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Strap Attack 2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 5/23/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

GENRE: Gonzo Fetish
DIRECTOR: Joey Silvera
STARS: Courtney Cummz, Ariana Jollee, Tiffany Minx, Leah Luv, Holly Wellin, Cheri, Sanna, Jagger, Christian, Beau Meadows
LENGTH: 160 mins with bonus material

One of the changes that the mainstreaming of pornography has brought about is the far more frequent exposure to the public of that most fanciful of fuck facets – the fetish film. It used to be that scenes of a highly personal proclivity were difficult if not next to impossible to find. But nowadays, almost any individualized obsession can find its way into a film. And none is more verboten to the average male than the concept of getting plowed in the pooper by a strap-on dildo.

Now, when girls use it on each other in some manner of Sapphic celebration, guys can't get enough of the same sex shenanigans. But when it's suggested that they sink some shaft into their most holiest of holies, you can literally hear the universal clenching of ass cheeks. Men don't normally enjoy shoving things inside themselves, unless it's sports trivia or alcoholic beverages. But such concepts as knowledge, vegetables and faux phalluses are not high on their personal insertion playlist.

So it's interesting how gosh darn popular, and eros espousing a strap-on sex film can be. In the case of Strap Attack 2 (another in Joey Silvera's series of gal on guy goodness), the idea is taken even further into the forbidden zone. In other straight features, you will find the occasional bead boy, or perhaps even get a meat puppet that doesn't mind fake peter up the dumper. Yet it's usually as part of an overall sex sequence where the lady gets launched many more times than the man does.

Under Silvera's watchful eye however, the dudes here get much more drilling than the dames. And they even prove proficient in the head handling and delivering department. If you projectile vomit at the thought of a man giving a blowjob to a plastic cock, or at the notion of a man getting fucked in the butt, then avoid this title at all costs. But if you've become more "curious" at the merest mention of such actions, then this film will definitely satisfy your sexual experimentation needs.

The DVD:
The reason strap-on movies are so popular in hardcore arenas comes down to a simple set of initials – B & D. Most of the affinity for making men the subject of a trip down the Hershey highway has to do with issues of domination, control and equality. Like it or not, when a woman is getting humped by a dude with a dick the size of a four pound overstuffed summer sausage, he is completely lording over her. Sometime, the opposing size or popularity of the porn star – say Janine, or Belladonna, or Jenna – can overcome the feeling of helplessness. But many men enjoy the thrill of complete power and get off on viewing the girl as a set of orifices just waiting to be forcefully drilled over and over again by a guy who knows how to manhandle her.

As is the yin and yang of sex and personal propensity, if there are men or couples or ladies who enjoy seeming female domination, then there must be similar like-minded people who like to see gents get their subservience on. Thus you have a strap-on film. Now, if you think this is just some tame salad tossing followed by a little sphincter teasing before the real right said straight pole vaulting takes place – boy on babe, of course – well, then you'll be very disappointed. Indeed, except for a couple of brief sequences, the ladies are the manufactured meat puppets here. It's the men who take it in the only two places they can – over and over again.

Obviously, it takes a special kind of guy to accept big black store bought mambo members in their assholes and still give off a vibe of heated heterosexuality – and this is Strap Attack 2's ace in the bunghole. Director Silvera manages to create scenes that push the taboo tendencies of the hardcore and yet we never feel like we're watching some alternative lifestyle sampling. This is still regular straight XXX action, with just the most tantalizing of twists. Individually, the five scenes here represent a veritable cornucopia of fake cock carnality. Each one has its own pros and cons as well. Let's begin with:

Scene 1: Courtney Cummz, Beau Meadows
Acts Performed: Strap-On Jack-Off, Ass Fingering, M Oral on Strap-On, Hand Job, Blow Job, 69 with Strap-On Sucking, Vibrator Up Man Ass, Anal Doggy with Strap-On, Tit Play, Male A to M, Anal Scissors with Strap-On, Toy Play with Female Climax, $hot on Strap-On, Male Oral Clean-up

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Beau is our first artificial fudge packer and he truly takes it like a man. Courtney, pierced just about every place a gal can get bejeweled, is really into the whole dominatrix ideal. She is decked out in a combination corset and commandant's outfit and she keeps Beau in a cage while she makes him suck her ersatz schlong. From there, our leading man is very passive, and Ms. Cummz really pounds him like chop meat. This is not the most aggressive of the strap-on sequences in the collection, but Courtney and Beau prepare us for some very heated himbo dildo action ahead. You can gauge your reaction to Strap Attack 2 on this scene alone: if you find it exciting, you'll LOVE the rest of the DVD. If you think it's a bit much, you perhaps should stop right here. The ride – and the rest of the riding – only gets more intense from here. Score: 7 out of 10

Scene 2: Ariana Jollee, Tiffany Minx, Christian
Acts Performed: Strap-On Cabaret, Spit Sharing, M Oral on Strap-On, Lesbian Action, Dueling M Oral to Strap-On, Blow Job, Deep Throating, Face Fucking, Squirting into M Mouth and Face, F to M Salad Tossing, M Anal Fingering, Male A to M, M Ass Slapping, Anal Doggy with Strap-On, 69, M Straight Anal with Strap-On, Face Fucking with Strap-On, M Spoon with Strap-On, More Facial Squirting, Reverse Cowgirl, Nut Pulling, Anal Reverse Cowgirl with M Straight Anal with Strap-On, $hot with Some Cream Pie Action, Oral Clean-up, F to F Snowballing, F to M Snowballing

Christian is an enigma, a very masculine dude who seems cut from a girl's hot body fantasy. But put a fake penis in front of him, and the boy really loves to blow. Indeed, you'll swear Christian swings both ways, or perhaps just wants to bat for the all-male league once you've see him swallow imitation cock. But it's not just the oral element that's arousing. He loves to get fucked, and both Ariana and Tiffany accommodate him with as much plastic pork as possible. They even get their girl gratuity thing on as they take turns taking Mr. C's pecker on a personal poon patrol. This is an incredibly steamy scene, with terrific chemistry and passion and a true sense that the performers are really giving their all in the service of thrilling three-way wantonness. Even the final spunk swapping has its dick stiffening properties. Score: 8.5 out of 10

Scene 3: Leah Luv, Jagger
Acts Performed: M Masturbation, F Strap-On Masturbation, Strap-On Ball Action with Cunnilingus, Tit Sucking, M Oral on Strap-On, Blow Job, Deep Throating, Doggy, M Anal Doggy with Strap-On, Straight Anal with Strap-On, $hot on Chest

In the hierarchy of man catchers, Jagger is second only to Christian in the cock-craving department. Leah seems really into the possibility of pitching penis to this man, and the couple turns up the carnality with a nice long boning. Indeed, both get the shaft as each one fucks the other over the course of the scene. Again, the ardor and compatibility between the pair is obvious, making anything they do to or for each other that much more erotic. The only letdown here is the lack of length. The sequence seems to end just as it's moving into orifice overdrive. Score: 8 out of 10

Scene 4: Holly Wellin, Christian
Acts Performed: Strap-On Cabaret, Blow Job, Ball Action, M Oral on Strap-On, Tit Sucking, Blow Job, F to M Salad Tossing, Straight Anal with Strap-On, Hand Job, $hot in Girl's Hand

Proving he is just as potent one on one as he is in a triple take, Christian again proves his love of log by giving Holly a lesson in dick licking. This is a much more straightforward scene that #2, with the sex moving from position to position with purpose and surgical focus. You can tell this couple really wants to deliver a steamy sequence of XXX excitement. They're not just going through the motions. Again, the shortness of the scene is the only problem with what is otherwise another great strap-on stuffing. Score: 8 out of 10

Scene 5: Cheri, Sanna, Jagger
Acts Performed: Photo Shoot Cabaret, F to F Strap-On Sucking, Blow Job, M Oral on Strap-On, M Face Fucking with Strap-On, Ass Slapping, Cunnilingus, Dueling Strap-On Oral, F to M Ass Fingering, Doggy, M Anal Doggy with Strap-On, Face Fucking, M Straight Anal with Strap-On, M A to M, Face Sitting, $hot in Mouth, Oral Clean-up

While it would be hard to compare it with Scene 2's manic mιnage, our final Strap Attack 2 offering gives it a damn good try. Interestingly, it's the girls that let us down here. Both Cheri and Sanna initially seem up to the man ass challenge, but the minute the scene gets going, one or the other seems to drop off to the side, letting the other handle the majority of the member motions. Jagger is game for anything, as usual, and it's just too bad that both girls couldn't get it together for some simultaneous sex. These sequences seem to work better with several XXX things going on at once. Here, it's more like individual pairings melded into one. Score: 7.5 out of 10

Perhaps the first thing you notice about this review is the focus on the men. Indeed, a really weird thing happens while watching Strap Attack 2. Usually, in hardcore, you look at the lady, estimating her reaction and attraction to the situations she's involved in, and grading the gratuity based almost exclusively on the female side of the scene. But here, the girls are just groins, not really doing much more than the mutton marionettes they are pretending to be. More times than not, director Silvera is giving us a close-up of cock going into crack – or man mouth – and the lady is unimportant. So Strap Attack 2 is a film that really tests your openness and inhibitions regarding sex. If you believe that any act between man and dick is depraved, then simply let this title pass you by. But if the thought of a guy exploring his penis propensity gets you a little girded in the loins, then Silvera's series really serves up the made-up meat.

Also, the domination angle cannot be stressed enough. There are lots of men who enjoy the fantasy of being controlled by a woman (then they should just get married, right guys? Right? – Just joking...) and Strap Attack 2 plays perfectly into that mindset. Whether it's Beau getting mercilessly balled, Christian under the complete power of a couple of peters, or Jagger jonesing for more and more dick, there is a nice perverted forbidden facet to this type of movie that really stirs the imagination. Guys should not be afraid of finding this material arousing. After all, you're not actually getting fucked up the ass, just watching other dudes take one in the derriere for the team. It's the ladies who should really love this compilation. The fantasy and wish fulfillment factors alone make it possible to connect with every put upon woman in the world.

The Video:
Silvera is a fine sex filmmaker, one of the best in his particular field. Strap Attack 2 has a professional, color correct 1.33:1 full screen image that always manages to catch the XXX at the best angles possible. Part of the reason why hardcore is so hot comes directly from the skill of the director. It is his or her job to make us believe the scenes, and sense the sizzle between the parties. And considering that Silvera gets straight men to salivate over a sequence that shows their brethren beaming with boner proves that he is one great smut peddler.

The Audio:
About the most basic aspect of this entire release is the Dolby Digital Stereo soundtrack. The music is the same combination of Caribbean, hip-hop, funk and faux metal and never overwhelms or undermines the sex noises in the scenes. The dialogue – and there is only a minimal amount here – is of the handheld camcorder microphone manner of recording. That means we miss occasional lines while getting more than an earful the minute someone gets closer to the lens. Indeed, the most amateur issue in all of Strap Attack 2 is the uneven aural presentation.

The Extras:
Frankly, the one thing Strap Attack 2 desperately needed was a Behind the Scenes featurette. It would be interesting to learn what these actors had to do to prepare for their part in the plowing, from the usual enemas to male-specific "relaxation" exercises. Sadly, all Silvera and Evil Angel supply is some extra footage (outtakes from the sex scenes), a few trailers, a cast list and a filmography. Not very much considering the unusual nature of the title.

Final Thoughts:
Though he wonders what it says about his hang-ups (or lack thereof), the Dirge really dug this sensational strap-on feature. Indeed, about the only thing keeping it from a DVD Talk Collector's Series nod is the realization that this is not a clip compilation that will play perfectly for everyone. Championing something so particular to personal proclivity or taste as a universal triumph (which is sort of what the Collector's certification means) just doesn't seem sensible. So even though Strap Attack 2 gets an 8.5 on the Disco Dirge Peter Meter, Silvera and his cast will have to settle for a very high recommendation. And while it may not be the same for every couple, Mrs. Dirge really enjoyed this offering as well, and she's not the most adventurous person when it comes to porn. Therefore, a Cohabitation Certification is awarded. Indeed, fans of fantastic fucking should really give Strap Attack 2 a try. Though it may not be up everyone's individual alley, there is more going on here than just men getting reamed for a buck. This is a title that can be enjoyed on several sensational levels, not just on the most obvious – and the most obsessive.

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