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Pimpin' White Ho's

Studio: DVSX » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/25/05

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Pimpin' White Ho's


Genre: Interracial

Director: Ron Hightower

Cast: Sandra Romain, Lorenzo Hightower, Lara Love, Edu Costa, Babalu, Wesley, Alex Divine, Carlton Banks, Anita Line, Williams, Kayla Marie, Sledgehammer

Length: 128 minutes

Date of Production: 4/28/2005

Extra's: The extras were pretty light here with a double sided DVD cover (the second side being advertising only), a photogallery, some trailers, and a selection of the pop shots from the scenes. The movie was over two hours so extras weren't as drastically important but I know I like to see the added value they provide and many of my friends seem to agree.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Pimpin' White Ho's was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Ron Hightower for DVSX. I thought it curious that the movie would be letterboxed as it was (with purple and black bars) but that faded from my memory fast as the action began with Sandra's scene. The colors were accurate (a good thing on an interracial flick), and the lighting generally well done but there was a lot of video noise and pixelation in my copy of the movie. The compression rate must've been off the charts given the way it looked so much like a VCD at times too but it might just be that my copy was faulty. The stereo audio had no separation between the channels and limited dynamic range but I could hear what they were saying in the rare instances they said anything at all.

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Body of Review: A company I've found to be sometimes underrated by folks (although overrated by some of the online shills) is DVSX. The company makes a lot of gonzo porn, some of which is very well done, and I rarely see much mentioned about them since they keep such a low profile. Today's review of their latest release Pimpin' White Ho's was an interracial flick where mostly white gals took on large black dicks with a generally strict formula of the gal stripping, masturbating, and then engaging in various forms of sex before receiving a load somewhere on her body. Basic formulas aren't all bad but they need performers willing and able to transcend the formula by displaying a measure of passion, something in short supply here. That said, here's a quick breakdown of the scenes by cast and actions taken, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Sandra Romain, the lead gal of the movie placed on the front center of the DVD cover, was up first for good reason; this is a gal that excels at sexual misconduct. Wearing her black PVC outfit, she stripped for the camera in black & white to warm up for the action with partner Lorenzo Hightower in a living room. Her solo footage was very warm and he seemed to appreciate her assets as they screwed with abandon. She did most of the work here, allowing him to lie back and enjoy the ride before she took his load to her mouth. She didn't get to talk much but she was the sole reason for the scene as he seemed kind of lazy.

Scene Two: Lara Love, the light haired gal on the upper left hand side of the front DVD cover, was up next as she wiggled around before the camera in a mechanical fashion in her pink undies and blue jean skirt. I got the impression that she was a stripper, not due to the talented manner she wiggled so much as her disinterested look as she went threw the moves. Her partner was Edu Costa, a hairy black man with lots of tattoos that didn't avoid tasting her beefy monkey before they screwed. This time, he was the one doing all the work as she laid back for the ride and made painful moaning noises. After thoroughly boning her pussy, he took her ass to task and she seemed even more passive during this action. He's not a small man but if I wanted to see a gal lie back and act like she was on the clock, I'd stick with local women. It ended with a mouth load of semen on her blemished face but it did little for me.

Scene Three: Babalu, a curvy blonde that was somehow chosen to not be on the front DVD cover (a shame too since she was very attractive and had great curves with a nice tan line), was up next as she followed the formula with her admittedly beefy curves. Her extra weight looked good though and I'd be buying lap dances from her any time she was in town so it's no wonder that Wesley appreciated her as much as he did. They did oral, vaginal and anal sex but showed some measure of mutual energy and passion missing from the other scenes, making it a lot of fun to enjoy (and more than once at that). If the rest of the movie was as good as this scene, my comments would've been decidedly more positive, even though the amount of close up shots and camera angles weren't particularly flattering for her look.

Scene Four: Alex Divine, the brunette on the upper right hand corner of the front DVD cover, was up next as she continued the formulaic posturing of the movie in a home setting. I'll admit that I liked her better as a blonde but she has proven in her sorted past to be able to conjure up a trouser trout from the dead when she's hitting her groove so I put that thought aside as she worked herself over on the comfy chair. By the time her partner, Carlton Banks, joined her, she was dripping wet and he became so as well when she slobbed his knob with a sloppy blowjob. It didn't take long for him to take the plunge and begin boning her rapidly, pumping away like a steam engine but at least initially, she was energetic too (she ran out of steam too fast though). With some PTM (pussy to mouth) and a faceful of goo at the end, this mixed scene finished up but it wasn't a scene in her top twenty.

Scene Five: Anita Line, a black gal (or maybe Brazilian) with some nice, all natural curves of her own, was up next in a spa setting with her pink bikini on. She was another gal not displayed on the front DVD cover, which was a shame given her lovely ass. Her partner was listed as Williams, and he seemed to like her look as he approached her by the hot tub and fed her some of her own juices. Her oral was really weak but the way in which she rode him hard and fast certainly made up for it. After the vaginal boning they did some loud anal with ATM but it was clear she wasn't into it as much as getting her pussy hammered. The scene ended with her taking a pop shot to her pussy and crotch, making it a mixed but decent scene to watch.

Scene Six: Kayla Marie, the cute blonde to the right of center on the front DVD cover, was up next in another fairly decent scene. She's made a lot of movies so it came as no surprise that she needed a dick the size of Sledgehammer's to really get off on this time on the bed. Her own solo action seemed too mechanical but I believed she enjoyed him fingering her with his meaty paws before she took as much of his meaty member as she could fit inside her mouth. He gave her a good screwing and I thought she enjoyed it although she wasn't as passionate about it, probably due to the sheer size of the penis slamming into her. It ended with him jerking out a load into her mouth but she didn't swallow a drop.

Summary: Pimpin' White Ho's didn't have any "pimpin" to speak of, but most of the women did look like "ho's" so there was a modicum of truth in advertising here. In general, the heat of the scenes varied more than I like to see but there were some glimmers of warmth from time to time; certainly enough to warrant a rating of Rent It from this jaded old porn hound. The technical flaws aside, my biggest issue with the movie's scenes was the manner in which too many of the cast seemed to lack balance in their sexual skills as well as lack more than a little interest in what they were doing. I've seen far too many good interracial movies and far too many decent releases by the folks at DVSX to think they dropped the ball (that'd be firmly placed in the director's lap this time). I know Ron used to be a bigger name in directing porn about 10 years ago and maybe he's just rusty or something so I'll wait to see if he's lost his touch or if this one was just a fluke.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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