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Stocking Stuffers

Studio: Vertigo Inc. » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/18/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Stocking Stuffers


Genre: Vignette Video

Director: Macho Brothers

Cast: Alex Divine, Anthony Hardwood, Shy Love, Trinity, Tyler Wood, Jassie, Talon, Vanilla Skye, Austin Kincaide, Grant Michaels

Length: 118.5 minutes

Date of Production: 10/1/2004

Extra's: The only extras were some trailers and a photogallery.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Stocking Stuffers was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color that it was shot in by the Macho Brothers. The technical aspects were okay but unexceptional with decent lighting, colors, and fairly limited grain most of the time. The camera angles and editing were not always the most complimentary to the performers but I'd be lying if I said they were poorly done most of the time too. I saw some compression artifacts and video noise with the DVD mastering second rate (the scenes were all broken up into separate chapters and no scanning was allowed to name but two problems). I hope Vertigo Video spends a little more time getting the best out of the performers and DVD format but it wasn't the worst I've seen either. The audio was presented in stereo but there were times when you could hear the background noises too well, a limited dynamic range, and no separation to speak of so it seemed below average to me some of the time. I also didn't like how the audio cut out in the fifth scene but at least they weren't making fake moans.

Body of Review: Vertigo Video is one of the newer companies in porn with a basic approach to how they provide the entertainment. In short, they use simple sets, either a couch or bedroom for the most part, preferring to spend more money on the cast. The lighting set up they use is also basic but sometimes lacking the fill lights that keep grain away and enhance the picture quality yet I can't fault the basic approach they use. Their latest release, Stocking Stuffers, was a collection of vignettes that had the gals doing hardcore sex, usually anal (but not always) and a quiet cameraman (rather than going the true gonzo route). Almost all of the gals wore stockings or pantyhose and some of the sex was pretty well done so here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action:

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Scene One: Alex Divine, an average looking gal with blonde highlights that reminds me a lot of Tyla Wynn, was first up in a scene with muscular Anthony Hardwood by a couch. Her oral was energetic (even with some background distractions; you could hear them in the background) and she knew how to slob his knob (not to mention the camera lens). He licked her a bit too but nothing like she did on him. She kept the stockings on as she pounded her pussy and ass, continuing to do some intermittent oral between positions. While I sensed little, if any, chemistry, the energy levels were pretty high throughout the scene. If this was to be the highlight of the movie, I'd be moderately happy with it but I wanted more so I pressed on.

Scene Two: Shy Love, a hot brunette with large implants, a fishnet top and micro-shorts to accentuate her lovely curves, teased the camera as she warmed up for Anthony Hardwood. They got busy on another couch with each doing some oral on the other for fun. I liked her outfit but she had no stockings on and I figured the scene was added in to bolster the length (and heat) of the show. Her oral was less energetic than Alex's scene but she was still well worth watching, especially when they went boning. There was little vaginal screwing with Anthony drilling for turds in her ass being the primary function here and her doing ATM better than Alex. I thought they had some chemistry together and combined with the passion they displayed, the scene was the better of the two shown to this point.

Scene Three: Trinity, the attractive brunette on the front DVD cover, wore a thicker fishnet top and some pantyhose as she teased the camera for a moment or two, preparing to take on average Tyler Wood by the couch. Her sloppy oral was decent, if not exceptional, and her anal skills unquestionably warm as she took everything he had to offer with a gleam in her eye. She did a lot of ATM, more than the others, but didn't exactly beam with joy over it, so I'd rather they had skipped it if more enthusiasm couldn't be worked up for it. In general, this scene wasn't all that great after the last two but it showed some promise as the couple seemed to compete against one another for a bonus or something. A fair amount of energy with limited chemistry made it worth checking out but not worth giving her the front cover over.

Scene Four: Jassie, a very sweet looking brunette wearing a schoolgirl outfit on her all natural body, showed off her great ass and curves before taking on manly Talon (still looking like Freddie Prince Jr.) by the couch in the living room. The stockings and garter really worked on her better than any of the others and on looks alone; she scored numerous points for fulfilling the theme here. He seemed to fall in love with her ass (I couldn't blame him one bit) but spent time all over her body to get it ready for the scene. She reciprocated with some nice, if less driven, oral and the two bumped uglies after that. This was the first non-anal scene but I didn't mind one bit as she looked at least as tight in her pussy as the others did with their asses. The facial was minimal but I liked the scene nonetheless.

Scene Five: Vanilla Skye, an attractive gal with multi-colored hair and a nice ass, was up next with Tyler Wood (AKA: Tattoo Boy). The minimalist setting was okay and he went down on her ass before she took a shot at his penis on the bed but neither was all that great at it in my opinion. The highlight of the scene was when he took her ass but even then, she seemed to go through the motions and like a great many of her scenes, she simply didn't provide any consistent heat on screen. The energy levels were lower than average and this was easily the weakest scene of the bunch but I'll still look for her in other performances since she can be quite a little firecracker when in the mood. It ended with some ATM and a moderate facial but they seemed half hearted too.

Scene Six: Austin Kincaide, a brunette that looks a lot like a younger Sydnee Steele with huge implants, took on sort of muscular Grant Michaels on a bed. He looked like he lost many of his muscles and gained some weight since I last saw him but the potential for fun here was pretty high so I kept with it. Initially, he couldn't eve tear her pantyhose so I saw it as an omen of bad things to come and I was right as they had an okay scene but nothing special in any case. For the most part, she looked like she'd fit right in at a local strip club and I'd get a dance from her if she was, but she needed to work on her enthusiasm a bit and juice up the scene to make it nearly as good as I've seen of her in the past. She's still new though so I won't bag on her too much but the oral and straight sex with minimal chemistry and energy simply didn't cut it for me this time.

Summary: Stocking Stuffers featured a group of gals that I wouldn't kick out of bed and the amount of fuck for the buck was pretty high. I'm going to rate it as Recommended for the cast, the variety of sexual antics, and the manner in which most of the cast took to one another but the rougher edges could've been more polished too. I think Vertigo needs a new DVD mastering company, better extras, and a bit more finesse to truly compete in the competitive market but there was a lot to like here so I won't split too many hairs, if you catch my drift. I'd like better cast identification too since it was merely by chance that I knew them all (most companies are completely labeling the performers these days, please step up to the times already) but that would be more to make my reviewing easier than anything else. I'll keep an eye on Vertigo Video for future improvements but they already offer a lot of fun so check them out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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