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Cum In My Mouth I'll Spit it Back In Yours 3

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 4/22/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Straight

Director: Mike Rubinstein

Cast: Ariana Jollee, Stacy Thorn, Eva Angelina, Terri Summers, Nadia Sinn, Veronica Jett

Length: 2hr 38 min

Production Date: Devil's Films, 2005

Extras: -=Chapter Selection Without Act Access=- -=Gallery=- -=Trailers=- -=Bonus Scene, From the First Installment=-

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is presented in the usual 2.0. There is no music track during the sex scenes and the voices and noises of the actors were finely detailed. The Video is in the typical Full Frame Color. The image quality for the film was beyond expectations, colors were crisp and clear and there were no pesky lighting problems. I felt the direction and camera work were very solid in the piece and there were a number of great shots.

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Body of Review: Devil's Films is back with its cumswapping series. In volume 3 six gorgeous ladies take on some tremendous throat gouging and ass pumping to drive their men to climax. But for these brave men it's not over in the final bang because each gal is anxiously waiting to spit down the men's throats to show them what it's like.

Scene 1: Terri Summers

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Cum Swap

Positions: Doggy, Cowgirl, Piledriver, Reverse Cowgirl

Condoms: No

Terri Summers is the bombshell rightfully adorning the movie's cover. Every part of Terri is perfect. The girl is a first round knockout. Her short, dark hair, pink eyeliner, golden, perfect body make her the kind of woman you'd see in a club or bar and immediately fall in love with. And when she smiles, you almost want to take her out of the movie--she's just too damn hot to be in porn. But since she's here, I'll be happy to enjoy the next thirty minutes with her. She toys her cute pussy while sucking on Mark Stone's dick. Things move slowly at first; there's a lot of heavy petting and teasing. Mark makes a lot of jokes, which aren't exactly stimulating, but it at least makes Terri smile. Which is a nice thing about her; she smiles a good deal in this scene. Terri gives Mark plenty of slow deep plunging throat before climbing her perfect rear end onto his lap for some joyriding. There's really not much to be said about this scene. It's all about Terri. No matter what the couple does, it's her perfect body that steals your attention. I wish she could have been a bit more vocal at times--she remains pretty quiet. But each time we see her face she is smiling and enjoying every bit of it. Sometime later they return to some wet and gagging oral, and then switch it up to more vaginal. Matt pops into her mouth and then has her spit it into his. In some ways this put a damper on the scene. Not simply for the act--which I knew was coming, yet had to witness--but more because the previous 29 minutes were so very good. Then to see Mark licking his jizz out of his stubbly mustache posed a grand contrast to Terri's beauty.

Scene 2: Arianna Jolee

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Squirting, Cowgirl, Anal, Facial, CumSwap

Positions: Reverse Cowgirl,

Condoms: No

Arianna is not a bad looking dame. The green bikini on her is sexy and shows off her heavy cans rather well. I can't tell her age, but she looks like someone's super hot mom. And maybe this strangeness adds an element of excitement about the scene. Arianna's biggest trick for the scene is her duck call. She likes to perform it in between gasping for air and licking ball. Arianna performs like a nasty gal, getting the dick super-sloppy and to the point where she has jelly-fish on her cheeks. Next she rubs her pussy until she squirts then slips the hard cock inside her. Arianna's energy is uncontrollable and when she isn't pounding the shit out of her partner she's talking like a sailor. Normally I don't like a bantering between the actors, but for some reason I expected it from first sight, so I began to enjoy it. Arianna is nasty and she wants to be sure you know it. After some asshole fingering her butt is ready for dick. He pounds her here, there and everywhere and Arianna keeps her pace as if she's just getting started. Despite not being my type and the constant talk, the scene is pretty steamy. The energy is full-throttle and the variations keep it from going stale. When she takes his load in her mouth, she's itching to eat it, but hocks it down his throat making him gag. Payback's a bitch, I suppose.

Scene 3: Eva Angelina, Nadia Sin and Rod Fontana

Acts Included: Oral, Titfucking, Vaginal, PTM, Anal, CumSwap

Positions: Missionary, Doggy, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl

Condoms: No

Eva is a golden beauty with dark hair and red streaks. She plays with her heavy breasts while Nadia licks her pussy and fingers her own. The man of the scene enters and Eva is ready to suck his thick knob and Nadia joins giving us some great dick sharing. Nadia is a homely gal, pale and slightly freckled. She is cute nonetheless and proves she can hold her breath with a dick in her mouth just as long as Eva can. The dick sucking takes up a good bit of time, with the sloppiest scene showing the girls lying on their backs and their heads upside down gagging on cock. In one hot act, the gals lay side-by-side on their backs and hold their knees to their chins. With their pink slits exposed Rod ping-pongs between their two pussies before lying on his back and allowing Nadia to double-finger his ass. I liked this scene a lot; both girls are attractive; with her tan melons and innocent smile. There was some lagging in the acts, mainly I think because the girls weren't always participating. The camera generally focused where the cock was and stuck with that girl for some time. Rod pops his cork into Nadia's pretty mouth. She blows a few bubbles and then drops it into his. There's plenty in his teeth, but he wants more. So he licks it off her stomach. He does a second shot with Eva.

Scene 4: Staci Thorn

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Anal, ATM, CumSwap

Positions: Missionary, Doggy, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Spoon, Piledriver

Condoms: No

I really dig Staci's look. Her long blond hair and the short, short plaid mini-skirt are sexy. There's no time wasted on this scene as Staci lets the dude's long meat into the back of her throat. Staci takes the usual beating with the cock until her mascara is running down her face. She stays relatively quiet as her nice body is pounded. It takes the guy some time to ease into anal, but once it's there he works her fully. This scene was strong because of Staci's cute, full body and that her moans are the only ones we hear. The guy unloads onto her tongue and Staci spits it back onto his. It spills over his chin and drips everywhere.

Scene 5: Veronica Jett

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Anal

Positions: Standing 69, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy

Condoms: No

Veronica Jett is a very attractive and very thin nymph. Even though she looks fragile, she can take a long dick in her mouth and enjoy every inch of it. Mark Stone offers this service, being sure that she keeps her eyes on the camera as she's about to gag. He then picks her up into a standing 69 and as she sucks her eyes turn red and water, ruining her makeup and gasping for breath. As in the first scene Mark does a good job of switching out the positions and keeping a lot of variety in the acts. And Veronica's small, bony ass bouncing up and down is just as exciting. Toward the end Veronica does some nice gapes and ATMs that give her extra credit in my grade book. When Mark eats his cum, he does so with about the same energy as scene 1. He's really the only one that seems to not notice the taste, so I suppose for some viewers that might be a good thing.

Concluding Words: Whether in adult of mainstream films, I've always enjoyed movies that are different and push boundaries or expectations. I suppose that's partly why I watched Cum in My Mouth I'll Spit it Back in Yours 3. The act of cumswapping is not new, but in straight films the goo is usually traded between the women in the scene. So seeing some guy take his own load was new to me, and how did I react? I thought, 'Big deal.' And while I suppose that unless this act has become your thing, other viewers will simply hit skip on the remote. For those that are used to or enjoy the woman having the final blow--so to speak--the reciprocation of the cum is bit of a jolt; it threw off the rhythm I had become so familiar with. With that said, the actual act wasn't unsettling, except that none of the guys appeared to be enthusiastic about the process and this added another element altogether. It made me think of the girls that get surprised by a facial; you knew what was coming. The rest of the film is rock solid, and could stand alone as a regular fuck flick. The girls are hot, particularly Terri Summers whom I will watch more of, and they really seem to be the focus of the piece. The ever-rising act of gagging and quacks is here, with the occasional spit and gape, so some viewers might look elsewhere. And if you don't care to see the dudes eat their spooge, this is definitely worthy a rental for the other 155 minutes. For the rest of the diehard pornees this one comes Recommended.


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