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Feeding Frenzy 7

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/30/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feeding Frenzy 7: Director's Cut

Evil Angel

Genre: Oral Gonzo

Director: Jules Jordan

Cast: Nikki Hunter, Hillary Scott, Tori/Tori Lane, Katsumi, Staci Thorn, Dillan Lauren, Trina Michaels, Julea London, Leah Luv, Erin Moore, Holly Wellin, numerous anonymous sperm donors such as Scotty Lyons and Mr. Pete

Length: 221 minutes

Date of Production: 4/24/2005

Extra's: With two discs of heated sexual material, you'd be hard pressed to find anything so fulfilling as this set if you like hardcore, oral action. The best extra by far was the inclusion of 21 minutes of bonus footage, some of it being outtakes, a few bloopers, commentary by the gals or additional sexual antics. In short, given the length of the show, this was a great bit of extra footage. There was also a photogallery, cast list, a few filmographies, a Jules Jordan biography, and nine trailers to shows such as Perfect Specimens 2, Dark Side, Flesh Hunter 8, Once You Go Black 4, Flesh Hunter 7, Feeding Frenzy 6, Ass Worship, other Jules Jordan trailers and a couple of cumshot recaps.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Feeding Frenzy 7: Director's Cut was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color that director Jules Jordan shot it in for Evil Angel. The lighting wasn't as solid as Feeding Frenzy 6, and this caused some minor grain issues to pop up at times, especially when the guys crowded their partners, but it was still pretty good looking in that sense with accurate fleshtones and focus the norm. There were no compression artifacts that I saw and any video noise was strictly occasional in terms of frequency but considering the heat of the oral interactions of the scenes, few of you will notice the minor flaws here. The audio was your basic stereo English with minimal separation and dynamic range but it was good enough that you could hear what was said in most cases.

Body of Review: By now, most of the porn world has heard the name of Jules Jordan, a director at Evil Angel that often sweeps award shows for his perverted glimpses into his twisted mind. While I wasn't one of his fans originally, he has come a long way in his directorial efforts and the resulting quality of his work has since won me over. In general, his strength is not in providing a crystal clear picture so much as conveying heated performances to the audience; using fetish outfits, limited dialogue, and scenarios ripped from the back of his mind that routinely work wonders for the libido of porn aficionados everywhere. Is it any wonder then that the guy often sells more copies of his work than his coworkers at Evil Angel? Regardless, today's review is for Feeding Frenzy 7: Director's Cut, a double disc set of scenes that all revolved around hot looking female performers who orally assaulted numerous men, swallowing their loads by the end of the action. Each gal did a good performance here with some of them off the charts in terms of heat and energy. If you like oral only gonzo, this one will likely cause you to launch a number of loads yourself, much like the last in the series, Feeding Frenzy 6. If this is the type of thing you appreciate, I can tell you right now that it's on my short list for top oral porno of the year, even though it had some solid competition. Here's a breakdown of the scenes, noting that the men weren't credited, no condoms were used, and even the weakest scene managed to provide some heat:

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Scene One: Nikki Hunter, located on the upper top middle (twelve o'clock high) on the front DVD cover, wore a top hat and tails with a cane that showed off her lovely curves to begin the scene. Her goal was to show off her disappearing act up stairs with the horde of men; essentially, making billions of sperm cells disappear from their cocks. Her five partners were more than willing to see what she could do in this regard, a trick she applied a lot of energy and flair to. The standard encircling of the gal was the general form of the scene although they also lined up at one point to give her their loads as she sucked, jerked, and licked in order to get her standing ovation (her words, not mine). She finished by swallowing her handiwork and licking any loose soldiers that went on the furniture. Wow! Nice way to start the show!

Scene Two: Hillary Scott, the bleached blonde located at nine o'clock high on the front DVD cover, was up next as she walked in to become Jules' assistant in her professional attire. His six male pals seemed to like what they saw, especially since a gal flaked on the shoot, so she became the replacement when they walked inside. The guys took over (I know it was just part of the set up) and stripped her down a little bit, after which she took over orally. Her deep throating technique wasn't as skillful as Nikki but she kept a smile on her face as she went from cock to cock, spreading joy to the world. They moved about the house and eventually she jerked them off into a martini glass so she could collect her winnings in this oral game of love. She didn't look all that fresh once she was through but she swallowed down the loads fairly easily.

Scene Three: Tory Lane, the brunette located on the front DVD cover at about 3 o'clock high, was another nice chapter in this plethora of pussy as she teased Jules in her purple and black PVC outfit that were skin tight. The guys did their thing by surrounding her and she responded well to their cocks, giving energetic head to one and all. She also gave a titty fuck and let them play with her ass a bit (slowly kneeling when it became apparent that they were going to start penetrating it if she didn't take action) and eventually drained them dry too; swallowing the proceeds of their donations one at a time.

Scene Four: Katsumi, the Asian delight, was up next in a sheer outfit and black thong that accentuated her curvy figure nicely. She's located on the front DVD cover in the upper right hand corner at 1 o'clock high for those who have been living under a rock for the last several years. In any case, she claimed to want some large American cocks so Jules did the best he could (most of the guys looked foreign bred to me and Scotty will never be accused of being "large" by anyone other than a midget) and offered her a bunch of guys seen throughout the show. She initially spent less time with each guy, moving around from cock to cock to get them hard, before spending enough time to begin really working them over. As always, she used hands, tongue, eyes, and mouth to milk their loads handily, proving she hasn't lost her touch. She swallowed them as they jerked off; taking the semen straight from the taps.

Scene Five: Staci Thorn and Dillan Lauren, the blonde and brunette tag team wonder twins located on the middle of the bottom of the front DVD cover (6 o'clock high with Stacy wearing a red PVC outfit and Dillan wearing a black fishnet top and red PVC short shorts), wear the first (and only) duo of dick sucking in the show. For them, the so called "meat patrol" was an opportunity to have a bit of a challenge that Dillan won at first. Dillan would take two guys on at a time while Stacy would focus on one really hard, but the chaotic nature of the crowd caused them to revert to a more basic strategy soon enough. At one point, they even double teamed one of them (a hot change of pace that I really liked a lot). When the loads were let loose, Stacy took several in her mouth to cum swap with Dillan, who returned the favor on the next batch (each swallowing their respective swap by the way). Whew!

Scene Six: Trina Michaels, the curvy babe located at 1 o'clock low (towards the middle), was up next wearing a black PVC top with buckles and a matching bit of a skirt with stripper shoes (they all had stripper shoes) on a bed covered in a leopard print sheet. The guys approached her with a single purpose in mind; to lose lots of semen into her belly! The most recognizable guy was Mr. Pete but the others were regulars to the scenes and shouldn't be forgotten as they gave her something to work with. She easily handled them all, one at a time for the most part, as they spanked and toyed with her body. She increased her tempo as the scene progressed (better than most of the others did by the way) even though she started off slowly. It was also a good scene, ending with some nice titty fucking and swallowing the genetic material of her seven partners.

Scene Seven: Julea London, the brunette wearing a plaid maid styled outfit and the 1950's hairdo (located at about 8 o'clock high on the front DVD cover), was the first gal of disc two, showing a big smile as she became the center of attention for the meat patrol to play with. They rubbed, spanked, and otherwise caressed her as she slowly began taking them on one at a time. Okay, she wasn't the best skin flute player of the entire cast but fans of lean young women will enjoy her look as much as any of the others on display here. I like all natural breasts and many other fans have expressed similar sentiments so her "look" helped the scene as much as the fact that she blew so many of them so willingly. She ended it by gargling a few loads, swallowing them, and then getting the rest of them to contribute to her cause so she could engulf that protein shake too.

Scene Eight: Leah Luv, located on the cover at about 11 o'clock high in her pink top and yellow skirt, came to Jules' door looking for piano lessons. Jules invited her in and the next thing you know, this tiny teen with braces found herself tickling her tonsils in lieu of tickling the ivories with the gang of guys waiting for some oral loving upstairs. They did the usual "paw the gal" routine (she referred to it as being "manhandled") but she sure seemed enthusiastic about the action with her five assistants. I prefer gals with curves but those of you that appreciate gals who could be referred to as jailbait (in appearance only mind you) will love her appearance. She was no stranger to a cock in her mouth (by the look of it, she was a very talented musician if the instrument in question was a skin flute) and she downed their loads with ease but was far less obvious about it than most of the other gals here.

Scene Nine: Erin Moore, the hot blonde located on the front DVD cover in about the 2 o'clock position, spent a rainy day with Jules in his living room wearing a white sheer top and purple hot pants that hugged her sweet ass like I wanted to. She was practically bouncing with joy when the guys joined her and the oral action showed her to also be a skilled professional that saw it as a buffet of pleasure while she moved from one customer to the next as though she was in Heaven at the mere thought of working them over orally. She gagged a few times but that added some realism to her scene, making me want to see her pole vaulting with her pussy and ass in the worst way. I understood the limitations of the scene though so I put that thought away as I watched her service her partners with energy and determination befitting an oral queen. She laughed, teased and swallowed on queue so fans will be happy to get to know her.

Scene Ten: Holly Wellin, the beautiful blonde located in the dead center of the front DVD cover was up last for a reason; she was great looking (almost a given here) but she also had a smoking hot body and the skill to use it that few others will ever achieve (even in porn). She complained of a sore throat but masturbated nonetheless and Jules had an idea about what to do to fix her up. The answer, of course, was to give her a heaping helping of throat medicine and this being porn, what better way to apply it than straight from the tap? Her white body suit didn't last too long as the group of male assistants rubbed and played but she dropped to her knees a little too early for me given how sweet her body looked. She then applied her usual enthusiasm, energy, and delightful focus to milk their loads as though her life depended on it, swallowing them in the end but elevating the bar of what constitutes a solid performance as well. Yum!

Summary: Feeding Frenzy 7: Director's Cut was another Jules Jordan release worth a rating of Highly Recommended, due in large part to the casting of the talented and attractive gals, the manner in which they so enthusiastically worked their way through so many men, and the general amount of fuck for the buck so absent in many releases these days. I think most fans consider anything over 140 minutes to be a good value in terms of length so this one hitting nearly four hours amounts to nearly twice the amount of footage we're used to. Such releases benefit all consumers though since it elevates the bar and causes other companies to produce lengthier shows too. This was not to say the movie had a lot of filler action either since the scenes were all well done. In short, you could say that Feeding Frenzy 7: Director's Cut was a tough act to follow if you like to see gals swallow since it was so consistently high quality.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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