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Young Bung

Studio: Mayhem » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 5/13/05

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Genre: Straight

Director: Ariana Jollee

Cast: Ariana Jollee, Tyla Wynn, Stacy Thorn, Tiffany Holiday, Candi Apple, Alex Sanders, Rick Masters, Van Damage, Steven French, Alec Knight, Jerry, Bad Bo

Length: 2hr 48 min (feature)

Production Date: Mayhem, 2005

Extras: -=Chapter Selection With Act Access=- -=Behind The Scenes, runs 8 minutes=- -=Interviews with Ariana, Stacy and Tyla=- -=Biographies=- -=Gallery=- -=Popshot Recap=- -=Spam=- -=Website Info=-

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is presented in 2.0 as expected. Throughout the film the sound was adequate. All voices and noises of the actors could be heard and because there was no music during the scenes, there were no interruptions. The Video of the film is in Full Frame Color. For the most, the film was decent. There was a darkness that was consistent and some grain, but nothing that couldn't be overlooked. More noteworthy, was the limited shots and rough edits. Some of the editing was jarring because it came out of sync and at times when it was obvious a break in action was needed.

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Body of Review: Adult queen extraordinaire Ariana Jollee enjoys her second time round as director on one of her films, showing that she has the skills and eye to give guys what they want. Ariana's developed a school for the porn wannabees and made herself headmaster, where she will direct and instruct a few lovely ladies on how to fuck and suck, her way. Four beautiful women enroll for class and Ariana gives them plenty close counseling.

Scene 1: Ariana Jollee

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Squirting, ATM, DP, Facial

Positions: Doggy, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl,

Condoms: No

"Old bung" Ariana Jollee introduces the film saying that she's here to teach the young girls a thing or two about fucking. I don't really consider Ariana an old maid and she's certainly got the energy and sex-drive of an alley cat. Ariana's also got the mouth of a sailor, so expect plenty of verbal abuse and shouts of directions. She starts by sucking one guy's limp dick, trying to get it hard but it's taking a while so she switches to the other dude. Ariana treats a hard dick like I've never seen before. She slams it to the back of her throat, wets it with spit and gives a decent duck call. Once the other dude returns--hard now--she ping pongs between the two. She then bends over and while getting it from behind has her ass fingered. The action is pretty steamy, but the actors are never sure of themselves. The camera stays in one position for too long, and when it moves it mimics the actors--uncertain of what the next act will be. So there is some stumbling at times---and, oh wait, I was wrong, that first guy still isn't hard. This lends to standby yanking for the first 15 minutes, which is always riveting, and at times just feels like a duo scene. A strong scene at best, Ariana's talk can get tiring, but her crave for cock never fails to satisfy.

Scene 2: Stacy Thorn

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial

Positions: Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl,

Condoms: No

Next up is the very cute Stacy, dressed in school girl outfit with her blonde hair in tails. She takes some violent fingering and heavy tongue action from some overzealous dude before returning the favor. Ariana looks on, giving Stacy some advice on the proper technique of gagging and duck sounds. But I think Stacy has it down; she's even sexier than her mentor. Stacy gets her shaved pussy pounded as Ariana watches and lends the occasional hand. After a while Ariana straps on a dildo and tries her role at playing the guy. Not terribly exciting. The positions were fairly limited and things grew stale after a few minutes. Like the scene before, what could have been a strong threesome was more of a twosome. At the end, Ariana tries to squirt on Stacy's face, but I failed to see any fluids hit their target. A facial solves this later.

Scene 3: Tyla Wynn

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, DP, Facial

Positions: Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl

Condoms: No

Tyla is an adorable dirty-blonde with a sexy playfulness about her. Her body and energy basically sum up everything that men look for in an adult starlet. She has perfect round breasts and a great, gold ass. She starts by sucking two guys to erections and then offering some deep throating and oral swordplay. The scene gets messiest when she lies upside down on the couch and takes one shaft straight down her throat, spitting up thick cords of saliva in the meantime. Ariana participates a bit more in this scene and we actually get some really good shots of the two women slobbing knobs. Seeing Tyla's tight little ass drilled was the best part of the disc so far. Tyla eats the guys come and Ariana wipes up the excess with her panties before shoving them down Tyla's mouth.

Scene 4: Candi Apple

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, ATM, PTM, Anal, Facial

Positions: Doggy, Missionary, Piledriver

Condoms: No

Cani is a chunkier-than-some girl with peculiar features and some nice assets. She also snorts when she laughs--a funny little moment in the pre-scene interview. She gets it on with a skuzzy-haired guy whom I don't think I've ever seen before, but until the three spend forever undressing and examining each other. I'm growing bored when Candi finally sticks a thick rod between her fat lips. The dude face fucks her, forcing her mouth down on his cock. The action is way to slow at starting--it's a long 15 minutes before things pick up. Once it does, he goes straight for her ass, bending her over the couch and sliding it in. Cani stays in this position for most of the scene, but varies the action by poking Ariana's pussy with a dildo or letting her share an ATM. They then spend some time sticking their hands up Candi's pussy, a feat I assume they accomplish but can't tell because they are blocking the camera. A less exciting scene because the girl wasn't as attractive and the acts were limited. The popshot is equally exciting.

Scene 5: Tiffany Holiday

Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal

Positions: Piledriver, Cowgirl,

Condoms: No

Tifanny looks like a tall 16 year old. She's very thin and has long braided pigtails. A cute girl but no way does she look 19. Regardless, she works the camera in a little pre-scene strip tease and looks perfectly at home with her act. When her man stumbles on to the scene she grabs hold of his cock and endures a fast paced face fuck. It sounds like a good performance and occasionally I get a glimpse of the action. But for most of the time the camera stays in one spot showing the three in full body profile. Much attention is given to sticking finger in her pussy when it seems the best action is in the noisy blowjob. A nice anal pile drive follows, but I fear it won't save the disc. The two climb into cowgirl, but in a matter of minutes Ariana comes along with a strap on dildo. Things get clumsy at times; dicks and dildos fall out and take time to get reinserted, so there's some more of the flubbing that tended to taint the entire movie. I was most excited about seeing Tiffany perform, but was let down by the unpreparedness of the scene. The best act comes with Ariana riding the guy in anal reverse cowgirl with Tiffany riding Ariana's dildo in cowgirl. A nice MFF three-way that was a hot end to the flick.

Concluding Words: Overall, this was a fairly decent film. There are a number of strong acts lying within the discs too long 2 hr 48 minute runtime. Mostly, I enjoyed seeing Tyla and Tiffany in action, two gorgeous women giving up the goods. I did think most of the performances were too drawn out and that they were not pushed to their potential. At times, Ariana seemed more of a distraction than an addition to the scenes, so her coming and going was met with mixed feelings. There was little remarkable or fresh about the flick. The editing seemed choppy, coming at times when I felt the action called for a cut--an uncomfortable moment, a heavy gag. The film doesn't merit a second disc. What is on the supplemental disc is nothing beyond what one would expect. The interviews are engaging--particularly Ariana's as we see her cute personality. And the BTS is equally entertaining. Nonetheless, I'd hesitate to give it anything beyond a rental grade, despite a second disc. Rent It


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