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Riot Sluts Vol. 2

Studio: Platinum X Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/26/05

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Riot Sluts! 2 (Mason's Riot Sluts! 2)

Platinum X Pictures

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Mason

Cast: Katrina Kraven, Kimberly Kane, Scotty Lyons, Buster Good, Jean Skanetti, Jayna Oso, Manuel Ferrara, Tiana Lynn, Julie Night, Jamie Brooks, Trent Tesoro, Isabel Ice, Marco Duato

Length: 136.5 minutes

Date of Production: 9/20/2004

Extra's: The first extra on the DVD was a 13.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that showed some of the cast playfully goofing off, not suffering from ill treatment at the hands of Mason. I liked watching it and only wish reviewers elsewhere would spend a couple minutes enjoying these features as it puts some of their theories to rest (and that certainly needs to happen). Next up was an audio interview of Mason describing the movie well after it was made (she claimed it was April, presumably of 2005, but also that the scenes were finished in November, well after she left PXP). Mason is one of those people that even if you disagree with her, she brings something interesting to the mix. I highly recommend you listen to the commentary even though it was strictly audio only. After that came an 18.5 minute long interview of Isabel Ice by Mason where the two discussed a variety of topics relating to sexuality and the scene she had on the DVD. After that was a bit of play with Julie Night (and Manuel Ferrara) before their epic scene in the movie. There were then the usual trailers, a photogallery, and a double sided DVD cover for those interested.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Riot Sluts! 2 was presented in the expected 1.33:1 ratio, full frame, currently the standard aspect ratio for porn. Like many of Platinum X Pictures' other releases, the picture quality wasn't perfect but it was certainly within the usual parameters for gonzo porn. Specifically, the colors were slightly off at times, the focus somewhat uneven at times, the camera movement sometimes jarred a bit, and there was pattern noise on some of the scenes (usually related to the fishnet stockings worn). I suppose it could be argued that the visual quality of the scenes reinforced the raw nature of the sex so I'm not going to write a thesis on every perceived flaw it had. The audio was presented in 2.0 stereo with minimal separation between the channels. You could hear what the cast was saying, some of the background noise, and little else but make no mistake that audio is not a facet that appeared to get a lot of thought here. If you like the voyeuristic element the scenes presented, you'll be happy with both the audio and video but the technical aspects were secondary to the sexual tension; making perfectionists like myself a bit ill at ease.

Body of Review: It's been the better part of a year since I was dragged back into reviewing porn after watching Mason's Riot Sluts 1 and the world of porn hasn't changed very much, no matter what some people claim these days. The cutting edge material of the movie wasn't that far ahead of others but it was definitely made for an acquired taste. Here's what I said about the nature of the sexuality displayed in the movie:

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"In recent years there has been a lot of discussion about how far should porn go to provide the absolutely hardest sex acts to entertain the masses. Many people have taken the stance that whatever the market will bear should be the standard, others think appealing to the federal government should be the focus and still others figure that good taste will win out over all. Frankly, each group has its good points (and bad) and the discussion is not likely to end anytime soon. After all, what turns me on more than anything else usually revolves around attractive gals having sexual fun in nice settings but I have learned to appreciate a wide array of other experiences too. One of the so-called frontrunners of this debate is an attractive young lady by the name of Mason.

Mason is somewhat of a mysterious figure in porn to many since she is very protective of her identity. She started directing at Elegant Angel and now makes movies for Platinum X Pictures as her style has evolved. For those who have been living under a rock, her style of porn is to make no-holds-barred porn with few limits, often skirting the boundaries of good taste, if no completely disregarding them. She prefers to focus on slapping, spanking, spitting, and balls-to-the-wall boning as her calling cards, making no apologies for the fact that she, as a woman, can be just as hardcore as any male director in porn today (or ever). While she's only made a handful of movies in her short career, she has done as much to fuel the fires of the previously mentioned discussion as any of her contemporaries, including Max Hardcore (The King of extreme porn).

There are those who would argue that her brand of porn is dangerous in that it invites governmental regulation, objectifies women, and even uses her gender as a veil to promote abusive relationships just as her supporters argue that she is making a stance that freedom of expression, both commercially and on a more personal note, is worth the risk. They would further argue that as long as the relationships portrayed involve consenting adults, no one should interfere with Mason's attempts to provide entertainment, shock or otherwise, and that the final say in any such endeavor will be the consumers (after all, if no one buys her movies, she'll either stop making them or tone them down to a more "acceptable" level)."

Since that time, Mason has seen a change of company not once but twice as Platinum X Pictures couldn't justify keeping her on to make a movie or two a year and her next gig was to be Hustler Video before what's being called "the great cleansing" at LFP took place (in fairness to them, Mason and any of the production companies under the LFP logo were never a good match and seemed to be for publicity purposes only). As she seeks out a place to continue carving a niche in the halls of porn, she can rest content that people are still talking about her unique vision, perhaps even more so with the various political changes on the horizon. That brings me to today's review of Riot Sluts! 2 by Mason; made before she left the company. Much like the first release, it has an edge to it and the squeamish among you will want to turn back here. Keeping in mind that PXP has released several titles by their other directors that is just as rough (if not more so) in the past, here's a look at the movie:

Scene One: Katrina Kraven, well known as a sexually aggressive gal and on display on the right hand side of the front DVD cover was up first with gal pal Kimberly Kane, the blonde on the left side of the front cover kneeling beside her. Katrina caught Mason trespassing (in POV fashion) and used her handgun to establish the control she always had (even without it). After some tease footage, Kimberly joined Katrina for a heated lesbian scene on some cardboard boxes outdoors. I'm not a fan of firearms in porn (certainly not putting guns in the performer's mouths) but this is one of the reasons why Mason skirts societal norms and is considered a bit outside the usual gonzo tactics. The gals had some great fun but it wasn't until Scotty Lyons, Buster Good, and Jean Skanetti (or is that "skank" etti?) joined them for some oral only fun that they got a chance to really shine (by some standards at least). The scene was passionate and bold in some ways, much like Mason's other release for PXP.

Scene Two: Jayna Oso, playing a dark angel on her way to Hell, had some fluffy black wings as she smoked a cigarette on top of a ledge of a large building. I've long found her to be a very attractive gal and this scene kind of turned that on its head since she looked a bit rougher than her norm. In any case, she was joined by studly Manuel Ferrara on the building and the two had a very heated oral escapade before retiring inside the industrial structure to further the action. I'm not going to provide a virtual screenplay but take note that they were creative in how they followed the master plan here. After he opened up her ass with his fingers, she then took his large dick inside with a mix of pleasure and pain, talking dirty the whole time and reveling in the action like she rarely has in the past. It ended when she jerked out his load onto her face with her in chains to be at his disposal forever.

Scene Three: Julie Night, a cute brunette these days, wore a fishnet body stocking before she introduced her light haired friend Tiana Lynn, on what appeared to be a bridge of sorts. Julie immediately went down on her friend and used a vibrator to get her all randy before it became her turn. The energy between these two was very solid and like the other scenes, the passion overflowed enough to bring forth Manuel Ferrara as a male meat puppet. All three of them gave their all to make the scene a winner though Julie took his dick in her ass like it was meant to be there (surpassing Tiana's part in the scene). Fans of urinating (typically referred to as "squirting") will enjoy Tiana's contribution to the action but that was more of a side note for me. Those of you who like public sex outdoors will like this scene more than any of the others, but all of them had aspects worth watching.

Scene Four: Jamie Brooks, the curvy blonde Brit, began her scene all dressed up like a character out of A Clockwork Orange with bowler hat, fishnet stockings, cane and other fetish apparel, as she took charge of Trent Tesoro, who was bound and gagged on a park bench. It wasn't long before the pretenses were dropped and the scene reverted to a generic Jamie Brooks scene (not a bad thing but why waste the opportunity when you can run with it?). The sex included oral, vaginal and anal with her cane ending up in her ass sticking out as the lift brought her to ground level. In all, it wasn't her best work but even a decent scene by this hotty is better than average and it was far better than that.

Scene Five: Isabel Ice, a brunette with some decent curves and a nice corset on to enhance her pantiless skirt look, talked about herself and her life on the roads of the world before landing in porn in the last scene. After bringing up the subject of free will and her willingness to subvert her individuality in order to get someone off, she masturbated until joined by studly Marco Duato. Fans of dirty talk will appreciate Mason joining in verbally while Isabel used her British accent to full effect but it was the actual sex between Isabel and Marco that worked best. He dominated her thoroughly, holding her nose while she deep throated him, spanked her, choked her, and pretty much had her any way he wanted (which apparently turned her on a lot). Like the other scenes, the sex was energetic and passionate, and this was easily her best work to date.

Summary: Riot Sluts! 2 proved that Mason, for all her lack of productivity in making movies over the years, should be given a place to convey her message. For me, a little of her work goes a long way but as fans become increasingly jaded to the usual gonzo sex, this kind of thing will probably find more favor with time. I think Mason still needs to work on her technical proficiency and a bit more variety in her vision would likely expand her fan base but I think she struck a chord with this series and will therefore rate it as Highly Recommended for those of you wanting something almost as edgy as you can get on the domestic market at this time. Will watching this movie drive you insane, make you a killer, or cause you to beat women for kicks? If it does, you were going over the edge long before Mason started making movies and it would make more sense for you to find a more credible scapegoat.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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