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Evoke: Brittney Skye

Studio: Ninn Worx » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 7/30/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Brittney Skye is a pretty popular performer right now. While her look isn't my bag (the implants are painfully obvious on that small frame of hers and I feel that really detracts from her appearance) a lot of people think she's hot stuff and it's for that market that this disc was made as Evoke Brittney Skye does a fine job of showcasing her abilities in front of the camera thanks for plenty of over the top art-core visuals and some very slick direction and cinematography.

Chapter 1 Brittney Skye and Tyler Durden: Brittney starts the scene off all by her lonesome. The mood hits her so she drops her drawers and finger fucks herself for a few minutes. Tyler enters the room, spreads her legs, and eats her box for a few minutes and then he fingers her. She's all hot and bothered now so he takes advantage of the moment and sticks his dick in her mouth. After she's sucked him for a while, he sticks a finger up her ass. She stands up and he takes her doggy style, then she mounts him and rides him reverse cowgirl. He gets her on all fours and gives her anal doggy love, then pulls out to jack off onto her face (which she seems pretty into, judging by how enthusiastically she laps it all up). If you're a fan of Brittney's, you'll be into this scene as she goes at it like she hasn't had it in a month.

Chapter 2 Terri Summers and Franco Del Toro: Terri looks great with her dark hair, standing in the frame enjoying a leisurely cigarette. She slowly strips down in front of the camera and strokes her breasts and then her pussy. She sees Franco on the other side of the room and moves over to him, drops to her knees, and gives him a blowjob of epic proportions. He turns her over and eats her pussy, using his fingers on her as he laps away. She gets on top of him and rides him reverse cowgirl for a few minutes, then she stands up and he fucks her from behind. He pulls out and she puts him back into her mouth and sucks him off to a big finish, which she takes in the face. Terri looks gorgeous in this scene, very old school and almost has a sort of 30s or 40s Hollywood thing going on that works really well for her.

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Chapter 3 Brittney Skye and Amy Reid: The scene starts off with just Brittney by herself. She slowly strips for the camera and starts to masturbate. The camera focuses in as she works her clit into a frenzy. Then we switch over to Amy, who more or less repeats the same formula with equally dazzling results. Clad in some skimpy lingerie, the two girls meet and start tongue kissing one another in that special way that only hot lesbos can do. They rub one another between the legs to make sure that they're both good and wet, and once they are, Brittney decides to eat Amy for lunch. She sucks and licks and laps away at her pussy and then Amy, surprise surprise, busts out a rather hefty looking clear glass dildo. She fucks Brittney with it, and then Brittney returns the favor. After they've each made the other come, they clean the toy off with their mouths and tongues and bring the scene to an end. This scene is pretty hot if you're into the bleached blonde bit fake tits scene. I'm not so much, but I do appreciate a good lesbian fuck session now and then so on that level at least, it was pretty hot stuff.

Chapter 4 Brittney Skye, Dillan Lauren, Talon and Mario Rossi: The penultimate scene finds Brittney and Dillan doing their thing together. The scene flashes back and fourth between the two of them solo and involved in a gang bang with the two guys so if this synopsis jumps around a bit, that's why. Chalk it up to the artiness that Ninn injects into a lot of his work and leave it at that the end result is that there's a lot of hot sex in here even if chronologically speaking it's a little odd. Anyway, Dillan leans against a wall and fingers herself then proceeds to give Talon a blowjob. Brittney fingers herself, Mario watches and jacks off while he leers at her. Talon goes down on Dillan and eats her out, while Dillan sucks on Mario's cock for a few minutes to make sure he doesn't feel left out. Brittney moves over to stroke Talon's cock while he's involved with Dillan, and then Dillan gets down on all fours. Mario fucks her in the ass doggy style for a few minutes and then she rides him. Mario moves over and Dillan takes them both at the same time in a double penetration scene. Both men pull out and spank off on her face, she laps it all up and the scene comes to an end. If you dig DPs, this scene is solid. Brittney isn't as involved as the earlier ones that she's in but Dillan more than makes up for it here and she looks hotter than Hell doing it.

Chapter 5 Brittney Skye and Marco: Brittney, as is par for the course on this disc, starts the scene off by herself and we see her finger her pussy again. Marco moves into the frame and starts kissing and licking her. She moves down town and sucks on his knob for a bit, then he returns the favor and eats her cunt out, fingering her clit as he does. He gets her on her side and fucks her doggy style, then roles her over for some missionary fucking. When he's done, he pulls out and shoots his goop onto her face, bringing the disc to an end. This scene is pretty standard and doesn't stand out with the second, third and fourth scenes on the disc. It's not that it's bad Ms. Skye's fans will likely get off on it it's just that it's a little generic. At one point Mario uses a piece of ribbon to choke her neck a bit but it doesn't go any further than that or raise the kink level very much at all.



The 1.85.1 anamorphic widescreen image was captured with digital video recorders and overall it looks quite solid. There is the occasional trace of mpeg compression in the blacks but other than that the image stays pretty stable and pretty consistent. Flesh tones look natural, the reds stay distinct without bleeding into the other colors, and edge enhancement, though present, never dominates the scenes. Seeing the scenes shot in widescreen is a nice touch though and I'm glad to see Ninn Worx going this way with some of their recent releases as it does a nice job of showcasing the photography and at least provides something different even if it is only in terms of aesthetics rather than performances.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo mix is of pretty decent quality. Background music is mixed in properly against the recorded sounds from the sex scenes and I didn't notice any hiss or distortion present on the track at all. There were a couple of spots where the background music did get just a little bit too loud in the mix but it didn't last long and the only reason I really picked up on it was because I was listening for discrepancies in the first place. This mix is solid.


Pure Play/Ninn Worx has supplied two extra features on this DVD a photo gallery and a behind the scenes segment. The photo gallery consists of over one hundred still shots taken during the shoot and is much bigger and more comprehensive than most other of its kind, as seems to be the norm with the Ninn Worx releases the photo galleries are always large and in charge! The behind the scenes segment runs for just under thirty four minutes and features some candid on camera interview footage with each of the six girls involved in the production. It also features some technical/production footage and some backstage footage as well, it's fairly generic but some of the segments are interesting. The menus on this one are also quite sharp and easy to navigate, and made with a little bit of style.

Final Thoughts:

Fans of Brittney Skye should eat this up and even those who aren't all that into her should find something to enjoy about this release thanks for an interesting supporting cast and some fine direction and camerawork. The audio and video are pretty solid and Evoke Brittney Skye comes recommended.

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