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Oral Intake Vol. 2

Studio: Damaged Productions » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 5/23/05

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GENRE: Blow Job Fetish Amateur Gonzo
STARS: Eva Lopez, Dana, Jamie, Jina, Tori, Lindy, Grace, Jessica
LENGTH: 160 mins with bonus material

They say that love is sweeter, the second time around. They also say that sequels almost always suck. So how does one gauge the possibilities of another offering of amateur oral from a company that completely disappointed you the first time around? Do you hope that they've worked out all the kinks and have finally found a way to mix gonzo with gratuity to up the arousal factor? Or do you run shrieking from the DVD player, hoping your eye sockets will never again have to be sullied by the flaccid members, mediocre mouthing and overall horridness of another Damaged Pictures dicking diorama? Whatever the case may be, someone has to step up and take a blowjob bullet for the review team, so here we are again, discussing Oral Intake.

Happily, Volume 2 addresses several of the concerns that made their frequent and noxious appearance all throughout the first fetid offering. Production value has increased, the actresses are named, and the men are now more than capable of providing the stiff stick the ladies need to lunch on. But just because many of the facets in this film are better, doesn't necessarily mean Oral Intake: Volume 2 is a keeper. This is still a single sex act title with very little variation in the procedure or the positions. So unless you like cock sucking and lots LOTS of it, you may not enjoy much of what this improved package has to offer.

The DVD:
Up front, you can see the immediate differences between Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Oral Intake. They are so obvious as to be a little disconcerting. Instead of a no-name anonymous sex scene collection, we now get title cards introducing each actress (no other cast or crew information is offered, sadly). This helps those with a tendency to fixate on fuck and suck stars to have a handle for those faces that'll be filling up their bedside garbage can with used Kleenexes of fantasy love.

In addition, we now have just three male leads, unlike Volume 1's random collection of reprobate. On the positive side, each gent is fairly capable of maintaining their shaft stiffness. Certainly there are some taffy issues remaining (none of these guys are Chris Cannon or Nick Manning, after all) and you have to like your dudes on the fresh from the corner rough trade side to enjoy the bristled beefcake they have to offer.

Another plus is the overall luster of Volume 2, from the settings to the actresses. Volume 1 definitely felt like a cobbled together collection of whomever the producers could prod into performing, filmed wherever they could set up a camera and shoot. The woman looked like ex-exotic dancers hoping to make a few bucks, and the overall seediness of the situations bordered on a semi-snuff film conceit. But now, in Volume 2, the women are a hair prettier, and the locations are draped in art department froufrou and other finery. This really does class up the cocksucking, since we no longer feel we are watching junkies chocking on dick for another crack rock fix - in the actual crackhouse itself.

Since we can finally individualize the sequences, here is a short rundown of what you will get on Oral Intake Volume 2:

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Scene 1: Lindy: A dark haired Paris Hilton look-alike, this aggressive actress does a decent job of blowing the still pencil thin boner of her unnamed costar. There is much more interaction here than in Volume 1, with some minor tit play and dirty talk.

Scene 2: Tori: This gal enjoys heady goodness, meaning we are back to the same BJ flim-flam from Volume 1. Aside from the bad hair dye job (which some guys find slutty and sexy) and the oodles of saliva (this scene is spit city) this is not a very good oral exercise.

Scene 3: Grace: FINALLY! Someone who can suck dick and look like they love it. Grace is only one of two girls here who proves proficient in the peter puffing department. She also gets lots of help from her unidentified meat puppet.

Scene 4: Jina: Playing to the camera the entire time she is working that wiener, Jina is a letdown after Scene 3's sizzle. Even the occasional face fucking and dick to cheek smacking can't help this lackadaisical log lunching.

Scene 5: Dana: For some reason, Oral Intake goes arty on us from this point forward, providing more softcore body shots and long, lingering takes of people's torsos than up close and personal penis pandering. Dana is also visibly disgusted by what is going on, and the pop ends up landing about three feet IN FRONT of her as a result.

Scene 6: Jamie: Our second expert blow babe. Interestingly enough, it's with the same man from Scene 3. Maybe he's the reason the erotica works. Otherwise, we get lots of good all around action, including some nice, juicy tit fucking. This just proves what good chemistry and pornography professionalism can do for a sequence.

Scene 7: Eva: If we had to find a third place finisher in the oral Olympics offered here, Eva would take the blowjob bronze. She works the shaft with tongue tantalizing skill and adds in the ball action that all men crave. But again it's the bad camera work that undermines this potentially hot helping of head.

Scene 8: Jessica: A vibrator makes a brief appearance and then quickly disappears. So does any semblance of passion or chemistry as our main meat man has titanic taffy issues all throughout the scene. Try and she might, Jess just can't get his johnson jonesing.

One of the worst parts of both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Oral Intake is the amateurish, asinine excuse for cinematography that passes for presentation on these DVDs. Whoever is manning the lens needs to have his viewfinder permit voided here and now. There is no rhythm to the filmmaking, no sense of style in the shot selection or framing. Hyperactive apes with camcorders fastened to their gonads could probably do a better job of capturing the carnality. Much of the time we are left watching lips and limp dick. Only guy-hating feminists would find this hopeless hardcore arousing.

And no matter how prettied up it is, no matter what casting choices or daydream elements they're now employing, Oral Intake is still a one act wonder that satisfies those who only like tongue to tool action. Anal lovers, people preferring DP or anyone wanting the smallest amount of bodily penetration will have to search through Damaged Pictures' catalog for something to satisfy said penchants. All you will get here is underhwhelming head, just not in the massive amounts, and in the uniquely ugly pretext presented by Oral Intake: Volume 1. Volume 2 is an improvement, but not enough to earn a recommendation.

The Video:
One of the areas where this title has NOT improved is in the vacant video presentation. As was said in the review of Oral Intake: Volume 1, all hail the camcorder, right? Such a handy, dandy digital item can let anyone with a vision or at least a few hundred bucks pick up the motion picture mantel and make their own damn video atrocity. Volume 2 continues the homemade horseshit mentality by making sure we have a crappy picture to go with the less than stellar suck. The 1.33:1 full screen image is a mess, a combination of poor color correctness, fuzzy, unfocused shots and a jittery, unsteady shooting scenario. If the porn doesn't make you nauseous, the wobbly to and fro of the cinematography is guaranteed to give you Blair Witch inspired motion sickness. Again, this is definitely a case of the inmates running the asylum, cinematically speaking.

The Audio:
Volume 2 does better its previous parameters by mixing up the aural palette of the Dolby Digital Stereo. Instead of just a single song played over and over and over again, we get some rock, some funk, some light airy ambient and some pulse pounding techno. The music, however, may be the only thing throbbing after you've watched this paltry peter party.

The Extras:
As they proved on Volume 1, Damaged just can't compete with the big boys when it comes to DVD production especially in the realm of added content. The incredibly thin bonus offering here includes some trailers (snooze) a collection of cum shots (snore) and scene galleries (ZZZZZZZZZZ). While it may be too much to ask for a making-of, or behind the scenes featurette, some semblance of an attempt at supplemental material would have been nice.

Final Thoughts:
While some might consider this strike two in a critical overview of Damaged Pictures oeuvre, The Dirge is going to be a little more magnanimous. Instead of an outright dismissal ala Oral Intake: Volume 1, Oral Intake: Volume 2 is going to be recommended...for placement in the RENTAL queue the next time you are lining up to lend/lease a few adult titles from your favorite smut peddling video store. On the Disco Dirge Peter Meter, this title earns a very lukewarm 4 out of 10: not enough to demand you pay attention, but just enough to argue that someone out there will probably find it dead sexy. A Cohabitation Certification is a closer call. There are at least three scenes here that provide substantial male on female heat, and it would be easy to see gals getting into it. However, five sequences still suck and not in the right way, and without a great deal of attention to feminine needs, the ladies will probably get more turned off than on. So the award is withheld, pending further womanly fact finding. It's nice to know that a newbie adult company can correct the problems that plagued their initial releases. But Damaged Pictures has a long way to go before the Oral Intake series becomes a keeper. Volume 2 is an improvement, but until some procedural issues are addressed like shitty filmmaking this will always be a lower tier product...and organization.

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