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Security Cam Chronicles Vol. 2

Studio: Madness Pictures » Review by Adam Wilson » Review Date: 7/11/05

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Straight

Feature Length: 71 mins.

Date of Production: 4/4/04 - 4/8/04

Review: Ok look, this is NOT real security camera footage. Let's be super clear about that up front. For a myriad of common sense reasons, there's no way you'd ever see a legit release of people bumping uglies on secretly recorded tapes. Not going to happen.

Security Cam Chronicles Vol. 2 (oh no, I didn't see part one! I'm lost!) tries to fool stupider porn junkies out there though by making it seem like we're watching sneaky people do the nasty. Again, trust me, you're not.

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The first clip is a guy and gal going at it in a towel closet while generic, repetitive "Elvis impersonator stage show on a small riverboat casino" type music plays. The second involves a boss banging his secretary in his office. The third has two strippers backstage complaining about their jobs and then pleasuring one another. Next has a young couple in a public bathroom for a quick blowjob, however it's obvious that the door is still open as you can clearly see people milling about right outside. Then there's a young couple in an elevator.

Clip #6 has a young woman masturbating in her office. Clip #7 is in a massage parlor... you know, the special kind of massage parlor. Clip #8 has a young woman putting on a solo show for the security camera in a bathroom. The ninth scene features the same girl from scene four, in the same bathroom. This time she pees into a coffee pot, which, just... ugh. What is this, the Fox network circa 1997?

Up next is a young woman packing porn shipments until she decides to pleasure herself because the box art is so hot. She gets "caught". You can't hear the dialogue very well in the last scene, but it's another office fuck.

Audio/Video: Most of the scenes are full frame, but a couple of them are widescreen (which further destroys the fantasy since, really, who has a security camera that shoots 1.85:1?). The video is designed to look grainy and cheap, so I can't really take points off for that. Some scenes are in black and white, others are in color.

Extras: Nothing. There's not even a menu screen.

Concluding Words: It's hard to really judge something like this. It's designed to appeal to all the voyeurs out there, but they'll instantly spot that this is all faked. Don't get me wrong, the sex is real, but it's all shot from a fixed "security camera" position and doctored to look cheap and grainy. So we get potentially hot sex done in by the inability to really see anything that's going on.

The performers do "porn" things too like take facials, which is something that just doesn't happen when you sneak off to the office bathroom for a quickie. If you want to fool stupid people, you could try a little harder.

A little effort could have gone a long way with this title. Blur out faces, don't have scenes look like standard porn, don't use such godawful music, etc. Since this was a lackluster title that really has nothing worth talking about other than the botched gimmick, I'm advising you to Skip It.

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