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Educating Jenna

Studio: Jill Kelly Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/25/05

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Educating Jenna

Jill Kelly Productions

Genre: Lesbian

Director: Jill Kelly

Cast: Jenna Haze, Katie Gold, Cindy Crawford, Shelly Jones, Nikki Benz, Celeste Star, Harley Monroe, Kayla Paige

Length: 72 minutes

Date of Production: 1/16/2005

Extra's: The best extra by far was the inclusion of a 11 minute Behind the Scenes feature by Kyle Kelly that showed the performers in action as well as an all male crew (with no Jill Kelly to be seen) directing them. It wasn't the best BTS feature I've seen this week but it added some value to the DVD. There were also trailers and three photogalleries but I didn't care about them.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Educating Jenna was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by an uncredited male director for Jill Kelly Productions. The lighting was off, the colors muted, and the crew far too intrusive in the scenes (you could hear and see them too often) to get good grades. Perhaps someone should make a movie titled Educating A Porn Crew since this one smacked of a quickie in most ways. The focus was off too but at least I didn't see any compression artifacts. The stereo audio was another area of contention for me since the vocals were hollow, the crew too readily heard in the background, and no music to kill the humming in the scenes. I could list at least a dozen more flaws here but these will suffice as a representative sample of what went wrong on the technical side of the movie.

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Body of Review: Lesbian porn, usually "lipstick" lesbian porn, has been making a resurgence in recent years due in large part to performers that don't want to work with men (typically because their suitcase pimp boyfriend hates the idea as much as anything else). Take Jenna Haze for example; a gal that was one of the top gonzo acts until she signed a contract with Jill Kelly Productions. She was in high demand for all the circus act sex tricks she did and few would dispute her draw power on a cover. Since becoming a lesbian act though, a great many fans have considered her "out of porn" in their eyes since her work at the company was boring to them (I don't feel quite as strongly about it but see their point nonetheless) although I'd point out that some such porn in this area has been very heated; like WTBA 16, Big Toys No Boys, The Girlz Will Play, Girl Crazy , My Ass Is Haunted, The Connasseur, and Evil Pink. Regardless, before the apparent collapse of JKP this past week, the company made a lot of titles that'll look good in compilations by whomever buys them and one place to avoid gathering some scenes will be in the company's latest release, Educating Jenna, a series of vignettes where overly made up gals did one another in simplistic settings. Here's a look at the scenes for those still interested:

Scene One: Jenna Haze, the skinny contract performer on the front DVD cover, and bleach blonde Katie Gold, were up first on a couch in the first lesbian scene of the bunch. The gals were taking a break from studying on a couch when they decided they needed something to take their stress levels down a bit. For the most part, this always leads to sex in a porno. The gals spent more time than average rubbing one another but they also licked and used toys in a somewhat mechanical manner. It wasn't a bad scene if you could stand the fake moaning but as the BTS feature showed, they turned on and off like switches, proving limited heat and chemistry with one another.

Scene Two: Cindy Crawford, the bleach blonde wearing a pink dress and having proven herself to be a "bad" girl, was up next on the receiving end of a spanking by the curvy Shelly Jones at a business desk. Okay, I didn't mind their paunches (a bit of cushioning on a gal isn't a bad thing guys) but the sexual activity came off as forced to me for the entire scene. Most of the time, weak scenes will show at least a glimmer of heat but this one was devoid as the gals looked like they were watching the clock. It had more oral than the last scene, less toys, and more fingering but neither gal was as good as their potential has shown in the past.

Scene Three: Jenna Haze, complaining about being in trouble while writing at a desk, soon found implant queen Nikki Benz, exploring her folds and spanking her tight ass. Okay, this time, the gals seemed to be enjoying each other a bit more and that helped me stay awake when reviewing it since boring lesbian scenes aren't my cup of tea. The contrast between the all natural Jenna and the overly made up, implanted Nikki gave some measure of contrast so that when they worked together, it wasn't a bad time. There was licking and fingering with some toy action to boot. It was far from either of their best work but it was pretty solid compared to the other scenes here.

Scene Four: Celeste Star, a slightly curvier version of partner Jenna Haze, was Jenna's model as she posed on a drop cloth-covered table. She was an Amazon compared to Jenna though Jenna was the aggressor here and the two followed the formula with rubbing, fingering, licking and toys employed to get off with. This scene was another weaker one with a few inspired moments, making it just better than a snoozer.

Scene Five: Harley Monroe and Kayla Paige, a couple of brunette gals looking to be in their 20's, were up next in a bathroom scene. While I didn't hear the direction of the male like I did in a couple of the earlier scenes (not as much at least; they got pretty loud before the vibrator scene), I believe I saw them in the mirror at least a few times. The gals seemed to be going through the motions in a mechanical manner for most of the scene, following the set formula but at least smiling in a convincing manner. Like the other scenes, I didn't believe for a second that either of the gals orgasmed and that limited the value of the scene a lot.

Summary: Educating Jenna was a movie that really served best as a bad example of both lipstick lesbian porn and the decline of the lovely Jenna Haze as a contract star. I know her contract ran out several months ago and with JKP on the rocks, maybe she'll return to her roots or at least work with people she wants to work with (and not have to provide fringe benefits to the grumpy old boss). None of the gals were completely unattractive but their lack of heat, energy, and chemistry combined with limited extras and weak production values forced this one into the Skip It category. JKP managed to make some pretty fair porn at times but this was one of their weaker efforts to say the least.

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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