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Dance Party

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/25/05

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Dance Party

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: Vignette

Director: Chuck Lords (Paul Thomas)

Cast: Tawny Roberts, Evan Stone, Austin Kinkaid, Jay Huntington, Nikki Blaze, Grant Michaels, Jasmine Byrne, Roxy Jezel, Jerry

Length: 95.5 minutes

Date of Production: 3/22/2005

Extra's: The extras were the standard Vivid package this time with five bonus scenes, three of which included Tawny Roberts from her previous Vivid releases, a mini-biography of Tawny Roberts, two photogalleries, a positions room, a 7 minute long Behind the Scenes look at the movie, a double sided DVD cover and some forced spam at the front of the DVD. In all, it was a decent package of extras but the only one worth much replay value to me would be the BTS feature since it was made solely for the DVD release.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Dance Party was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Paul Thomas for Vivid Entertainment. The scenes varied a lot in terms of quality with the first one looking terrible (and a waste of Tawny Robert's skills) while the others seemed to be recorded in light far too harsh for the gals to successfully pull off. The levels of grain were directly proportionate to the lighting and also ranged from bad to fair so I had to say that the visual aspects of the movie weren't all that great. Before I forget, the composition of the shots and camera angles tended to focus on close ups and looked far more amateurish than what I expect from the nice folks at Vivid. The stereo audio was in English and the vocals sounded fair to middling while the droning music was definitely a drag on the heat of the action.

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Body of Review: When one thinks of Vivid Entertainment's directors, the first name coming to mind is generally Paul Thomas (or at least one of his many aliases). The man has directed a successful mainstream movie (or perhaps two) and when he's at his best with a decent budget and amount of time to shoot a flick, he can provide a good experience. Like others in his field though, when the budget dries up and he's forced to churn out a flick, it tends to look weak, much like his latest release, Dance Party. The movie is a series of vignettes that start off with an interview, then move to a striptease, and then move onto a sex scene. In terms of formulas, this one wasn't any worse then the scores of others employed by the industry but it was far from the best too. Each gal either claimed to be a stripper or that she wanted to become one for the thrills so the basic tenant of the show was on solid ground, even if the technical matters weren't. If this interests you, read my following description of the scenes, noting condoms were used in all but the lesbian scene:

Scene One: Tawny Roberts, the lovely young blonde on the front DVD cover, was up first after having given Paul Thomas an interview about being a stripper. She wore a sequined outfit and stripped for the mighty Evan Stone in a very dark (and grain inducing) room while a porno was playing in the background. The camera movement weakened the scene for me as much as the crummy technical matters. I know that stylish photography is "in" these days but that's only if it can be pulled off correctly, not churned out under an alias the director uses to protect the so-called "brand name" reserved for the better movies he's allowed to make. The sex included some vaginal, then oral (including PTM) by the too lean Tawny whose implants seem to have grown since I last encountered her. Tawny's fans will like it due to the fact that she was in the scene but she has done better previously.

Scene Two: Austin Kinkaid, a brunette from North Carolina, followed the formula by giving an interview on the couch while in a blue dress that hugged her curvy body nicely. After hearing her stories of lustful antics and bar fights gone bad, she told Paul she was 25 years old, showed her lack of panties and then did Jay Huntington after dancing in a metal cage on a stage. Her moves seemed more practiced than Tawny's with the bump & grind well rehearsed and natural for her. I'd like to see her real act on stage given the performance here but aside from some less than pleasing implants, she looked very good here. The sex took place in a home on the pool table after some heated foreplay involving their game. Her oral was decent and she appeared to have fun here, more so than the previous, mechanical scene. He did most of the work but her resemblance to Sydnee Steele made me enjoy it more than I would have otherwise done. It ended with a facial and a smile for those who care.

Scene Three: Nikki Blaze, another bleached blonde (and from North Carolina), continued the formula with a minimal interview before stripping and doing Grant Michaels in front of the camera. Her act also conveyed an ease at dancing before the camera but the limitations of the camera work and setting prevented her from doing all she could before it cut away to the scene. Muscular Grant was hard from the get go and she slobbed his knob handily before the riding began. She also did anal here although he did all the work in the pumping part of the scene. It ended with a healthy facial and I'd like to see more of her in a scene with less restrictions.

Scene Four: Jasmine Byrne, another cute brunette, admitted that she was not a stripper but wanted to become one. Claiming to have taken strippers into the back room and had sex with them was a change of pace for the movie but she looked about as good a stripper as a third tier club dancer would be (she simply needs practice), and this time Tawny Roberts looked better on stage. The entire scene looked better too as the gals had some heated lesbian fun in the locker room, licking and fingering one another to some really lame music. They used some toys and the heat seemed more readily obvious (not faked or mechanical) but the emphasis on close up camera shots didn't work nearly as well as Mr. Thomas must've thought they did.

Scene Five: Roxy Jezel, an Asian cutie from London, began her scene posed on a table in almost no clothing in front of the couch before enjoying a scene with Jerry. Her life has included some stripping work but it's been three years since her regular gig dancing so this was a playful visit to her past. I've seen a lot better in terms of house dancers but she appeared to know what she was doing and the action in the attic was actually pretty solid. This is another gal that I'd like to have seen dancing on the feature circuit but we all know her true strength lies in her sexual appetite. They did oral and vaginal here with her act being the most energetic of the cast. The lighting was too harsh but the camera wasn't so fluid as to ruin the scene this time and I enjoyed it to the last drop of splooge on her face.

Summary: Dance Party was a movie having some very appealing gals and a nice scenario where they all pranced about on a stage so I gave it a rating of Rent It even with the numerous technical flaws it had. The extras were boiler plate Vivid so you know what you're going to get and fans of the performers will enjoy watching them strut their stuff on stage. I'd like to have seen more genuine heat, energy, and passion here but that wasn't going to happen in this paint by numbers movie churned out in no time at all. Perhaps Vivid will entertain the idea of labeling their movies according to what went into them, although I've found the name of the director to work pretty well in that regard too. I'd say that "If directed by Chuck Lord, Paul Thomas was bored" but that wouldn't be nice and he's actually made a few under the name that worked out okay.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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