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I Dig 'em in Pigtails

Studio: Acid Rain » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 4/22/05

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Straight

Director: Dan Dapper

Cast: Tianna Lynn, Leah Luv, Jasmine, Kat, Avy Lee Roth, Jessica Sweet, Lee Stone, Zenza Raggi, Sascha

Length: 140 min

Production Date: Acid Rain, 2004

Extras: -=Chapter Selection, With Scene Access=- -=Gallery=- -=Behind the Scenes, Runs 12 minutes and is an entertaining glimpse of the girls and actors including some of the funnier and more awkward moments of the film=- -=Spam=- -=Trailers=-

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is presented in 2.0 as expected. Throughout the sound is consistent and very clear. There is not a music track during the film, and the voices and sounds of the actor's is easily heard. The Video of the film is presented in Full Frame Color. For the most part, the film is a clean image with some over lighting throughout and is about on par with most adult titles. Most notable about the video was the camera work. At times the film focused on close-up shots of penetration. And there were some odd angles at times--as though the camera were slightly tilted. But overall the video was adequate.

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Body of Review: Whether it's to imitate that schoolgirl look or for using as something to hold on to, almost every guy loves a girl in pigtails. Here, six lovely ladies put their long hair into those cute little dos to make us happy.

Scene 1: Leah Luv and Tiana Lynn

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Squirting, Facial

Positions: Missionary, Doggy, Standing, Reverse Cowgirl, Piledriver

Condoms: No

Two cute gals in little pink outfits and pigtails begin the movie with heavy petting. Both are average-looking babes with thin, tight bodies. Tiana is the more attractive of the two, as Leah has a rather country-girl look about her--and her braces have yet to fix her teeth. Nonetheless, these girls are pretty hot and damn adorable with their hair in the expected pigtails. When Lee Stone thunders onto the scene he begins manhandling the fragile ladies and endures a little dong slurping. Tiana is the more enthusiastic; she rams his cock in her mouth in noisy jabs and yanks it to no end, even going wild enough to slap her own face with his semi-flaccid member. There's a good deal of spit swapping as Tiana spits on his dick to lube it up. And towering above the two girls, Stone spits down their throat and once right on to Tiana's pretty face. But the real excitement starts with Tiana on her back. Lee pounds into her pink pussy and within minutes she is squirting all over the place. This happens about four more times, each with less intensity. Lee does some varying boning and the girls offer plenty of whining and screaming--so much so that it becomes tedious. The main attraction of the scene seems to be Tiana's ability to squirt, despite it losing luster as the minutes tick. So it's no surprise that we come back to this. Tiana's energy is exciting and both gals have sexy teen bodies, but aside from the unexpected squirt, there's nothing extraordinary. The footage looks fairly cheap and the action never fully realized (the girls act as overzealous amateurs simply trying to be noticed or stand out). There's a chunkiness between positions suggesting a lack of direction and I wanted more to be made of these cute gals than simply fluid targets (the spitting and squirting becomes excessive, even at times splashing the camera lens a-la-Saving-Private-Ryan). They get so wet and ridden that they look washed up and loose that cute school girl appeal, which seems to debunk the pigtail charm. Everything ends with a less than par delivery to the tongues of both awaiting girls.

Scene 2: Jasmine

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial

Positions: Cowgirl, Spoon, Missionary, Doggy

Condoms: No

Jasmine is a dark skinned lovely claiming from Bangladesh. Her cute little red and black corset is a nice accent to her body. Jasmine really isn't my type of gal, but the pigtails do look adorable on her. They are perched perfectly high on her head and her long hair sways when she moves. Some skinny, white dude with a ponytail and a thick cock steps into the scene and gets Jasmines pretty red lips wrapped around him. She gives him some hard deep throating until her face is wet from her spit. After several minutes of slurping his cock, Jasmine sits on him in reverse cowgirl and begins the sex. Jasmine is also an energetic gal, but as the boning ensues her shouts of pleasure become grating on my ears. At times she makes some truly awful groans, looks like she is writhing with pain and gets grinded in a cycle, much like a washing machine chugging along. This and the cries of "choke me" make the scene too much of an obnoxious pounding of flesh. As with the scene before, shots are fairly limited, staying within one angle for much of a position, allowing for very little variation or change. Jasmine's excitement of getting spunked on is about as high as the rest of her performance. She seems to be thinking what I am: "When's this going to end?"

Scene 3: Kat and Zenza Raggi

Acts Included: Oral, Anal, ATM, Facial

Positions: Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl

Condoms: No

Kat is a thin, golden girl with a smile like the Joker. Her blond pigtails are almost as sexy as her budding breasts. An okay looking gal, Kat could have better prepared for her big screen debut. She's go a few bumps on her ass, razor bumps at her crotch and her fingernails are painted a horrendous, radioactive orange that screams K-mart cosmetics. But I'm willing to overlook this if her performance outshines her physical flaws. She begins with some deep throating that leads to a face full of thick spit and some dick slapping. Kat does a fine job of keeping from gagging as she produces thick threads of spit that the guy either makes her eat or spreads across her face. The guy then skips Kat's little pussy and goes for her even tighter asshole, filling it with his cock and reaming it pretty hard. Kat tries to show us a few gapes but her butt is almost too tight. The camera shots are better here; we get some nice full views of Kat's body as she rides in reverse cowgirl anal. Both actors put up a good, strong performance, but I just can't get beyond Kat's tacky makeup and nail polish. This and all anal pounding--which produces some yellowish-brown seepage, a viewer cringe when Kat does ATM--gives the scene an skuzzy, dirty feel that doesn't really get me excited. A full pop to Kat's lips and braces is the strongest money shot so far but doesn't come close to helping the scene much.

Scene 4: Avy Lee Roth

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, DP, facial

Positions: Doggy, Cowgirl,

Condoms: No

Avy Lee is a sexy full-figured raven-haired lass. From Madrid, Avy comes with a heavy Spanish accent and a desire to fuck two men at once. Two young fellows enter the room and Avy gets on her knees to begin the staple act of deep throating. She has no problem stuffing their meat down her throat only needing to spit or come up for the occasional breath. When one begins pounding her pussy, she makes sure to keep sucking the other off. Avy is likely the most tolerable girl in the film so far. She remains excited throughout and keeps from getting too vocal. At times she gets rallied by the guys' poundings and gets worked up, particularly when they engage in a vaginal dp, opening her pussy up like a car door. The guys deliver a double serving of the white stuff to Avy's pretty face in a decent money shot.

Scene 5: Jessica Sweet

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, ATM, PTM, Anal, Facial

Positions: Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl

Condoms: No

Jessica is nice teeny-bopper with blonde pig tails and a nice rack. Her cute pink mini-skirt outfit is pretty damn hot and it hides her perfect wide rump. She starts the scene by showing her nicely, close-shaved pussy and giving it a quick taste. Jessica is a giggly gal and this makes watching her get drilled all the more exciting. She's giddy to go down on the man in the scene, who takes her pigtails in his hands and makes her do the duck call. Jessica is really cute, so the oral is super hot. She deep throats cock and spits on it until it is running down her perfect tits. She bends over the couch and takes in doggy position, first in the pink then the stink. Jessica loses some of her cute teen looks as her ass gets drilled, but she's still damn hot, gritting her teeth and moaning. The anal here is much sexy than the rest of the scenes on the disc because it doesn't look so staged and overdone. Jessica's ass is tight and doesn't look like it's been around the block, so this adds some fire to the scene. The scene goes a little long; she stays in doggy most of the time (the behind the scenes shows that this seems to be the only position she is comfortable with) but does change a little. In my book she gets bonus points for enduring some hard drills and keeping pace.

Concluding Words: Overall I found this to be a pretty satisfying film. The pigtail image is a nice touch, though I doubt it's totally new, but it was never fully used beyond clamping a few rubber bands on some gal's head. The director commented on each girl's pigtails at the beginning of the scenes, but aside from this the movie could have been named anything. I would like to have seen the theme of pigtails played up more: more head shots, the girls playing with their pigtails, more school-girl-like outfits, etc. Despite the title not living up to my expectations, I think there is plenty of good action. Most of the gals are good looking--although Jessica Sweet surpasses them with her down-to-earth cuteness and tireless asshole. Some may not appreciate the excessive liquids which surprised me only because it was not expected and was fairly consistent--there's a good deal of spitting and drooling and, in Scene 2, squirting. The duck calling, gagging and cheek poking will likely offend those not interested in the act. For all others I think this title is worth checking out. Some scenes drag on too long and the camera a little too close for my comfort renders this one a Rent It.


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