seemed to be no thought put to the position of the camera other than to provide a static shot of the DP footage. If my guess is correct, that would likely be the result of Tyce being in all the scenes, keeping him from being able to fully direct the camera crew on this low budget release. I didn't see a lot of compression artifacts though so even the bit of video noise wasn't going to make me hate the entire visual package. The stereo English audio was another factor worth mentioning since the music was set too high, causing distortion, and the vocals were often set too low, as though the camera's microphone was too far from the cast.

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Body of Review: I've long been a fan of new porn companies trying to make a name for themselves as they are usually the ones who show innovation and creativity. One of the new companies that I've noticed is Juicy Entertainment, a company with some good titles under its belt. That said, even a good new company can sometimes find the world of porn a bit trying and some of their new releases lower in quality than the rest of what they offer. Such is the case with D.P. The Hole D.P. & Nuttin' Butt D.P. 1, a movie that advertised a lot of DP action (even providing it) but little of the heat I wanted to find in a porno. The release could have been titled Creampie Crotch since every scene had creampies in them but even fans of that kind of thing will find better titles on the market to enjoy. That said, here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, much of which were pretty lame:

Scene One: Lucy Lee, the lean Asian gal making waves in many productions recently, was up first in a scene starting off with her in the kitchen. Her picture was located on the upper middle of the front DVD cover with her wearing a white top and plaid shorts. After the strip tease footage, she masturbated and then the scene cut away to her being boned by Tyce Bune and a guy I should know in DP fashion. I'm not a fan of jarring edits and seeing her halfway through a sex scene led me to think the scene was edited from somewhere else (true or not, that's what it looked like). The guys switched it up a bit but almost the entire scene was the two of them inside her with little variation and her yelling stuff like "Oh Fuck! Oh Yeah! Uhhhhh! Oh Yeah!" which got very repetitive. There was little to like unless you simply want to see DP (I could point out that the title advertises this but most consumers know that it means each scene has DP, not that 95% of each scene is DP action). She did do some ATM and PTM and ended with a vaginal creampie but that was far from the driving part of the barely energetic scene.

Scene Two: Tina Fine, an 18 year old blonde featured in the middle of the gals in the background of the front DVD cover, was one of those gals that looks better at a strip club from a slight distance. I'm not saying she's ugly but lower lighting levels are her best friend (with medium to long camera shots being her other allies). She did the formulaic strip in slow motion in the bathroom before a short masturbation sequence. The action then had her blowing Anthony Hardwood and Tyce Bune, often rubbing their dicks together (how fun!), to get them hard for the coming action. She did some taste testing (ATM & PTM) but again, the emphasis was on the DP. She mostly laid back and let them do all the work too so I really didn't get much out of the scene, especially given her acne problem (her ass looked like a battlefield and her face showed major damage too). Fans might like that she took a vaginal creampie as well as a facial but it was a weak scene overall.

Scene Three: Olivia O'Lovely, my main reason for getting this DVD, was the Latin hotty shown on the upper left hand side of the front DVD cover wearing the red outfit. Her thick legs and sweet ass combined with a killer head of hair (kinked up this time rather than the usual straight hair she tends to favor), made her the best looking hotty of the bunch. She pranced her goodies in the dining room before taking on Tyce Bune and Anthony Hardwood. She gave some oral and let them pilfer her poontang in both ass and pussy but the scene was far from her best work. I had hoped her sexual skill could overcome the lame direction here but aside from looking as "O'Lovely" as ever, the scene dragged on. Fans of DPs that don't know any better will likely find the scene pretty good as it covered the bases but it wasn't the best I've seen from her.

Scene Four: Kammie, a plain looking Asian gal with a boy's body, was up next. Forget for a moment that she wasn't even shown on the front DVD cover (always a bad sign) or that she had scar tissue where a tattoo was removed from her lower back and concentrate on how she tried to strip with some measure of talent. Sadly, she failed as it looked like she was being guided from the shadows appearing in the background. Her partners were Tyce Bune and Cheyne Collins and the living room was the location of this tepid scene. I wanted to be charitable for some unknown reason yet I couldn't think of a nice thing to say (sorry). She also had acne damage to her face and the formula grew old by this time with no heat and minimal energy. She did a lot of DP action but was as exciting to watch as a two dollar whore that knows she isn't getting a tip. Tyce gave her an anal creampie and Cheyne gave her a facial but it was lame to watch.

Scene Five: Charlotte, a redhead with a lean body and slightly mannish face, was up last as she danced in the hallway. I've always liked her two star tattoos (on her bikini line) as they allow me to pick her out of a crowd but in her favor I have to point out she is sexually skilled too. Her co-workers for the scene were Anthony Hardwood and Tyce Bune; offering their members up to her on the couch. I guess she earned her featured spot on the front DVD cover (dressed in black, center stage), given her solid performance here. The oral was the best part for me though and it quickly went down hill from there. There was a lot of DP action and it ended with Tyce's creampie in her pussy (along with his insistence on feeding it to her) but even though this scene held some potential at first, it wasn't much worth a second look either.

Summary: D.P. The Hole D.P. & Nuttin' Butt D.P. 1 was barely worth a rating of Skip It to me. As much as I wanted to like it, the cast was not at their best, the action mechanical, and the amount of value adding extras low compared to most releases I've watched of late. Tyce Bune is so far past his prime that using him in every scene was laughable (I believe he was the director, using an alias) and the technical limitations of the scenes were far too much for me to overlook. I'll be a little more careful when I get a movie from Juicy Entertainment but given the strength of some of their other titles, I sure won't give up on them over one lame DVD.

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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