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Angels of Debauchery 4

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 6/5/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

GENRE: Gonzo/Straight Scene Collection
DIRECTOR: Jonni Darkko
STARS: Alexis Malone, Kylie Wylde, Eva Angelina, Jasmine Byrne, Delilah Strong, Mark Ashley, Billy Glide, Robert Rosenberg, Steve Taylor
LENGTH: 125 mins

Certain names above and below the title of a XXX treat can pledge a groin grabblingly good time. One such overall entity is Evil Angel. The home of such well-known smut monkeys as Belladonna, Rocco Siffredi, Nacho Vidal and Joey Silvera, it is a company well known for delivering a consistently carnal set of sensational titles and talent. As part of their flesh peddlers and producers, there is another name that has become synonymous with sensational sex films. Jonni Darkko, recognized for his rectal workouts (he is answerable for the very popular Anal Perversions and Anal Trainer series) as well as several of the Biggz and the Beauties titles, has become quite the hardcore auteur. Within a very short time behind the camera, he has become one an EA's gonzo guarantees, someone who can bring the balling with both professionalism and passion.

If you've tracked the other titles in this series, you know that the Angels of Debauchery series comes highly recommended. Most critics really enjoy the combination of comely lasses and reamed out asses. Thankfully, #4 continues in that same magnificent manner. Certainly, there will be those who feel Darkko and his corporate overseers are far too gratuitous for their own good. They'll question the level of hostility and view everything that happens as degrading and near-offensive But if you believe there is room in erotica for domination and control, and don't have a problem with ladies getting jousted with erratic abandon, you will instantly cotton to this Jonni ball joint jamboree. It's all part of the Evil Angel plan, and it's almost always sexy as Hell.

The DVD:
Let's get a few caveats out of the way first, since there are facets to Angels of Debauchery that may instantly mess with your sexual sensibilities if viewed without the proper precautions. First and foremost is director Darkko's choice of leading men or should that be MAN. Of the five scenes here, Mr. Mark Ashley and his mega man meat makes up four-fifths of the fucking. He's capable, and could be some sad she-males idea of an attractive stud muffin, but he's not really the Dirge's dude cup of tea. In addition, Darkko drops the dramatic ball a couple of times by trying to insert plot into what is otherwise a nonstop shark attack.

There are indeed a couple of weak attempts at a storyline Scene 1 is about a brazen bride left at the altar, while Scene 5 involves a desperate woman who will "work for cum" but they are just mindless meanderings, taking away from the sex with pointless dialogue. Finally, in the Darkko Book of Balling, sex acts must be performed at maximum rpms. Fans of that foreigner JPX will understand this way too rapid-fire dynamic. Mr. Ashley pumps like he's had several too many espressos before the shoot, and you often feel concern for the potential chafing involved, both on the male and female side of the stuffing.

If you can accept these goofy givens, avoiding their non-erotic tendencies, you'll really enjoy this descent into the world of wanton womb raiding. Individually, the scenes vary from intense to merely interesting. Looking at them one on one gives us an idea of where the sexual sticking points may be, as well as those times when it's just a matter of sitting back and letting the lovin' flow. We begin with:

Scene 1: Alexis Malone, Mark Ashley, Billy Glide
Act Performed: Masturbation, Dueling Head, Deep Throating, Dick to Tit Play, Champagne Play, Salad Tossing, Cunnilingus, Blow Job, Doggy, Fingering, Mish, Anal Tongue Fucking, Vaginal Gaping, Chocking, Male Tit Play, Champagne Bottle Fucking, Pearl Necklace and Bracelet in Vagina, Jewelry V to M, JPX Action, Reverse Cowgirl, Face Fucking, $hots in Mouth, Bottle Snowballing, Shoe Spunk Sipping

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From the category of "just when you think you've seen everything" comes Alexis and her jewelry box twat. This particularly bizarre game of oyster restuffing really ratchets up the heat here. Ms. Malone, alone, is enough to warrant a sizzle or two. She takes on two tools with equal aplomb, and never once acts bothered or belittled by the sex. Billy and Mark keep the drilling dynamic if still just a tad too rushed to seem realistic or erotic and they appear to be concerned with Alexis's enjoyment as well. The rejected bride stuff is just stupid, and could have been cut completely without losing any of the scenarios sizzle (though it may then have been hard to explain the everpresent champagne bottle, which really does deserve a costar credit for the amount of action is gets). Thanks to the diversity in the debauchery, this Angelic visit appears to be a potent porn potable. Score: 8 out of 10.

Scene 2: Kylie Wilde, Mark Ashley
Act Performed: Cabaret, Masturbation, Four Finger Fucking with V to M, Cunnilingus, Blow Job, JPX Action, Cowgirl, Doggy, Mish, Jackhammer Reverse Cowgirl, V to M, $hot in Mouth

When our tool trooper Mr. Ashley begins his one-on-one conquests, the difference in each of these solo hardcore delights is minimal. Indeed, the only real disparity is in the acts performed, and the willingness of the woman he is with. In Kylie's case, she is more memorable in the masturbation portion of the sequence that when Mark applies the mutton to the broth. Her four-finger workout is something to behold, a near fisting first that really gets your own joy juices going. But once the balling begins, things begin to get repetitious. Mark inserts shaft, Ms. Wilde gets all vocal, and then the real time ramrodding begins. If you like dick driving into douche with alarming speed, or don't care if the gal is nothing more than a blow-up doll with a partial pulse, then you'll think this sequence rules. All others will be less than impressed. Score: 6 out of 10.

Scene 3: Eva Angelina, Mark Ashley
Acts Performed: Cabaret, Masturbation, Blow Job, Deep Throating, Face Fucking, Cunnilingus, JPX Action, Fingering with V to M, Mish, Vaginal Gaping, Doggy, Cowgirl, V to M, Reverse Cowgirl, Tit Fucking, $hot on Face and Mouth

For Eva, her personal propensity in the poon department is total tit attention. From the foreplay to the finishing shot, the boob does both erogenous and elemental duty as a part of the pork. Mark is again an over aggressive member marionette here, pulling the strings of sex so that all balance and believability are thrown out of whack. However, the single aspect that saves the scene is the clear chemistry between the performers. Eva really responds here, looking at Mark with an intense ardor that he can barely match. Together, they create some substantial steam and turn what could have been awkward into something arousing. Score: 7.5 out of 10.

Scene 4: Jasmine Byrne, Mark Ashley
Act Performed: Cabaret, Masturbation, Salad Tossing, Cunnilingus, Tongue Fucking, Fingering, Glass Dildo in Ass, Anal Gaping, Toy A to M, Blow Job, Anal Doggy, A to M, Straight Anal, $hot in Mouth, Oral Clean-up

By now, our familiarity of Mr. Ashley's man ass is such that we can count the freckles along his crack. Thankfully, Ms. Byrne provides an alternative to taintspotting with her glass blowing - and balling - proclivities. Like Scene 3, Jasmine really jones for Mark's jock, and the passion they produce is electric. You actually believe the couples copulating, the laser like lovin' zooming straight to your libido. Between the tossed salad and the side dish of crystal cock, this is an amazing menu for any carnal connoisseur. It also supports Darkko's desire to feature Ashley almost exclusively in this film. Once we move outside his professional pussy plowing, things get a bit dude dicey. Score: 8 out of 10.

Scene 5: Delilah Strong, Robert Rosenberg, Steve Taylor
Act Performed: Blow Job, Ass Slapping, Doggy, JPX Action, Cowgirl, Spit Sharing, V to M, Spoon, Chocking, Scissors, Dueling Head, Doggy, Pile Driver, Face Fucking, Mish, Ball Action, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Multiple $hots in Mouth and Face, Swallowing

Frankly, the buzzword description of the sex here cannot begin to describe the out and out insanity of this scene. Delilah is stuffed so full of flesh worm, in every conceivable orifice and manner that it's hard to believe she survived without some variety of throat or snatch damage. Robert and Steve are relentless, banging away on the babe like she's devoid of feelings or respect. This very much plays into Angels of Debauchery's design. Girls are merely meat to the men here, dolls to be drilled and dominated until their unsatisfied, sick male egos are ready to explode. A lot of the time, this can be very arousing, especially when the actress's reactions indicate that she is really digging it. But sometimes and it doesn't happen too often here Ms. Strong seems to suggest being abused, not aroused, by her double donging. Especially toward the end, she appears to share an audience sentiment to get the pounding over with already. But Bob and Steve just keep on boning, reducing the potential passion in and for the scene. Score: 7 out of 10.

Again, it has to be noted that this is strong, powerful porking, not just some slight, near softcore snoozefest. Darkko delights in presenting his porn as potent, perverted statements of intense physicality, and couldn't care less if the performers look happy or satisfied doing it. Each scene here is like watching animals unleashed, horny himbos lurching at near-bashful bimbos with ravenous desire. Luckily, none of that corporeal cannibalism translates into anything incredibly violent or degrading.

The selected moments of chocking are brief and never abusive (which may be impossible in some people's eyes) and we don't have to sit through degrading talk, massive spit sharing or any of the other so-called extreme hardcore elements that one frequently finds in the outer limits of flesh filmmaking. Darkko knows how to push the limits, and also how to pull back to keep the entertainment aspect secured within his adult dynamic. Fans of fancy XXXcitement need to look for the fuck fix elsewhere. Angels of Debauchery 4 is the real hard stuff, and could corrupt your sullen sensibilities with just the smallest of tastes.

The Video:
Another thing that Darkko does right is in his control of the visual aspects of Angels of Debauchery 4. The 1.33:1 full screen image is crisp, clean and very professional. Colors are nice and correct (meaning fleshtones are flawless and fresh) and there is a great deal of detail in the image. With always imaginative framing, excellent composition control and a delicate balance between lighting and loving, we end up with a near flawless looking DVD presentation.

The Audio:
Darkko also delivers in the aural attributes, mixing music with sex noise sequences sensationally for this film. Whenever the fucking begins, the drum and bass sounds fade away and we get wonderful, hiss-free ambient erotica. The only drawback is the occasional internal microphone muddle in the soundtrack. But again, this is not something worth sweating over. Besides, no one says anything all that important during the course of Angels of Debauchery 4.

The Extras:
There is good news and bad news when it comes to the added content for this DVD. On the negative end, there are only two main bonus features offered, although there is a cum shot menu, some filmographies and cast lists. On the positive, we get Ms. Malone proving that sucking cock is second nature to her in a Blow Job Featurette. And there is also a 38 minute Behind the Scenes documentary which offers a combination of interview material, Making-Of moments, additional fuck footage and photo shoot scenarios. During the forty, mostly fun filled moments, we get to know Delilah, Eva and Kylie as they run through their hang-ups and dreams, desires and dislikes. We really get to understand these girls, that is, the ones that aren't too wrapped up in themselves and awkwardly insular when questioned. As for the backstage stuff, it's interesting to watch Darkko work with the camera, capturing the action in a very natural, non-obtrusive style. While there should or could have been more supplemental material here, this feature is very good indeed.

Final Thoughts:
A few months ago, the Dirge raved about a Darkko title entitled Boob Bangers. It is still, consistently, one of the best hardcore porn titles he has seen all year. Sadly, Angels of Debauchery 4 cannot match that terrific tit title...but it does come mighty close. All misgivings aside, this DVD will drive your dick or your delicate female sensibilities into fits of "let's fuck" frenzy. On the Disco Dirge Peter Meter, these choice cherubs earn an 8 out of 10, and a very, very high recommendation. You'll definitely get your motion lotion money's worth here. Additionally, couples should find this to be a fun, not too fierce film with caution thrown only to those who feel sex should be sweet sugar plums wrapped in silk stockings and satin sheets. For all others except those wanton wimps, a Cohabitation Certification is easily awarded. As they prove time and time again, Evil Angel can really turn out the erotica when they want to, using their no holds barred bravado in conjunction with a smart consumer confidence to easily walk the tightrope between sexy and scary. Angels of Debauchery 4, though misguided in a couple ways, is still some terrific tantric action. These seraphs will have you praying for more once their DVD dates are over.

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