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Kane's World:The Best of Kimberly Kane

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/5/05

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Kane's World: The Best of Kimberly Kane

Hustler Video

Genre: Compilation, Kimberly Kane

Director: varied by scene (see below)

Cast: Kimberly Kane, Steven French, Eve, Jerry, Mark Ashley, Jessica Jaymes, Steven St. Croix, Kaylin, Randy Spears, Justine Joli, Cytherea, Audrey Hollander, Tiana Lynn, Jayna Oso, Kurt Lockwood

Length: 130.5 minutes

Date of Production: 5/24/2004

Extra's: The best extra was the bonus scene from Masturbation Mania 1 as described below. It had a lot to offer fans of Ms. Kane although some of you will be upset at the prospect of having to watch her all alone. There were also trailers, a photogallery, and some spam.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Kane's World: The Best of Kimberly Kanewas presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color in most scenes but a couple of non-anamorphic widescreen scenes too. Some scenes looked great, causing me to say "Aside from a couple of moments with grain, primarily the beginning of each scene where the fantasies were described, the picture looked crisp and clear. The DVD had no compression artifacts or other issues with the mastering that I could see." On the other hand were scenes that caused me a lot of concern, where I felt obligated to say: "First, let me address the most asked about questions regarding the DVD/movie. It was stylish looking to the point that most porn aficionados will hate the way it looks. The lighting was often weak or reddish in tint, the camera work reminded me of what The Blair Witch Project would've been like if filmed by someone with less talent, and the editing almost as bad (or nonexistent). There are those that will say this is artistic or that the raw energy of the movie transcended the need for a technically proficient director but they'd be trying to sell you copies so please take what they say with a couple pounds of salt. In short, a clusterfuck of a movie is no better when sprinkled with flowery prose (and it's not Hustler's fault, they didn't direct it)." Most of the scenes were somewhere in between these two extremes, slightly on the positive side of the spectrum. The audio was presented in the usual stereo English and was pretty good most of the time with my biggest complaint being the mix of the music into the action. By this, I mean that the music was too loud compared to the vocals but it wasn't distorted like some companies have had issues with of late. A few of the more "stylish" scenes were just harsh and sounded lame so your mileage will vary in the technical aspects of this compilation.

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Body of Review: I've had mixed opinions about compilations over the years since far too many of them were weak but in the last few years, I've also noticed a large improvement so I willingly took Kane's World: The Best of Kimberly Kane from my review stack to check out. She's a sexually talented gal with an over the top method of performance many fans enjoy as much as I do so like the other Best of… series from Hustler, if you're a fan of Kimberly Kane, you'll have a lot of fun with the title. Here's a look at the scenes with links to EACH movie in question (I only reviewed some of them but my associates all seemed to cover the bases very nicely so you'll have plenty to look at if you're trying to decide whether or not to buy this one. Here's a look at the scenes for those of you still on the fence, noting that condoms weren't mandatory at Hustler when the scenes were made:

Scene One: Young Girls' Fantasies 5: D-Marti Klatt: 1/2004: In her scene titled Burglar, I said: "Kimberly, a gal with bleach blonde hair and nice, natural curves, put her DSL's (dick sucking lips) to good use on Steven when she caught him breaking into her house. As she blew him, I thought about how much he needed a weed whacker for those hairy legs of his. I know that in real life, body hair on a man is a sign of virility and manliness but not in porn. They then did some 69 before he fucked her on the couch in front of the fireplace. With some PTM and varied positions, he ended it by jerking off to her face. It was a pleasant scene to watch with some moderate heat."

Scene Two: Campus Confessions 10: D-Kat Slater: 2003: In Roommates, Kimberly Kane and Eve had a scene on a bed where the two slowly played with one another while initially dressed in skirts and short midriff tops, kissing and enjoying each other fully. It was one of those lipstick lesbian scenes that was more about the seductive nature of sex than the kind of balls to the wall screwing Kimberly is generally known for. There were no toys as the gals went down on one another and fingered each other to orgasm. It was a nice change of pace but somewhat limited in terms of what took place.

Scene Three: Taboo 1: D-Richard Hamilton: 4/10/2004: Kimberly Kane and Jerry were up next in this edgy, far too stylish attempt at sexual heat. Director Laurent Sky, using his Richard Hamilton alias, used religious imagery, motion adjusted photography, and weird lighting effects to try and provide something a limited audience would enjoy. While Kimberly's oral was pretty nicely done, the scene amounted to an attempt at muddying the waters of what gets most consumers off. I don't blame him for trying something new but the results were less than adequate in terms of heat and passion.

Scene Four: Barely Legal 45: D-Clive McLean: 11/2003: "Kimberly Kane played a leggy blonde that looks a lot like an attractive version of the gal that plays Chloe on the hit television series Smallville, was featured in the middle of the left hand column on the front DVD cover. She hooked up with Mark Ashley in his artists loft on the comfortable couch. They started off by making out, kissing and rubbing one another until he went down on her pussy. She worked his large penis as best she could, but she was obviously not up to handling it all orally. After taking off her skirt, the challenge would be to see if she could handle it in her tight pussy. With a whole lot of pushing and grinding, she did just that and the scene ended with a facial, but no anal. She was nearly as energetic as the previous gals in the movie and that speaks volumes since they were good, real good."

Scene Five: Stunt Girl 1: D-Jack The Zipper: 4/2/2004: Kimberly Kane and Jessica Jaymes were up next in a scene that started already in progress. Kimberly went down on Jessica's strap on dildo before Jessica returned the favor in one of the briefest scene in the compilation. Here's what I initially said about this grainy piece of crud: "The lesbian pairings that came afterward were on the weak side too although some nice ass work was observed."

Scene Six: Barely Legal Summer Camp 2: D-Clive McLean: 5/24/2004: "Kimberly, the tall blonde on the back row of the front DVD cover, was first up in a scene with Steven on an outdoor table in the afternoon sun. He gave her some decent head and she energetically returned the favor with more energy than I've seen in 95% of all Hustler movies. The gal was on fire during the oral and while her vaginal boning wasn't as good, it was still pretty warm itself. Her all natural body and sexual mores gave her an advantage over most of the cast in terms of chemistry too; causing me to want to check out more of her work."

Scene Seven: Young Sluts 16: D-Kat Slater: 2004: In Make Up Sex, Kimberly Kane, Kaylin, and studly Randy Spears, went at one another after Kimberly screwed him out of his loft. Why the story aspects weren't edited out is beyond me but the sex wasn't bad so I can't fuss too loudly. Kaylin's neon purple fishnet body stocking looked good on her, and even if she's not my favorite performer, she worked well with Kimberly and Randy this time. On a down note, Kimberly was in more of a support role, barely doing anything sexual other than choking the all natural Kaylin so I'm not sure if it worked on a compilation dedicated to Kimberly Kane.

Scene Eight: Barely Legal Summer Camp 2: D-Clive McLean: 5/24/2004: Justine, the gal wearing the visor and T-shirt on the front cover, Tiana, Audrey, Kimberly, Cytherea, and Jayna had a lesbian orgy after Audrey peeped in on Justine's masturbating on a bed sequence. There was a lot of toy action, spanking, licking and rubbing with some of Cytherea's usual brand of wet action too. I liked the scene although it wasn't the best I've seen by Clive. In all, the whole movie could be described that way; pleasant but not the best.

Scene Nine: Stunt Girl 1: D-Jack The Zipper: 4/2/2004: Kimberly Kane, Jessica Jaymes, and Kurt Lockwood were up last in a scene I really didn't appreciate much the first time I watched it (or now for that matter). It had choking, spitting, and camera work that reminded me of my Dad's old 8 mm home movies after they were damaged in the house fire but here's what I originally said in a kind mood: "Kimberly Kane's scene with Kurt Lockwood wasn't even worth going into so this is one case where a very short movie was preferred over having a lengthy set of scenes."

Scene Ten/Bonus Scene: Masturbation Mania 1: D-Clive McLean: 5/6/2004: Kimberly Kane, a blonde with an attractive smile that was seen on the front DVD cover on the second spot from the bottom on the left hand side. Her scene took place in a rustic cabin of sorts and was warm by virtue of her sultry attitude more than anything else. At times, she seemed to really get into it and make love to the camera; capturing the essence of what I wanted to see in the movie.

Summary: Kane's World: The Best of Kimberly Kane was a Rent It for me since I've already seen the majority of scenes but fans of Kimberly Kane will likely consider it more worth their hard earned money. The best scenes here were very well done but the weaker ones stunk so I didn't feel comfortable elevating the score to the next level. There was a lot of fuck for the buck in this mixed bag of tricks so consider how much you enjoy seeing Kimberly in action before picking this one up as either a rental or purchase.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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