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Alternative Worldz

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 6/8/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Documentary

Director: Ron Royster

Cast: Sebastien, Memory, Rubberella, Alice In Chainz, Tabby, Oni, Jon and Tabitha Stern, Bonni and Marisa, Glampira, Kandy Kane,

Length: 3 Hrs

Production Date: Adam & Eve, 2004

Extras: Disc 1 -=Feature Film=- -=Chapter Selection=- -=Directory Commentary=- Disc 2 -=Feature Film Continued=- -=Scene Selection=- -=Behind the Scenes, a hodge-podge of footage running 30 minutes=- -=Photo Gallery=- -=Band Bios, information about the individuals and groups who performed the music for the various scenes=- -=Director's Interview=-

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is presented in 2.0 and is strong and clear. The Video of the film is Full Frame Color and on par with other documentaries one would see on television. The feature is film with strong focus and good editing. The interviews, although a tad lengthy, are conducted very well and spliced among footage of the scenes. Music is distinctive for the various scenes.

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Body of Review: A feature length documentary that goes behind the seedy doors of Atlanta's darker sex scene. There's a wide range of people interviewed and allowed to perform, ranging from a hot young girl that paints with her body to an overweight, black woman who performs as a dominatrix. The characters are colorful and the acts seesaw between the bedroom and the circus.

Scene 1: Sebastien

Acts Included:

First up is Sebastien, a heavy set woman with dyed-black hair streaked with pink. In interview style Sebastien discloses that she is a fetish model, preferring PVC and latex. She also tells us her preferences in people and sex, that she has orgasmed 15 times in a row and lends a tidbit of advice to the guys: during anal sex, take it slow. Sebastian then masturbates her fat pussy to the camera using her black, latex gloves and eventually a red dildo. The interview portion is interesting in the sense that it feels authentic; Sebastien comes across as a real person, and not an actress playing a part. Although I didn't 'enjoy' the masturbation scene, the truthfulness of it made it satisfying.

Scene 2: Memory

Acts Included:

Memory is a cute woman, with short black hair and a piercing in her lower lip. She's an artist who enjoys painting people, preferably women. She is kind of sexy with her red sweater and multi-colored scarf. Memory paints in the nude, on large panels against the wall. Although her Q&A is rather boring, watching her work is an interesting and exciting moment. She scoops paint off the floor and spread it along the wall using her hand and her body. Memory is a slim girl with a very nice body, so seeing her body covered in paint is pretty hot. Since she does have a slight Goth edge to her, those that don't like this look may not care for this scene. But I enjoyed watching her nude body get smothered in paint.

Scene 3: She Devil Vixen

Acts Included:

She Devil Vixen is a stunning, thin young girl. She's pretty well covered with tattoos and has electric blueberry hair. Vixen pretends to be a cat in her scene. She wears a black g-string, pink and black leopard printed gloves and pink ears. As she squirms on the floor she bats away her cat toys and occasionally laps from a bowl of milk. Vixen's act is really a strip tease, despite being mostly nude when the scene begins. She pours the milk across her body and rubs her shaved pussy and small breasts. This scene was less exciting for me because it was more performance for the camera than individual satisfaction. But She Devil Vixen is a hot girl and seeing her covered in milk was fun. I just don't quite see the point of her 'act'. She can be visited at: http://www.shedevilvixenxxx.com/

Scene 4: Rubberella

Acts Included:

Rubberella freaks me out a bit, and it's not because she is clad in an all rubber outfit. It's not even that she puts this weird electrical thingy near her breasts--which are magnificently perky and perfect and pierced. I'm creeped out because she reminds me of Anne Coulter in the face. But political associations aside, Rubberella likes to run this electrical thing against her body giving slight shocks to anywhere it touches her skin. This isn't terribly exciting because only once in a while do we get any reaction from her--an occasional yelp or 'ooh.' Seeing the time and patience required to put on a vinyl body suit is pretty interesting. There's some female toe-sucking too. http://rubberella.net/

Scene 5: Alice In Chainz

Acts Included:

Alice in Chainz is a fair looking gal, although it's difficult to tell with all the metal hanging from her. She claims about 20 piercings and has a pretty funky hairdo. I like her attitude, which comes off positive, energetic and real. The interview is a tad long, but followed by a nice striptease. Unfortunately, this creepy dude looks on and from time to time it pulled me away from enjoying the scene. During Alice In Chainz's stripping she pours a liquid from a mysterious vial onto her body and massages it into her skin. She also makes good use of a candle, holding the flame uncomfortably close to her shaved pussy and dripping the wax onto her skin. If you like hot, Goth chicks dripping wax onto their hairless bodies, this is a pretty wicked scene. Just try to ignore the Ozzy wannabe sitting by the bed.

Scene 6: Alice In Chainz and She Devil Vixen

Acts Included:

A shared scene of sorts in which AIC and SDV discuss how they met each other and became good friends. The girls then do a strip tease that is upsettingly separate--different footage spliced together. Alice in Chainz is dressed as an angel in all white--stockings, panties and even wings. And She Devil Vixen plays a devil in black corset and red pitchfork. The stripping is fast paced, set to loud music and high background graphics. It gets better when the two are joined together and do some dildo fondling and nipple sucking. But I would have enjoyed seeing them share a bed together rather than set against a CGI backdrop. Seeing these two lovelies tug at each other's clit rings and eventually share a dual-ended dildo makes the scene enjoyable.

Scene 7: Tabby and Oni

Acts Included:

Tabbi and Oni are fetish performers that will do anything from spanking to dressing you up as a baby. Neither one are really that attractive to me. They are gaunt and thin with deep voices that might make question them if I couldn't visibly see their vaginas during the Q&A. They play with each others bodies in an oversize Jacuzzi doing a lot of prancing around, splashing and grinning real goofy to the camera. Not very exciting until they do a body painting act in black light. This is rather interesting and fun to watch, but again not thrilling.

Scene 8: Jon and Tabitha Stern

Acts Included:

Jon and Tabitha are a couple who believe in some weird connection between metaphysics and sex. I'm not sure what they're talking about, but they seem pretty sure of themselves. They are an average looking pair, your typical tattoo and sex lovers. When they have sex for the camera it's not too amateur, but instead is pretty strong. When Tabitha climbs onto cowgirl her pussy gets wet; I don't think I've seen a gal's cream get so heavy. After a few mixed positions Jon pops onto Tabitha's tummy.

Scene 9: Bonnie and Marisa

Acts Included:

Bonnie and Marisa look like librarians--except for the fishnets and piercings. Their glasses and the way they talk makes them kind of nerdy looking, and when Bonnie talks Marisa gets a peculiar, worried expression on her face. The two are into bondage of various sorts and using whips and clamps to achieve orgasm. Marisa is the cuter of the two, so it is satisfying that she's on the receiving end. She gets her fanny whipped and her nipples clamped while having her pussy stroked. The action here is in the physical sensations and not the revealing. I'm not crazy about this type of eroticism (although I do enjoy watching it), and since I wasn't crazy about these two, the scene didn't work for me on any level.

Scene 10: Glampira

Acts Included:

Glampira is a pinup model and burlesque performer. She is spackled with tattoos and has an attractive face and body. A big girl, Glampira is not fat by any means. There's really not an act here. She merely poses for the camera and talks about her life and job.

Scene 11: Kandy Kane

Acts Included:

Kandy Kane is a larger pale broad with a bad haircut. She's got a white trash look that isn't very attractive and doesn't work very well for her. She's also a hell of a motor mouth, jabbing on about pussy power and religious upbringings. Eventually she jabs a thick, red dong up her pussy and works her plumbing. I think she's a professional dater, taking older men out for escorts. But why she's here is lost in her tireless babbling.

Scene 12: Kandy Kane and Sebastien

Acts Included:

The two less exciting dames of the film decide to munch each others carpets in a scene that is as thrilling as it sounds. Sebastien straps on a dildo and slams away at Kandy Kane. There is some anal toying as Sebastien sticks a clear plug in Kandy's ass. But aside from this, it's merely two overweight women writing around a bed.

Scene 13: Meachi Peachi

Acts Included:

A spiritualist with crazy ass braids in her hair and some insanely strange pillows of every color of the rainbow. She takes us on a tour of her body, highlighting each of her tattoos and telling the story behind them all. Did she just say she has Elf blood running through her veins? This is one strange bird. She also enjoys eating food, savoring their tastes and, essentially, making love them. She squeezes fruit onto her naked body, sucks on oranges and smears strawberries all over her face. If this were someone else, I might be turned on. Meachi seems to get a big kick out of this and as a viewer this is probably the strangest actor of the film.

Scene 14: Sex Magick

Acts Included:

This scene consists of a group who believe the magic of sex can transform and/or cleanse individuals of their evil or bad qualities. They are a colorful bunch who don masks, tattered clothes and sit in a circle playing drums. Ann will be "embodying Scarlett's flaw obsession, the fixation on a single idea until it destroys all vision of anything else." Damon, a Hagrid look-alike, is embodying Greg's vice of ego. Bill believes the universe is a giant orgasm and will embody Greg's virtue of openness. (Greg's rather popular) Scarlet has a Hawaiian Punch Mohawk and enjoys visualizing her partner, Greg, and herself as serpents during sex. The main man himself, Greg, looks like a computer technician and claims: "I'm extremely happy because I'm me." He's also very happy to admit: "I'm full of shit." Hmmm. There are some other members of the group but who really cares about names and introduction when in a few minutes a naked Greg will be creeping around the room with his pierced ding dong dangling between his legs. None of the members are remotely attractive, but this is not the point. Their sexual interest lies in their inner bodies and their minds. So they believe. And so the sex that follows is for their benefit and not the viewers. The hardcore heavy metal music matches the mood and my sentiments to the scene rather perfectly. This is a curious bunch but their actions and beliefs are perhaps too fantastic to find interesting.

By this point in the documentary, Disc 2 might begin to feel more like a burden than an enjoyment. The film is entertaining but for those who are not hardcore fans of the 'darker' sides of sex, the documentary can feel like a really, really long HBO late night special. The colorful individuals we meet in Disc 2 are: Amanda and Kelly; I'm not sure why they're even here. She has a clothing store and they both like to drink. Other than that they just talk. Mark Womack and Paul Dennon; owners and operators of Consumption Junction, a website determined to make you laugh, puke or jerk-off (preferably all three at once). Lady D; a big, black woman who is a dominatrix. She says her 25 years of retail prepared her for this new form of "Customer service." Dolores French; a heavy set redhead who is a prostitute and loves money. Kat and Tiana; Kat is a gal with loads of piercings on her body. Tiana is a piercer whom we watch sew Kat's mouth shut--certainly not for the squeamish. The Vortex; a bar that accepts all kinds of people. Joe Christ; a filmmaker who creates sexploitation films. DollSquad; a cute, tattooed girl dances burlesque style with some girlfriend backups. Stripteases, feathers, boobie tassels, and a blue gorilla. Mister Gregory Blash; A circus performer who sits butt naked on a bed of needles and twists his penis and nuts into a pretzel. His friend also sticks various things up his ass--although we don't see this. He can also stretch his dick to his mouth.

Concluding Words: There's an overwhelming amount of footage here. Running about three hours, the production can feel a bit overwhelming. After a while, it did feel as though I was watching a "Real Sex" marathon (with penetration). But, all throughout I was pleasantly entertained. This documentary is well done and captures the side of sex that is not presented in mainstream culture. There are some great scenes here and interesting characters, but one shouldn't come to this finding much in terms of the erotic. Memory painting the wall with her tight little body was about the only titillating scene for me, and so the rest is sheer entertainment. I enjoyed seeing the various lifestyles, weeding the 'oh my gods' from the 'yeah rights.' Despite my low scene by scene scoring, I have to say the film was fun. I recommend it anyone that enjoys something different. Those with a fondness for the 'dark side' might want this for their collection. Some of the scenes are hit or miss (a few are just boring interviews), but most viewers will find it at least an insightful glimpse at how others view sex. I like films that are different, that take a chance and show the unexpected, so this one comes Recommended.


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