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She Said "Blow Me" 3

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/10/05

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

She Said "Blow Me" 3

Evil Angel

Genre: Oral, Transexual

Director: Nacho Vidal

Cast: Valeria, Ismael, Cinthia Martinelli, Eduardo Meireles, Sabrina, Hector, Hillary Mesquita, Fabio Cesar, Isabella Fiorentino, Daniel, Andreia Mel, Emanuel Bloy, Camila Sampaio, Dami Hoffman, Belly, Rofael, Renata, Gustavo, Aline Estefany, Sasha Heveyn

Length: 138 minutes

Date of Production: 3/21/2005

Extra's: The only extras this time were a cumshot recap, a photogallery and a cast list (along with the coupon for the Fashionistas floor show in Las Vegas and a paper catalog for Evil Angel titles).

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: She Said "Blow Me" 3 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color that it was shot in by director Nacho Vidal for Evil Angel. If you've seen a lot of tranny movies, you'll know they tend to look like shit so the good news is that this one was far above most in the sub-genre in terms of visual quality. It was still weaker than average for most gonzo but fans of this kind of thing can read between the lines and know that they'll like it for all the grain, weak lighting, and visual flaws. It really didn't look bad, but there were moments when a more competent director would've had a field day providing better shot composition and even making the guys look more like women. I didn't see any video noise but there were a number of spots where I saw pixelation and other compression artifacts. The audio was downplayed in that almost all of the talking was done by Nacho in the form of whispers to the cast in some language I'm not familiar with (be it Brazilian or Portuguese but it didn't sound like Spanish) and there were scarcely and moans and groans to appreciate either.

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Body of Review: In all my life, I've never met a guy that didn't like getting a blow job. Whether you refer to it as slobbing a knob, orally pleasuring, licking the cone, or any of the hundreds of names we give this type of sex play (even "not sex" by a former President of the United States), the basic idea is that someone will use their mouth to get you off (hopefully using their tongue, eye contact, and hand to assist); always a good thing, yes? Well, fans of such movies as Feeding Frenzy 6, Feeding Frenzy 3, and even Cum In My Mouth 2 could probably tell you that movies focusing solely on oral loving of a man's dick is a big fetish these days. Fans of this kind of thing don't necessarily need any of the usual poking and boning so long as the guy's get good head. Well, I've heard lesbians say that only another gal knows how to truly satisfy a women so it should come as no small surprise that some guys feel the same (I'm not one of them though). To them, having another man wrap his lips around their penis and inhale deeply and energetically is the pinnacle of sexual ecstasy which is why movies like She Said "Blow Me" 3 have become popular among guys that don't want to come out of the closet just yet, they simply want to come at another man's throat. Like my review of She Said Blow Me 1 and Volume 2 by Brian, this movie has exactly what was advertised on the DVD cover; men with implants or hormones blowing (and being blown by) other men (typically referred to as transsexuals or she-males). If you've enjoyed such past she-male epics as My Girlfriends Cock, Road Trip 6, Dolls With Balls, Road Trip 5, Rogue Adventures 20, She-Male Road Trip 5 and Domination Nation, you'll know that most of them would only fool a regular person under the most extreme of circumstances (heavy clothing, make up, various camera angles and weak lighting) right up until their clothes come off. If you like oral sex on men by men dressed up like women, you're going to really appreciate this one so here's a quick look at the eleven scenes from the movie:

Scene One: Valeria, the guy featured on the front DVD cover wearing the fishnet body stocking, was up first with wimpy Ismael in a room. If I had a bunch of alcohol in me (I'll refrain from my previous "beer scale" since it offended a few thin-skinned readers), I'd probably think he (Valeria) was just a homely gal from the trailer park. Upon closer inspection though, his penis was almost as big as mine and the couple did each other before the loads were rubbed out on the wooden floor.

Scene Two: Cinthia Martinelli, a guy with decent eyes and a girlish ass, was another guy that will probably work for those of you into this kind of thing. I give credit where it's due and while he's still a few hormone shots away from being passable, he was well on his way to the point where somebody will be getting into a situation with him only to find a surprise package waiting for them. Eduardo Meireles, a light haired guy, was his partner and the two followed Nacho's direction although neither of them was particularly gifted sexually or in their package.

Scene Three: Sabrina, a large black guy with terrible looking implants, and Hector, a guy that would look fitting on a Marine recruiting poster, were up next. Sabrina would pass for a gal about as readily as I would although his penis was about half as wide and two inches shorter than mine. Most of the action this time revolved around them jerking each other off.

Scene Four: Hillary Mesquita, the black guy wearing a yellow shirt on the upper left hand corner of the front DVD cover, was up next with partner Fabio Cesar. While Hillary came equipped for the scene with a beer, I'd be as likely to let him blow me as the "other" Hillary (yes, I'm referring to Hillary Clinton). The long hair covering his face and the loose fitting clothes didn't hurt his attempts at cross gender pollenization but he looked even more like a guy than most men on the street.

Scene Five: Isabella Fiorentino, perhaps the best looking guy of the movie in terms of passability, had on a pink dress to cover his curvy physique and large breasts for wimpy Daniel to appreciate. He wasn't a babe by any means but at least he made me feel slightly less guilty about reviewing this movie (that no one else wanted by the way). The sex was mechanical and he reminded me a little of Kari Wurher (the gal from the later seasons of Sliders) but again, fans of men dressed like gals will probably enjoy his performance. I'm kind of surprised he wasn't featured on the front DVD cover since the scene lasted so long but maybe Nacho had a reason.

Scene Six: Andreia Mel, was up next as he sunbathed by a pool outside and Emanuel Bloy came to play with him. He looked nothing like a gal to me although his breasts were nicely tanned and not horribly overdone as some of the others were. Emanuel appeared to be no stranger to a cock in his mouth, giving one of the most energetic blowjobs of the movie but the scene was still weaker than average.

Scene Seven: Camila Sampaio, had a nearly passable face but no breasts and a guy's body as Dami Hoffman did him. The scene was another where the two seemed into one another and as a proponent of pleasure, I have to give them a hand (not my hand mind you) for the way in which they enjoyed each other's company.

Scene Eight: Belly, a guy that started off by walking away from the camera with what appeared to be a very nice ass, ruined the scene by letting the camera film his face (yikes!) and mannish body. Rofael, his partner, seemed to disagree with my assessment as he was stroking away like a crazy man at the thought of getting some action for the guy though. Once they got right down to it though, the energy died down pretty quickly and it became a filler scene.

Scene Nine: Renata, a blonde guy I'm sure I've seen in other movies, was up next, looking all the world like a Britney Spears drag queen impersonator in a pink dress and white leather thong. If anyone would be fooled by this guy, they'd need to get some help (and better glasses) but fans of manly men dressed like a pop star will appreciate his efforts here with Gustavo in the bathroom.

Scene Ten: Aline Estefany, another black guy with alarge, rounded ass and a drag queen thing going on, had a scene with Ismael; this time looking all the world like a younger Jimmie Fallon (the guy from Saturday Night Live and some lame mainstream comedies that I happened to enjoy for some unknown reason). Their cocks were small and the action pretty lame but it was far from the worse scene of the movie.

Scene Eleven: Sasha Heveyn, (pronounced "heaven" I believe), was up next and he was the gal featured on the lower right hand side of the front DVD cover for good reason; he could pass for a gal from behind and even the front if you don't look too closely. Maybe not a great looking gal but like few others in this movie, you take what you can get. In any case, Gustavo returned to action as the couple went through the rubbing, foreplay and oral action in a decent scene to close out the movie.

Summary: She Said "Blow Me" 3 was another Skip It for me but fans of the genre will likely appreciate the amount of oral fuck for the buck the DVD had. I reiterate that if you like seeing guys dressed like women having oral sex with other guys, this will be your holy grail of the month compared to the scores of crap released on the market trying to stiff you of your hard earned money. There were even some guys that could make it as women this time so check it out if you're wanting something new and different to sink your teeth into. While this isn't an "Art" flick (see the adult forums for more information), it will manage to hold you over until that closet door finally pops open.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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