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Jenna's Star Power

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/5/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Jenna's Star Power (Jenna Jameson)

Genre: Compilation, Jenna Jameson

Director: Jonathan Morgan

Cast: Jenna Jameson, Nikki Tyler, Brad Armstrong, Holly Body, Missy, Mark Davis, Brittany Andrews, TT Boy, Jill Kelly, Peter North, Asia Carrera, Stormy Daniels, Chris Cannon

Length: 113.5 minutes

Date of Production: 12/22/2004

Extra's: The best extra would be the inclusion of an extended director's cut of a scene from Wicked Weapon between Jenna Jameson and Brad Armstrong. Shot in November of 1996, this was back when the couple were burning up the sheets in real life too so the chemistry was evident. It wasn't full of circus act sex or anything especially twisted but it was a nice glimpse into Jenna before she became the most popular performer in porn history. It lasted a bit over 18 minutes for those wanting to compare it to the original scene on the movie. The next best extra was a short, 2.5 minute long photoshoot of Jenna from a long time ago. Her eyes alone were enough to get me hot so other fans will enjoy seeing it too. The other extras included trailers, a section of Star Stats for Jenna Jameson, a photogallery, some promotional reels, a Wicked Casino game, desktop pictures, an awards and nominations list of Wicked Pictures titles, a Wicked Pictures DVD catalog, and a double sided DVD case with cardboard protective sleeve for collectors.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Jenna's Star Power was presented in the same aspect ration as most of its scenes, 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The scenes did not look cleaned up or remastered from their original releases but I have been told over the years that the older Jenna movies can't be significantly improved, regardless of expense. I still think they all looked problematic but this is the best sex you'll see Jenna Jameson in (I like her newer material too but it usually lacks the same energy, heat, passion and freshness that Jenna had when working at Wicked Pictures). There was a lot of grain, video noise and even some minor compression artifacts but you won't find the scenes looking better. The audio was presented in the same Dolby Digital stereo the scenes were released on DVD previously with major limitations on channel separation and dynamic range. On a side note, Stormy's newly produced scene at the end looked very solid by comparison, sounding better than the Jenna scenes too. There was even a 2.0 Dolby Digital German track for those unhappy with the 5.1 English track but it didn't work all that well for me so your mileage may vary there too.

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Body of Review: Now that Wicked Pictures has cut way back on the release of original material, focusing on compilations instead, movie's like Jenna Jameson Uncut and Uncensored seem to be the best chance consumers have of seeing what made the company special in their formative years. For the most part, their edge in porn was derived from their contract performers like Jenna Jameson, Serenity, Chasey Lain, and numerous others although I'll be the first to admit that they sure have a great set of contract gals working for them these days as well (with few exceptions, their current stable of gals has more acting talent, directing talent, and overall appeal then those that went before them, even if I an sometimes loath to admit it due to my particular biases). The latest such compilation of older scenes with Jenna Jameson starring is Jenna's Star Power; a title that supposedly points out how working with Jenna made the other performers stars in porn. Let's be honest folks, Wicked Pictures and their marketing department had more to do with Jenna Jameson becoming the uber starlet of porn than anything else (none of which changes my woody for her) and the others had far more powerful breaks than working with the cutie we all know and lust after. That said, I haven't seen all of Jenna's movies from Wicked Pictures so getting a chance to see what amounts to "new scenes", for me at least, is always a treat given the limited people she works with now (for men, only her husband Jay) and the kind of stylish look her Club Jenna movies have (too much flash, not enough substance). Here's a look at the scenes if you're still interested:

Scene One: Hell On Heels: D-Brad Armstrong: 4/27/1999: Fans of Jenna's medical talents will love this scene since it had her playing the mad scientist. Here's what I originally said, years ago: "The fourth scene had Jenna Jameson as Nikki Tyler's creation ala Frankenstein's monster. The set was fabulous and added a lot to the fun as Jenna awakens in the loving arms of Dr Nikki. The two generated a lot of sexual heat in this scene, something a lot of lipstick lesbians simply don't, or can't, provide since these two were very much into doing one another."

Scene Two: Paradise: D-Brad Armstrong: 1997: This was Jenna Jameson's first onscreen orgy. It had Jenna Jameson, Brad Armstrong, Holly Body, Missy, and Mark Davis all on a luxurious tropical island at a luau of sorts at night. The picture quality was pretty weak here but Jenna looked fresh and aside from the pounding beat of the drums in the background, it had some very heated moments for me. It was strictly oral, vaginal, and lesbian oriented sex but fans of Jenna's have probably already seen this one a few times before.

Scene Three: Flashpoint: D-Brad Armstrong: 9/27/1997: Here's what I said several years ago when I first saw this scene (actually, it was about five years ago, IIRC): "The last sex scene was between Jenna Jameson and Brittany Andrews in a restaurant bathroom. They used their tongues to great effect as well as their fingers on each other. Even those of you who don't like woman/woman scenes should like this one." For all you guys out there, this is a scene that answers that age old question about why women always go to the bathroom together.

Scene Four: Silver Screen Confidential: D-Jim Enright: 2/24/1996: I've always liked this next scene, saying: "Jenna Jameson, super hotty of porn, and aggressive TT Boy, had a scene after an interview. She seduced him and the two had some solid oral before a heated screwing, which ended in a faceful of semen for the lovely young star. The bonus section had an extended version of this scene that lasted much longer (around fifteen minutes compared to under ten) and, to be frank, was much better. I'd have recommended that Wicked Pictures replace the original two bonus scenes and call this one a "Director's Cut" version but I'm not a marketing genius so I'm sure they had their reasons."

Scene Five: Cover To Cover: D-Brad Armstrong: 1995: Jenna Jameson, playing a call girl of sorts, had the following scene with Mark Davis in a scene set in the 1940's, shot in black & white. The scene was shot as part of a boxing movie with Jenna looking very much the part of the gal sent to deliver the news that Mark needs to "take a fall" if he "knows what's good for him". She sweetened the deal with her trademarked moves and he couldn't resist her charms on the hard vinyl surface in the locker room. It wasn't a very long scene but I appreciated it since I hadn't seen it before this.

Scene Six: Jenna's Built For Speed: D-Brad Armstrong: 1997: Jenna Jameson, playing a chauffer to a very wealthy Jill Kelly, in a ride centered on and around a Rolls Royce. Jenna wore a black wig here and Jill looked really good as the two had some lesbian fun with one another. Most of the action was licking and rubbing but they also used a large black dildo and some pearls for good effect as well. On a funny note, the license plate to the car was "rich bitch".

Scene Seven: Hell On Heels: D-Brad Armstrong: 4/27/1999: Jenna Jameson and Asia Carrera were up next in a scene from the movie. This is what I originally said: "The next scene had Jenna tied up and at Asia's whim. Asia is dressed as a modern day geisha and slowly unties Jenna as she plays with her. This scene is a personal favorite and looks the best with regard to the video quality." This time though, the grain looked worse than it did on the original DVD so as much as I liked these two Titans of porn, especially Asia getting her backside plundered with a large dildo, it had less value for me.

Scene Eight: New to this DVD: D-Jonathan Morgan: 2004: Stormy Daniels, a self proclaimed, "smart, beautiful, talented, wonderful performer" (I'd rip her a new one if she wasn't right about those qualities too) saying she's also known as "The Princess" (instead of the Storminator), was rescued from a dark dungeon by an unlikely hero, Chris Cannon. This was the first time the couple had worked together for Wicked Pictures and it was easily the best looking scene of the compilation. In fairness to my bias towards Jenna's look, Stormy's action was equal to almost anything Jenna did in those earlier scenes. I like Stormy a whole lot and while this wasn't her best scene, it was a nice addition to the compilation with oral and vaginal sex that appeared to have a bit of chemistry between the couple.

Summary: Jenna's Star Power was worth a rating of Recommended for fans of Jenna Jameson and even higher if you haven't seen the scenes in question. It was a nice, if not superior, selection from the Wicked Pictures vaults and Stormy's scene added some value to the DVD for me as a fan of hers too. The extras were somewhat lacking though since a single director cut scene wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I opened this one up but I'm familiar with compilations that offer very little material and charge nearly as much so the value of the matter will depend on how much you enjoy watching Jenna (and Stormy of course) in their respective scenes. I would have appreciated an audio commentary by Brad Armstrong as the director of most of these scenes but his issues with Stormy and Jenna have long been documented so I guess my hopes that such a track would yield a lot of interesting porn history might be my attempt for Brad to document his version of Jenna's life instead of the spin we usually get to hear. In future compilations, I'd like to see Jonathan (or whomever else) get to bring in someone with extensive Jenna knowledge to comment on the scenes or find other extras worth adding in order to elevate the fuck for the buck quotient but this was another decent Jenna compilation.

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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