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Hot Property

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/18/05

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Hot Property

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: Feature

Director: Paul Thomas

Cast: Lexie Marie, Tommy Gunn, Venus, Trent Tesoro, Monique Alexander, Makayla Cox, Alexis Malone, Harmony Rose, Piper, Jerry, Devin McKinley
Non-sex role by Paul Thomas

Length: 89 minutes

Date of Production: 12/5/2004

Extra's: The best extra for me was the 12 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that showcased the cast and crew of the movie. It was sometimes frustrating that the music was consistently easier to hear than the vocals but it added some measure of value to the short movie (especially when the camera caught the nose picking action or director Paul Thomas fussing about the "bureaucrats at Vivid"). There were also five scenes of completely unrelated sex with none of the lead performers in them (a new twist for Vivid since they tend to put at least a few scenes in with the lead(s) in them. I know Lexie Marie is new to Vivid but this DVD comes out on the heels of several releases with her in them so I don't see why a couple of them weren't tossed in here for good measure. There was also a few trailers, a couple of photogalleries, a double sided DVD cover, about 5.5 minutes of boring spam the DVD forced me to watch, and a positions room.

Condoms: Yes

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Audio/Video Quality: Hot Property was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by Paul Thomas for Vivid Entertainment. Unlike many of his other recent releases, the movie wasn't overly burdened with a lot of grain and the video noise wasn't too bad either. The flesh tones were accurate but the composition of the shots often left much to be desired and boom mikes made more than a few appearances in the feature. In general, it was an okay movie considering it looked low budget and was shot in a day. There were no compression artifacts this time but the lighting could've used some work too. The stereo audio was about as basic as you could imagine with preferential treatment given to the music rather than the vocals (surprising considering the boom microphone issue) but this wasn't much different than most of Paul's other movies for Vivid.

Body of Review: Paul Thomas Anderson is well known in porn circles as the lead director for Vivid Entertainment, typically garnering the company various awards for a movie or two a year that he makes in between the assembly line porn titles he gets to make. While I'm not one to throw stones, his works of late have been kind of boring for the most part, lacking the kind of creative drive he had several years ago. Given a proper budget and resources (primarily time and top talent), he can make a decent porno but his latest, Hot Property, was not one of them. The movie was a showcase for the lovely Lexie Marie, playing a homeless gal trying to survive in the mean streets of the big city. She finds herself in a situation where she stays at a house for sale, at the whim of a wimpy guy so accurately played by Trent Tesoro. There really wasn't a plot or story beyond that so if you're a fan of the cast, read on to see if the DVD was enough for you to enjoy, noting that condoms were used throughout the scenes:

Scene One: Lexie Mobile Masturbation: Lexie Marie, feeling quite "horny" as she rode in the back of the vehicle Tommy was driving, started off the show with a very brief (too brief) bit of masturbation. This led to the couple finding a spot to have the first "real" scene as described below.

Scene Two: Lexie & Tommy's Industrial Incident: Lexie Marie, the hotty featured on the front DVD cover, was now warmed up to engage in a full scene with muscular Tommy Gunn inside a building. Her blowjob was very short but it looked pretty good and he returned the favor as she spread herself against a brick wall. After getting her suitably wet, he started boning her pretty pussy in a few acrobatic positions before rubbing out a load onto her lovely ass. It had some energy but I didn't feel any chemistry between the two this time so those unwilling to settle for the sheer mechanical sex drive these two displayed should pass it up.

Scene Three: Venus' Pussy Trap: Venus, a gal with a lean figure and long brown hair, was up next as she energetically jumped on dorky Trent Tesoro; pushing him onto a bed. Her oral was more skilled than Lexie's but she also had a lot less to gag on too. He went down on her as well and the two boned throughout the bedroom, including on a treadmill for you fitness buffs, while Lexie masturbated behind the door. There was more chemistry in this pairing but I think that came strictly out of Venus' performing ability. Otherwise, the scene wasn't bad and showed director Paul Thomas hasn't completely lost his touch.

Scene Four: Monique's Loft Lesbian: Monique Alexander, a hot blonde with small, all natural breasts, and brunette Makayla Cox, were up next in a lesbian tryst in a small loft. The two did the usual licking and fingering with some nice dildo play to boot. Fans of technical anal sex (using toys that is) will appreciate how well Makayla took the toys in her ass and the scene was slightly warmer than I thought it would be.

Scene Five: Lexie's Table Dance: Lexie Marie, still looking good, Venus, looking a bit less attractive this time, and Trent Tesoro, looking like he always does, were up next after Venus and Trent warmed up in the bedroom. Lexie was brought in to enjoy the trio and all three of them had some heated fun in a better scene than they had previously in the movie. I would've appreciated it more if Venus wasn't a bystander part way through the scene but the chemistry between Trent and Lexie was pretty good; as was the energy. It ended when he blew his load on Lexie's breasts.

Scene Six: The Orgy Scene: Alexis Malone, Harmony Rose, Makayla Cox, Piper, Jerry, and Devin McKinley were up next in the orgy scene (actually, Piper didn't appear to be here as credited) in the living room. The oral was the best part of the action although the vaginal riding wasn't bad either. The pop shots were never near the faces of the gals and the general energy levels were okay if unexceptional. Maybe if there had been better direction or editing, it might've looked better but it was so mundane compared to a great many other orgy scenes that it left me cold. I know that successfully directing an orgy requires better than average skill but Paul has done so in the past, making this a bit of a let down.

Summary: Hot Property was actually anything but a "hot property" but fans of the cast, particularly Lexie Marie, will find it worthy of a Rent It rating. She has a long way to go before challenging other noted Vivid contract thespians but she held her own (especially in the first scene) and no one expects a winner every time a movie is made (especially on such a tiny budget). The technical values were a mixed bag too so as long as you aren't expecting a whole lot, the movie is worth a look.

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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