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Gothsend 3

Studio: DVSX » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 7/31/05

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Goth girls are hot. I don't know what it is about a sultry, pouty, whiney poetry spouting girl in black with pancake make up and eyeliner on but it works, especially when leather boots and corsets are involved, which they often are. The porn industry is clueing into the fact that the Goth girl fetish is becoming more and more common (I attribute this to Hot Topic… always blame the mall!) and are starting to release discs to carter to this niche market proving that not everyone wants cookie cutter girls with giant tits but that some people do like a bit of variety in their smut. This is a good thing. DVSX has assembled a nice selection of girls to fuck for you in this compilation, the third in their Gothsend series, and while the legitimacy of just how truly Goth any of these girls is extremely debatable, they look good (even if some of the make up and scenarios are silly) which makes this one worthwhile.

Chapter 1 – Renee Pornero and Alias: Alias and Renee don't waste any time getting things started in this opening scene. He begins by fingering her pussy (notice his black fingernails) and then he mounts her missionary style. She works her clit a bit on her own while he pulls out to put his dick in her mouth. She bends over and he goes in through her back door doggy style, then again, he pulls out and puts it back into her mouth. Before he comes he takes it out and jerks off into a glass for her and she drinks it down bringing the scene to a fade out. Alias looks really rather silly with his black fingernails but Renee looks pretty hot and he gives it to her nicely enough that the scene works reasonably well.

Chapter 2 – Carmen and Chris Cannon: Chris Cannon enters a dark room to find Carmen looking hot and horny. She begins the scene by giving him a decent hand job, then she gets down on her knees to blow him for a while. After this she mounts him and rides him cowgirl, then bends over to take him in her ass. He fucks her ass for a bit, pulls out so she can play with her clit, then puts it back in for round two. Finally he's had all he can handle and he pulls out to shoot his spunk all over her face, which she enthusiastically laps off. This scene is, like the first one, made effective not by the chemistry between the two but because Carmen looks good and looks into it.

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Chapter 3 – Taryn Thomas and Justin Snyder: Taryn's hair is all wild and crazy looking as this scene starts. She begins by playing with her clit and fingering herself. Justin walks into the room, likes what he sees, and decides to go for a piece of that. When he walks over to her and drops his pants, she puts his cock in her mouth for a while and gives him a pretty aggressive blowjob. She mounts him and rides him cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl, then he fucks her from the side. She plays with her clit while he pounds her and then he pulls out to shoot on her face. She cleans it up with her tongue, the end. Taryn looks as hot as she ever has in this scene, her hair is all messy and the black eyeliner accentuates her eyes quite nicely, making the blowjob scene better than it might be otherwise. She's a very pretty girl and a good performer in front of the camera.

Chapter 4 – Dillan Lauren and Brett Rockman: When this scene begins we find Dillan wrapped in some sort of plastic cling wrap. Brett can't fuck her like that so he cuts away some strategically placed bits and pieces so that he can fuck her from behind for a while. He pulls out and she gives him head, still partially covered in the cling wrap. He fucks her pussy again, and then she bends over and he fucks her in the ass for more than a few minutes. After that he's had all he can take so he pulls out and she sucks him off, taking his cum in her mouth and on her face. Dillan looks really good in this one, better than normal for her (and normal for her is very good). The cling wrap thing probably sounds kind of dumb but on a purely visual level it does work fairly well and the sex is sufficiently steamy.

Chapter 5 – Brooklyn Holiday and Reno: Brooklyn is waiting for Reno when he enters the room with some sort of electric bug zapper sex toy device. He uses it on her pussy and her tits and some serious trash talking goes down. After he's zapped her fun bags and her magic button for a bit and gotten her warmed up nicely, she gives him head while she plays with her lovely little clit. From here they get to screwing, first she mounts him cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl and then he gets her on all fours for some doggy style antics. After he's banged her for a while he pulls out and she takes him into her mouth to finish him off – he blows his wad on her face. This one was interesting – the bug zapper sex toy lightsabre deal was a nice touch and her dirty mouth made the opening nice and steamy. She looks good getting fucked and her nipple rings would probably be fun to play with, too bad Reno didn't pay more attention to them but in his defense he was kind of busy.

Chapter 6 – Jen X and Jack Spade: Although her name is corny, Jen X looks fantastic in this scene with her psuedo-dreads and her tattoos and her striped armband things pulled up to her elbows. She's also sporting some nice thigh high fishnet things and a leather collar around her neck. She gives Jack head to get things on track and then he slides it into her from the side. He pulls out after a bit so she can suck him again and she plays with her pussy while she does this. He puts it back into her again for a few more minutes then pulls out so that she can finish him off with her mouth and take his jizz in her face.



The fullframe images was captured with digital video recorders and overall it looks quite solid. There is the occasional trace of mpeg compression in the blacks but other than that the image stays pretty stable and pretty consistent. Flesh tones look natural, the reds stay distinct without bleeding into the other colors, and edge enhancement, though present, never dominates the scenes. The only thing worth complaining about is that some of the darker scenes maybe aren't lit as well as they could have been and this gives a few shots a muddier look than you might want it to have. Other than that though, there isn't much to complain about on this disc in terms of video quality.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo mix is of pretty decent quality. Background music is mixed in properly against the recorded sounds from the sex scenes and I didn't notice any hiss or distortion present on the track at all. There were a couple of spots where the background music did get just a little bit too loud in the mix but it didn't last long and the only reason I really picked up on it was because I was listening for discrepancies in the first place. This mix is solid, even if a lot of the background music is kind of silly sounding and makes some of the sex a little harder to take seriously.


Aside from a still gallery featuring shots of each of the six girls used in this production, DVSX has also supplied brief 'solo scenes' for each of the girls. If you click on them, you're treated to a quick little masturbation session. It's a nice touch but these scenes could have been a little bit longer and bit more in depth. There's also a weblink supplied, trailers for a few other DVSX releases, and instant money shot access.

Final Thoughts:

While a few of these girls probably got their inspiration from all the wrong places (I'm thinking Anne Rice adaptations or maybe one of The Crow sequels) they're all as hot as they need to be and they do deliver the goods in terms of the 'high fuckability' quotient that makes good porn exactly that. Recommended, in spite of the sheer silliness of it all.

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