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Neo Pornographia 2

Studio: Ninn Worx » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 6/20/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

The cover art for Michael Ninn's Neo Pornographia 2 The Secret Tapes Of Michael Ninn give you a pretty good idea of what you're in for with this two disc special edition from Ninn Worx/Pure Play. The image is shot in some very pretty soft light using some filters to enhance the natural tone of the two girls and some shadows to match the subtle cures of their bodies. After, or more likely before, you notice that your eyes will be drawn to the fact that what's happening on the cover is that one of the starlets of the film is having her asshole filled with a giant red dildo. Look closer and you'll notice a shadowy male figure watching in the background. The back cover copy states that the film is 'where hardcore noir engulfs the most intense adult performers' and I can't honestly argue that. Here's how this rather experimental and truly unusual porno film plays out:

Chapter 1 Nikki Hunter, Arianna Jollee, Scott Nails, Alex Sanders:

As the new wave classical music plays overtop of the slowly moving camera we find the lovely Arianna Jollee standing in a dark and shadowy room with Nikki Hunter acting as the mistress of ceremonies standing a little closer to the edge of the widescreen frame. The room the two girls are in is more akin to a basement dungeon or maybe an underground cave of some sort, it's not your typical porno set. Nikki calls Arianna a whore and verbally abuses her for a few minutes to set the tone of the scene, and things start to get a little intense.

Once Nikki's set things up, Arianna starts masturbating, Nikki guiding her hands over her body and continuing with the verbal insults and put downs. Nikki mandates that Arianna keep fingering herself until she orgasms at which point she ejaculates and Nikki grabs Arianna's hand and crams it into her mouth and down her throat, forcing her to gag on her own cum, the insults continue all the while.

After Arianna and Nikki argue, Scott and Alex walk into the room and as the foreplay starts, one of the guys slaps Arianna in the face. She flips out on him and starts screaming at him and when he responds in kind, she walks off in anger. Some words are exchanged, Ninn is acknowledged directly by the performers, and if this is fake then these guys are giving Oscar worth performances. Seriously. This is a real boner killer but you can't dispute the intensity of it and it does nicely build up to the rest of the scene which cuts back to Arianna sucking dick. After she gags on Scott's dick for a while, he fucks her cowgirl style and then anally. Nikki is taking care of Alex while all of this is going on, again going at her partner with some creative verbal insults. Soon Alex moves over to Arianna who takes both cocks at the same time while Nikki encourages them to go at her harder and harder. She takes both boys anally and then ejaculates on the two men, after which she laps up her own juice as Nikki continues to degrade her. She takes a double facial from her two partners and, as you'd expect by this point, Nikki makes her clean it all up with her tongue.

Chapter 2 Nikki Hunter, Alicia Rhodes, Marco, Hillary Scott:

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Nikki starts things off by orchestrating a sex scene between Alicia and Hillary. Alicia enters first and after Nikki fondles her tits for a while and throws a few insults at her (on a considerably more tame scale than the first scene), Hillary walks into the room for more of the same and Nikki talks her into slapping herself on her tits and slapping herself on her cunt.

Nikki makes the two girls strip down and fuck in front of her to prove which one of the two girls is the biggest whore of them all. Kissing leads to some rougher foreplay as the girls slap one another a few times in the face before Marco enters the room and the two girls team up on his cock with a double blowjob. Nikki cheers him on as he goes at the two blonde bombshells, her commands becoming more like shrieks as the sex intensifies once Marco enters Hillary's ass. After he takes her anally, he moves into Alicia's pussy, Nikki continuing with the orders.

He continues to pound Alicia's pussy for a while and then gives it to her in the ass for a bit too. Once he's worked up, he pulls out and shoots all over the two girls' faces as Nikki orders them to clean each other off to finish the scene.

Chapter 3 Nikki Hunter, Jayna Osa, Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes:

The final original scene in this set starts off the second disc with Jayna playing submissive to Nikki's once again dominant personality. This one follows the same formula as the first two scenes Nikki gets her in front of her and knocks her down a few pegs with the insults and filthy dirty talk before the sex starts up.

Nikki gets Jayna buck-naked and orders her to finger herself and slap herself around her pussy as she looks on with a devilish gleam in her pretty blue eyes. The two male performers come into the frame, Nikki joins in on the fun by eating Jayna out and then fucking her ass with a dildo to get her warmed up for the boys.

Jayne takes the two guys in a double penetration scene pretty quickly after giving them each some head and taking them vaginally one at a time to start things off. The two guys decide to give her a double anal and she takes them both inside her ass at the same time, grunting and sweating like she means it in what has to be a really uncomfortable scene for her. The two guys pull out and shoot on her face at the same time and after Nikki tells her to clean herself off, Jayna lights up a smoke and cools down, ending the feature.



Shot in 1.85.1 anamorphic widescreen, this transfer is a mixed bag. Ninn's cinematography makes excellent use of the shadowy interiors and there are obviously some lighting gels being used to cast some color onto the set from off camera. This makes for some pretty interesting compositions, the kind you don't expect to see in pornography. The problems with the image lie in the source material in that because it was shot on digital video, there's a fair amount of compression evident on the image and sometimes when the action starts to move a little faster, you'll notice some blurring if you're watching on a larger set. Skin tones look nice and lifelike, however, and there aren't any issues with print damage.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 sound mix is perfectly sufficient and noticeably better than your average porn movie. The classical score mixes in with the more modern background music composed for the film and, when played out overtop of the rather sadistic and taunting dialogue, it makes for an experience that borders on the surreal. Everyone who speaks can be hard cleanly and clearly and there aren't any problems with hiss or distortion on this set at all.


On the second disc, you're treated to a special 'one hour edit of Neo 1: The Secret Tapes Of Michael Ninn. What this is, essentially, is an edited down version of Neo Pornographia 1 and it makes for an excellent companion piece to the feature presentation contained in this set. The two films are made in a similar way and follow similar patterns in their layout (one has to wonder, given that there wasn't much time between the two releases, if they were shot back to back). Audrey Hollander starts things off with a masturbation scene, shot in glorious black and white. Once she gets warmed up, however, the film switches over to color and she replaces her fingers with a dildo. Two men enter the room and with Nikki Hunter once again urging them to give it to her, they double team her and she gets DP'd for a lengthy scene that ends with her cleaning the dildo off with her mouth. From here the film moves on to Melissa Lauren and, as Nikki talks to her from the side of the frame, she masturbates on top of the couch. Sandra Romain enters the room and she and Melissa start going at it. Sandra soon busts out a dildo and after warming Melissa up with it, sticks it into her ass, and once she's done that, she gives Melissa a partial anal fisting (not a full fisting but she does get a few fingers in there pretty far). Once the lesbian scene finishes, Julie Night shows up, her hair dyed black, as do three anonymous men. Julie warms the three boys up before the actual sex starts, and once it does, she takes them in a few rather unorthodox ways (double blow job, double anal penetration) before they shower her with cum, at which point Nikki makes her way back into the frame with a spoon to feed the spunk to Julie, closing off the film. Not quite as extreme in the verbal abuse department as Neo Pornographia 2 (at least judging by this cut of it), this is still on the extreme end of the spectrum in terms of content, but again, we've got Ninn's trademark aesthetic to enjoy as well as the lovely ladies, and it makes for a unique experience.

Also included on the second DVD is a generous still gallery featuring plenty of pictures of the girls from Neo Pornographia 2 in action.

Final Thoughts:

Michael Ninn's Neo Pornographia Volume 2 pushes the limits of what pornography is and should be all about. The sex is rough and at times quite violent but it's all shot in such an avant-garde style and with such artistic flair that the end result is a bit of an enigma. This is one of those rare XXX productions that manage to be erotic, beautiful and repulsive all at the same time and it does make for a pretty intense and interesting watch if you're okay with the more extreme side of the content. I can't honestly recommend this one for the masturbatory masses but for those with more adventurous tastes in porno, it doesn't come any cooler than this one. Highly recommended (but don't say that you weren't warned).

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