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Millionaire 1&2

Studio: Private » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/19/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Millionaire 1 & 2 Collector Set (Private Gold 67 and 68)

Private/Pure Play Media

Genre: Feature

Director: Alessandro Del Mar

Cast: Claudia Ferrari, Alexandra, Andy Brown, Axel Mugler, Cindy Lords, Kathy Anderson, Katsumi, Silvia Lancome, Simony Diamond, Stacy Silver, Francesco Malcom, George Uhl, Max Cortes, Philip Dean, Alexa May, Alicia, Delfinn Delage, Elen Nevaril, Jessica May, Lenny Power, Lucy Lee, Sarah Blue, Horst Baron, Tony Carrera, Rudolh Antrim, Kevin Long, Titof, Sebastian Barrio, Phil Holiday, Mario Pollack, Attila Janosz, Giancarlo Bini, Mirone da Nola, Paolo Astone, Lucio Fucci, Antony de Lotti, Pascal Ruen, Geronte Izzo, Patrick Le Fleur, Francoise Jardin, James, Williams Rodini, Ronald Zimmer, Jean Claude Bluet, Max Bellocchio, Valerio Vela, Melanie Mangrot, Jessica Carli, Marie Duville, Wanda Orisid, Pascal Ferril, Jean Luc Luan, Muriel Wandel, Maurizio Abati, Luca Campelli, Farid Aziz, Jean Mudell, Derek Cook, Armando Dominguez, Joe Walach, Herve, Mario Bottini, Patrick, Paoline Luder, Rob Russell, Clode, and others that weren't credited completely, noting that many of the cast didn't participate in the sexual activity, giving it a realism missing in most adult productions (especially features where anyone introduced will be screwing before long).

Length: 200.5 minutes

Date of Production: 1/2004 to 5/2004

Extra's: This being one of Private's top of the line productions, I knew the extras were going to shine and they did. The first disc of extras started off with a 22.5 minute long feature called The Making of Millionaire that gave the cast and crew a chance to shine, showing some of the sex scenes as well as containing interviews of the cast. Next up was a bonus scene lasting 13.5 minutes, called 2 Hot Rods & a Ferrari where Claudia Ferrari took care of her partners in her own unique way after she found them getting all horned up to some of her Private magazine photoshoots. This was followed by a 74.5 minute long director led set of Video Diaries where Alessandro Del Mar discussed the scenes one by one (had I chosen to break down the scenes, this would've been invaluable). Then came Simony Plays Herself, a 6.5 minute long masturbation scene with the cutie on a bed. Next up was a unique little extra that showed the production set's cook as he went about the business of feeding everybody. I'll admit that this is a rarity although I've seen a BTS showing the caterer a few times and that would be a spiritual cousin to this one. The first Easter Egg I came across this time was a short masturbation scene by Lenny Power, the blonde gal playing Helga, on a couch. It lasted about 5 minutes and was nice to watch. On the second page of the first extras DVD was a quiz game where if you get the answers correct, you'd be treated to a bonus scene (lasting about 12 minutes) starring a very attractive blonde. A director's interview lasting 11.5 minutes was next, followed by two photogalleries, a 2.5 minute Behind the Scenes look at Sarah and Lenny's scene, a trailer for the movie, and a teaser trailer. All of this was in addition to the usual Production Notes, trailers to other Private movies, the usual female cast biographies and additional languages with multiple subtitles.

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The first extra on the second disc of extras was a bonus scene on a couch. It was started as an interview but they dropped the pretense and went at it fairly quickly with an oral only scene. There were several other bonus scenes, some of them as Easter Eggs, as well as trailers, a lengthy (around 50 minutes) Behind the Scenes feature, a quiz (with a rewarding bonus scene), some interviews, including one with Francesco Malcom, and another with George Uhl, a couple of photogalleries, a bloopers reel, and a short feature on Claudia Ferrari's learning how to ride a horse (not the human kind). In all, these great extras (and that was just on disc two) lasted over two hours and had a lot of replay value (especially the two masturbation scenes). The movie disc with the movie had the usual trailers, biographies for the women, some production notes and a teaser reel.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Millionaire 1 & 2 Collector Set was presented in a very attractive anamorphic widescreen presentation, unlike virtually all porn shot these days. The level of quality far outstripped most of Private's previous attempts at providing a clear picture (this one was stunningly sharp and crisp); making me a very happy camper indeed. The colors were accurate, the lighting well done, and I saw no compression artifacts or video noise throughout the movie. I hope Private and other companies' employ the use of such pleasing visuals in future works too since it looked great on my television (even on my projection TV). The audio was presented in a nicely done 5.1 Dolby Digital English but there were options for several other languages too (it didn't appear dubbed like other recent Private releases, as the performer's displayed their limited English skills which were admittedly better than my attempts at learning another language) as well as a lot of subtitle choices. While the rear channels didn't get a workout, the overall quality of the sound showed vast improvement over other attempts from their past and this is a good trend to start.

Body of Review: Those of you into porn, especially foreign made porn, have probably long realized that Private Pictures has been a leader in providing adult content to the masses of Europe as well as those of us in the Americas; doing so for decades in one form or another. Their magazines have long showed classiness absent in all but a handful of our domestically produced porn magazines and it was no small wonder when they began to release movies over here. The company employs some of the best looking women (from all over the world, not just limited to a particular country) in the business and production values well above average; making them stand out in many ways. Since that time, the company has seen a number of ups and downs and critics, me included, have focused as much (or more) on the limitations of the releases by the company as the strengths. Well, continuing with a trend of the company to make at least one blockbuster porno a year, Private has now released the Millionaire 1 & 2 Collector Set. Private usually makes such a movie and releases it in parts on their Private Gold label (this one being Private Gold 67 & 68), and give it some time before releasing such movies together as a single DVD boxed set, much like they did with The Private Gladiator Trilogy, a smash hit of a porno that mimicked its mainstream counterpart. Never having seen the first part of this new set, I recall thinking very highly of it when I reviewed it as Millionaire 2. I'll keep this review short but if you like the larger scale features Private makes on occasion, you'll really like this one, and here's what the production notes said about it, summing it up quite nicely:

"The story begins in the closing days of the Second World War, and revolves around a treasure map divided into 5 pieces which indicates the location of a priceless treasure hidden by the ruthless General Van Ribbertraunf. 50 years later, a dying antique shop owner passes on the key to this secret to Helen (Claudia Ferrari) and the treasure hunt begins in a chase across the continents to prevent the treasure falling into the wrong hands."
"Taking 12 months to make, the production of Millionaire was a logistical exercise of gargantuan proportions, with the entire production team being transported across 3 continents from Europe to the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean, and sets including everything from a 20 metre luxury yacht to World War II military vehicles and an antique Rolls Royce."

The movie used a common story about a search for Nazi gold with all the intrigues and danger that mainstream releases have worn out but the sexual aspects employed gave the story new life. Let's face it, the best mainstream version out there has never used sex as a selling point much and while no porno is going to outstrip the general acting and production values you'll find in such movies, this one came pretty close. The sex acts followed the usual oral, vaginal and anal antics you'd expect of Private but the settings were well above average as were the story elements and production values. That the cast of women were so attractive (with a few that were more average looking) was only a bonus but the sexual energy they used to coax out a load or two was very solid. With all the chemistry that I like seeing in porn and the variety of action being as solid as Private has ever shown, the weaker acting of the cast could be overlooked (it's a porno and the cast seemed to speak limited English). Otherwise, the numerous sex scenes were almost all as solid as you'll find in a foreign made release with a huge budget.

I'm not going to mechanically break down the scenes since they all seemed fairly similar in terms of what happened, and I'm not going to detail the entire story (it was familiar ground for this movie watcher) since that would spoil much of the action, but I will tell you that if you like high end porn with hot women having fun sex; the Millionaire 1& 2 Collector's Set, is going to be a great choice for you. The gals all seemed to enjoy their action in the scenes, those of you intent on watching unsafe, anal antics will be appreciative, and the diversity of the backgrounds (many scenes were filmed outside) all over the world gave the production a high class feel missing in many domestic features. I can see why Private gains the applause of so many inside and out of the entertainment business but the bottom line is that this four disc set was very enjoyable with plenty of replay value for connoisseurs of top end porn.

Summary: Millionaire 1 & 2 Collector's Set was worth a rating of Highly Recommended for the attractive cast, the high end production values, and the excellent extras that all added a lot of fuck for the buck missing in far too many local releases. I just wish a couple of the gals were a little more into the sex and a couple others were a bit more attractive (the give and take of modern porn is always interesting to think about) but while the acting wasn't the best I've seen in a porno (the language barrier probably being the biggest roadblock), the replay value of the sex scenes was easily enough to keep you working your member for a long time. Private has made a lot of top end porn over the years but I can count on one hand the number of movies even approaching this one (the only one coming to mind would be The Private Gladiator Trilogy but I haven't seen too many of them). Millionaire 1 & 2: Collector's Set provided some tremendous fuck for the buck with all the action a fan could handle. While I may occasionally take issue with the acting ability of the foreign bred cast, I can't deny that they looked great for their roles and gave their all sexually. This collector's set proves that Private can market with the best of them although I should point out that it would've been better if this was what they initially released rather than putting the two chapters together.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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