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Public Affairs

Studio: Pleasure Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/1/05

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Public Affairs

Colossal Entertainment

Genre: Vignette

Director: Martin Del Toro

Cast: Sandra Romain, Marco Duato, Sasha, Tyla Wynn, Anthony Hardwood, Poppy Morgan, Brian Surewood, Jackie Moore, Sergio, Vanessa Michaels, Kurt Lockwood

Length: 127.5 minutes

Date of Production: 2/10/2005 (box); 2/13/2005 (credits)

Extra's: The best extra was a 10.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature where the cast and crew got to play around between interviews and their scenes. The only other extra was a slide show and some trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Public Affairs was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Martin Del Toro for Colossal Entertainment. There was a fairly large amount of minor grain in the picture, typically the result of lower the needed lighting, and the composition of the shots wasn't always that great in terms of making the gals look their best, but the minimalist approach was otherwise okay here with accurate fleshtones and no compression artifacts observed. The DVD split up the chapters into two separate sections (a problem all the Colossal Entertainment DVDs seem to have) which caused a couple of minor problems with my player but the DVD worked okay for the most part. The stereo audio was basic and lacked any significant separation between the channels just as the dynamic range wasn't all that great but I could here the cast moan and groan well enough.

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Body of Review: Colossal Entertainment is one of the new players in the porn world so it should come as no surprise that they seem to be looking for a marketing niche to call their own. To date, they have made a few winners and a few rentals so I keep watching in hopes of seeing a breakthrough show from them. Sadly, their latest release, Public Affairs, is not that release. The premise was to get gals who would masturbate in public and then have a full fledged scene in a motel room or something. Personally, after reading the DVD cover, I would have thought the sex would've been in a public place but that's just me holding the company to a high standard (shame on me, right?). Anyway, the cast was pretty and/or talented so read the breakdowns of the scenes below to see if overcoming this conceptual flaw happened in ways that you find satisfying:

Scene One: Sandra Romain, the foreign bred brunette known for some of the most blisteringly hot scenes in the last few years, was up first as she masturbated in a public parking lot with a dildo (tasting it straight from her sweet pussy) and flashing the world. She then took the show inside to a dark room, wearing only her hot coat and orange crocheted bikini that quickly flew off as she went into round two of the solo action. Her partners were Marco Duato and Sascha (it wasn't about names though as much as it was about her sexual skills). She blew both of them, taking turns with her energetic methods, and they took her pussy and ass right off as soon as she was through sucking. She screamed during her DP (they switched out a few times) and the emphasis was definitely on the double penetration this time. It was energetic but there was little chemistry for those who enjoy seeing the cast totally into one another.

Scene Two: Tyla Wynn, the gal on the left hand side of the front DVD cover wearing the red and black underwear, was up next as she masturbated in an abandoned parking lot to a motel in the afternoon. She stayed behind a car but this was as close to public sex as I figured the DVD was going to get. She then went into a room with Anthony Hardwood and another guy (Alex?) where she followed through on some of her potential as a meat milking maiden. The guys each took one end of her (Anthony, being the gentleman, snacked on her crack while she blew old what's his name) on the bed. They switched places after that and worked her over some more at each end (mouth and pussy) before Anthony went overboard and stuck all four fingers and his thumb inside of her. This friends, is what's affectionately known as "fisting", something Seymore Butts was prosecuted for and is generally not included on movies available inside the USA (he didn't get his whole hand inside her pussy but all fingers and a thumb are usually considered a "no no"). In all, it was another heated and energetic scene, even if the shelf life of the DVD probably isn't going to be too long.

Scene Three: Poppy Morgan, the hotty featured on the right hand side of the front DVD cover, was up next in her red stripper outfit in the same (or similar) parking lot that Tyla was shown in), giving a very short solo scene before walking in on Brian Surewood at a small bar to give him a glimpse of her goodies. With some PTM (pussy to mouth) to start off (using the toy), he walked over and molested her (with her permission of course) before going down on her. She looked cuter in action than Tyla did and her active role in the oral and vaginal sex was a notch or two higher, making me (and Brian) happy campers. With slobber trails and hand action, she knew how to work a guy over, getting an early load out of him into a glass. She had some assistance by an uncredited Sandra but nothing overtly sexual and after a solid power fucking; she drained him dry once more into the glass for easy swallowing later on. Whew!

Scene Four: Jackie Moore, another light haired vixen, wore fishnet stockings, a PVC corset, and a black coat when she jilled herself with the dildo in yet another parking lot with nobody around before going back to a black-walled dungeon, complete with sex swings. Her partner was Sergio and she looked younger here than in pretty much anything I've seen her in to date (pierced nipples and all). He talked when her mouth was full of his cock (a bad thing) but she showed a lot of skill in blowing him. They screwed vaginally but the regular sex showed him doing most of the work so it lost my attention pretty quickly. Due to that fact, it became a filler scene for me in most ways.

Scene Five: Vanessa Michaels, a very cute blonde wearing a fishnet stocking and neon blue corset combination, was up next in a poorly traveled parking lot with a bright yellow dildo at dusk. That meant (to me) she was less adventurous or at least less willing to risk a run in with the law but the main action started next on a bed with studly Kurt Lockwood lying down on a small bed in what appeared to be a kid's room due to the surroundings. She blew him as he worked the vibrator in and out of her pussy but the audio seemed to be out of synchronization here more than the other parts of the movie. She also took him inside her pussy but did some foot fetish action as well (jerking him off with her feet) before he pounded her pussy some more. He did most of the work here too so the scene wasn't the best of the lot either.

Summary: Public Affairs was a kind of middle of the road release for me with too much filler and not enough "public sex" so I gave Colossal Entertainment a break and elevated the rating to a Rent It based on the one good scene and the bravery of showing what could be argued as fisting in a modern release (the legal scholars out there can save their opinions since I've heard numerous disagreements over the years as to what constitutes fisting). The cast was attractive, the extras okay, and the price if you shop around alright too so check it out and follow your instincts.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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