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Double Parked 12

Studio: DVSX » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/27/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Double Parked 12: Parking In The Rear


Genre: Gonzo

Director: Karl Kinkaid (KK)

Cast: Jada Fire, Joel Lawrence, Sascha, Ellen Saint, Dennis, Kid Jamaica, Myra, Dillion Day, George Uhl, Melissa Black, Jazz Duro, JJ, Trinity, Nick Manning, Joe Monti, Tera Joy

Length: 122.5 minutes

Date of Production: 2/20/2005

Extra's: My favorite extra was the inclusion of a series of solo masturbation sequences by the female cast. While they only lasted from about 1.5 minutes to a little over 2 minutes each, it's a good extra that I hope they expand upon in the future. There was also a 4.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that included a little extra sex but was also too short to really get into. The other extras included a double sided DVD cover (one side was advertising only), some trailers, a pop shot compilation from the scenes, and a photogallery.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Double Parked 12: Parking In The Rear was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Karl Kinkaid for DVSX. The lighting was a bit low, adding some grain to the scenes, and the composition of the camera shots not always optimal for making the gals look their best but it was pretty solid in most other ways. I saw no compression artifacts or video noise so the visuals were a bit above average for the most part here. The stereo audio was pretty basic with little separation between the channels, limited dynamic range and not much worth mentioning.

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Body of Review: DVSX remains largely a mystery for me since I've seen few of their best titles and haven't been able to peg them as anything more than a generic producer of porn in large part. The issue for me has largely been one of differentiating the company from the other gonzo producers on the market even though I've seen flashes of brilliance creep into several of their past DVDs I reviewed. A couple of friends that have seen more of their work tell me that I've just not yet been privy to the best DVSX has to offer so maybe I'll see what they mean some day soon. Today's review is on the latest in their double penetration series, Double Parked 12: Parking In The Rear, a set of six scenes that all had DPs as one of the main sex acts. The action was all bareback so fans of condoms need not apply but here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and action for those of you still interested to see how it may have differed from the last volume I reviewed, Double Parked 8:

Scene One: Jada Fire, the black gal with huge breasts seen on the far right hand side of the front DVD cover, was up first as she established the formula of the action before taking on both Joel Lawrence and Sascha on a couch. There was a bit of tease footage before they entered the room for her to suck off, after which they took turns impaling with their shafts. The vaginal alone wasn't enough for them so she took some anal with a DP as advertised. Her dirty talk was warmish but they did most of the work, limiting the appeal of the scene for me. While there was some taste testing, it wasn't all that and the scene finished up with the usual facial. For me, the scene had limited, if any, chemistry and energy, but less discerning fans of hers will probably enjoy it nonetheless.

Scene Two: Ellen Saint, the gorgeous blonde with blue eyes seen on the lower left hand side of the front DVD cover, was up next as she followed the formula perfectly before bumping uglies with Dennis and Kid Jamaica. Her lingerie made her look all the more appealing but she could've worn a burlap sack and it would've worked for me. Her thick ass and winning smile said it all about how much she liked her partners as they kissed and rubbed her the right way to warm her up. She then gave them some oral pleasure and took them in both her holes with a lot of energy missing from the last scene. Fans of PTM and ATM (pussy to mouth and ass to mouth) will likely appreciate that she gave up her oral as readily as her ass during the DP although she lost a few points for lacking in the dirty talk department. It ended with the double facial and I hope to see more of her in the future.

Scene Three: Myra, one of the two gals not shown on the front DVD cover was up next as she teased her way into the crotch of thousands of viewers in her pink & black outfit with an all natural body before doing Dillion Day and George Uhl. Myra seemed too serious (per the director) and I'll admit I'd have liked seeing her smile more too but her ass was pretty nice even if she was on the thin side. The guys played with her to stretch her wide open and she gave it up just as readily as the others with her mouth, pussy, and ass seeing a lot of action. Dillion seemed to be the most sexually aggressive of the trio but she wasn't completely limp when taking them on either so I suppose it's safe to say that she earned her fee here. She gave some nice energy as she pumped up and down on the men, gave the PTM and ATM, and otherwise provided some visual thrills. I expected less when first seeing her but she came through nicely in the scene, even appreciating the facials at the end with her open mouth.

Scene Four: Melissa Black, the skinny bleach blonde seen on the upper left hand side of the front DVD cover, wasn't my favorite performer of the movie due to her ass zit(s) and skinny body but she had a friendly demeanor that would work well in a bordello outside of Prague. Her partners were the irrepressible Jazz Duro and JJ, who seemed to like her look more than I did the way they hammered her pussy and ass after getting some knob slobbing from her. She had some decent energy but something about her simply didn't quite work for me and that's probably why I didn't like the scene all that much but it fit the pattern and I wouldn't have turned her down if she bought me a drink at a bar.

Scene Five: Trinity, the lead gal as featured dead center of the front DVD cover with her brunette hair, lovely curves, and hot cut off shorts that covered her ample ass. Her partners were Nick Manning and Joe Monti; a couple of okay guys when they shut their mouths (that'd be Nick's worst problem). She got goose bumps as they rubbed her (a good sign friends) and while I didn't like her implants, her sexual skill was tied for first place in several of the acts required of the show's formula. Nick even ate her out as she engulfed Joe's rod but her oral skills weren't even her focal point so it got better as the scene progressed. My biggest complaint about the scene was how much talking Nick did and how little Trinity did but again, she handled them in both holes very nicely with tremendous energy while showing some solid chemistry. The DP went well and the ending pop shots seemed larger than life (maybe they hadn't been working much but I wanted to believe it was the manner in which she milked out their loads). Whew!

Scene Six: Tera Joy, the other gal not blessing the front DVD cover, was a bit of a skinny brunette in a pink slip with a slightly tired face that eventually took care of George Uhl and Dennis, the two guys in the most scenes here. I didn't think she understood a word the director said as he told her what was about to happen but her all natural body appealed to part of me (even while I recognized she needed to gain a few pounds). The action followed the formula with oral, vaginal, anal and a DP with some taste testing and the ending pop shots to her face. Her energy levels weren't actually impressive but she seemed to share some chemistry with the guys that went beyond a paycheck (not for the entire scene though) so that evened out her blemished ass and lack of oral skills. In all, it was an okay scene.

Summary: Double Parked 12: Parking In The Rear was one of those releases that had me on the fence since it had exactly what was advertised, a cast of mostly attractive women, and some heated sexual play between trios that enjoyed what they did but it also had a bit of an uneven mix of people and energy to limit the replay value somewhat. I erred on the side of generosity and rated it as Recommended but your own tastes will dictate how solid a movie this will be for you so you might want to rent it first to find out unless you're a big fan of the cast. It was better than the last volume I saw in the series but I'm led to believe that this is far from the best work DVSX has to offer so I'll continue my search for those elusive titles worthy of a better rating.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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