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Love Letters

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/28/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Savanna's Love Letters

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: Feature

Director: Red Ezra

Cast: Savanna Samson, Marco Duato, Trinity, Alex Sanders, Monique Alexander, Sarah Blake, Kris Slater, Rick Patrick

Length: 121 minutes

Date of Production: 1/20/2005

Extra's: My personal favorite extra was the nearly 13 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Hot Rod Hank and Gunter Stone. It was made for the movie so it gets extra points with the cast and crew getting some decent screen time with extra sex footage for you perverts out there. The five bonus scenes from other Vivid releases ALL had Savanna Samson in them (a very pleasant surprise I might add) with many of them very interesting to watch. The other extras were the standardized trailers, double photogalleries, short biography of Savanna Samson, positions room, double sided DVD cover and forced commercials for phone sex hot lines.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Savanna's Love Letters was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Red Ezra for Vivid Entertainment. While not his best work to date, it showed a lot of promise for Vivid in terms of improving the visual aspects of their movies. There were still lighting issues and the resulting grain but at least it was done in conjunction with the story and not just due to a rushed shooting schedule as some of their other directors (past and present) have been known for. The colors were accurate, the composition of the shots enhanced the look of the entire cast, and there were no compression artifacts to be found. The stereo audio was pretty basic but the movie showed some promise there as well by going against the grain (pun intended) and dropping the loudly droning music track that Vivid has long annoyed me with.

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Body of Review: One of my favorite director's of behind the scenes features in days gone by was the talented and creative Red Ezra. Whether he was lucky or just persistent enough to get a lot of footage and edit down to instill the essence of a movie (showing the cast at their best), he always rose above the usual "toss stuff together and hope they like it" that so many of his peers seem to do. Well, aside from directing a handful of movies in the last few years, he's been assisting other directors at a variety of companies and now he's been given a chance to make his 1st production for Vivid, a little feature called Savanna's Love Letters; a feature starring the beautiful Savanna Samson as a harried executive looking to her past via a series of letters from former trysts. If you like Savanna's look and sexual skill, you'll be pleased to note that Red seems to "one up" former Vivid director David Stanley (the guy who seemed to make all of her previous movies) with his very first shot. Here's a look at the movie's scenes for those of you still interested:

Scene One: Motel Memory: Savanna Samson, dressed in some sexy see through lingerie, hooked up with studly Marco Duato in a low rent motel room on the bed. I liked the manner in which they slowly kissed and had foreplay before jumping in bed, showing some chemistry with a more realistic approach to the sex than is usual for a Vivid feature. Those of you that actual watch porn will notice the difference almost immediately since it wasn't just about the formulaic oral and vaginal sex here (they kept at each other with some nice passion throughout the scene). She seemed turned on and even fingered her own ass as she rode him in several positions. It was well done enough that I didn't complain about the lighting causing grain, although this was true to a point, and I suppose it would've been cool to see him put on his condom for best effect. Regardless, right up to the pop shot on her lovely ass cheeks at the end and the finishing kisses, I enjoyed the scene.

Scene Two: Use It Or Lose It: Trinity, a lean brunette with an aggressive sex drive, took on studly Alex Sanders at the desk of his storage facility, as she let her short skirt ride up her ass when kneeling on the floor. She seemed lost in the moment as she sucked him off, maintaining eye contact, using her hand, and otherwise focusing on the task at hand. He reciprocated and she climbed on the desk to get the hot, hard one from him in several positions. While not as solid a scene as the last one, she looked better here than in most of her previous work and her anal action appeared to be especially well done (they had to move to the couch to do it though). He popped in her mouth and she let it fall down her face and body.

Scene Three: Backstage With Monique: Monique Alexander, the newest contract gal at Vivid, and established professional Savanna Samson, were up next in a lesbian scene that took place in a dressing room where they rubbed lotion on one another while wearing frilly (and skimpy) outfits. It's always interesting to see the old guard meet the up and coming stars to see who works best and this scene was no exception. The theme of foreplay and slowly seductive moves came back in earnest here (like the first scene) with Savanna showing she was still the best of the two in terms of action. That's not to say that Monique was a slouch but Savanna's sheer energy and determination made her shine by comparison so I hope Vivid isn't thinking of replacing he just yet (she still has a long way to go before being obsolete). Oral, rubbing, teasing and toy play were all represented here in this warm lesbian scene.

Scene Four: Harmony At Home: Sarah Blake, a lean little cutie that I've admired in the past, was up next as she cooked dinner by the stove while Kris Slater wanted to get a little desert. His oral attention to her ass stoked the fire deeply enough that the cooking went on the back burner and the two seemed ready for the seductive scene that followed. Her oral skills have not yet reached their peak but she gave it the old college try before riding him vaginally with a lot of energy to make up for it. Some of the camera angles were especially flattering to her form and it ended with her sucking him off (PTM) for the cooking sauce she so craved.

Scene Five: So Lonely: Savanna Samson, this time all alone in a large bathtub, jilled herself silly with her fingers and toys with the bubble bath all sticking to her lovely long legs. I'm not typically a big fan of solo scenes unless they're part of the bigger picture but the writer (also Red Ezra) pulled it off well enough to make it work here. The combination of the candlelight and action made for some seductive fun although a few of the camera angles were slightly choppy.

Scene Six: A Visit From Brad: Savanna Samson, wearing her bathrobe having come out of the bathtub, answered the door to meet tall Rick Patrick, her coworker that had been trying to get in her pants for months. She decided to skip the dinner and movie in favor of some heated bedroom action, showing once again that she could pull off a seductive style scene in a manner that had lots of replay value, especially for couples. They went to bed and he went down on her first, with her showing some appreciation by servicing his needs afterwards. Whether she was acting or if she really had fun, the appearance of the matter was that she got off at least once during the scene, taking the facial at the end of the scene. The playful touches they shared during the scene made it rise above the usual churn them out approach, a factor most of the scenes shared to some degree.

Summary: Savanna's Love Letters was well worth a rating of Recommended to me and would probably be even more appreciated by those of you who have been looking for a great showcase of Savanna Samson scenes (she was in so many of them here). She looked fabulous and part of the credit goes to the crew behind the movie magic employed here but only part mind you. The cast was good in their roles, the minimal story allowed them to do what they do best with little interference, and there were no silly tragic moments like a former director for Vivid seemed to like throwing in. The bonus scenes added to the fun and if made exclusively for this DVD, would have propelled the rating up at least another notch since they all had the lovely Savanna Samson in them. In all, this was a well crafted movie by Red Ezra and crew; I can only imagine how much better it would have been if he had been given more time and money to spend making it better.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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