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On the Road to Fame

Studio: Private » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/1/05

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The Private Adventures of Pierre Woodman 2: On The Road To Fame


Genre: Compilation

Director: Pierre Woodman

Cast: Diana, Alain Deloin, Bruno SX, David Perry, Nadine Burr, Valy Verdy, Bob Terminator, Rebecca Lord, Aliza, Monique Covet, Jean Yves Lecastel, Gabrielle Scream, Laura Kat Woman, Tania Russof, Frank Versace, Phillipe Soine, Richard Langin, Joy, Roberto Malone
Non-sex cameos by many others, including Jenna Jameson, Randy West, and dozens of others

Length: 148 minutes

Date of Production: 3/2005 (compilation only)

Extra's: The extras this time were pretty light with two photogalleries (one from the scenes, one from behind the scenes), some trailers, cast biographies, and a few limited Production Notes that left out the males and any significant details of the scenes.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Private Adventures of Pierre Woodman 2 was presented in a mixture of aspect ratios depending on the particular scenes used. Some were done in 1.33:1 ratio full frame and others were in 1.85:1 non-anamorphic widescreen as originally shot by director Pierre Woodman for Private. Noting that the scenes were mostly from long ago (in porn terms, they were all very antiquated)), there was a lot of grain, video noise, slightly off colors, and other visual flaws but still looking better than the first volume in the series. The audio was almost as bad with what sounded like dropouts and some unsynchronized parts, all done in their original language (typically French), rather than the usual English language dub. Most of the scenes were hollow, and done in monaural but were generally okay.

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Body of Review: Pierre Woodman has definitely led what amounts to a charmed life over the last 10 or 15 years. Originally a policeman, he moved over to become a fashion photographer and later the famed porn director noted for his use of expansive sets, great scenery, and beautiful women who all seemed to enjoy anal sex long before the current craze where most gals entering the business had better be ready to offer up their ass (or languish by the phone waiting for calls that never come). He was brought into porn by a friend who died swimming on the set of a movie in a tragic accident. Pierre took over the movies being made and the rest was history. This is according to the interviews in The Private Adventures of Pierre Woodman 2: On The Road To Fame, the second of ten releases by Private tracking the history of the famed director that started with Volume 1. With improving technical values, this volume further explores the adventures of Pierre as his talent grew, showing seven scenes this time that were just about as unrelated as the last set (I'd have appreciated something more to tie them together since they weren't chronologically arranged). If this is something you'd like to know more about, read the following scene breakdowns:

Scene One: Private Video Magazine 5: 1/1992: Diana, an attractive though moderately plain gal, was up first in a public scene with Alain Deloin, Bruno SX, and David Perry in a park. She and David couldn't stop pawing one another so they moved the action to a hidden grassy area where the guys took over and gave her a bone of their own (in each hole). It wasn't a great scene but for the time it came out, it was very well done with some moderate energy. There was even a short DP while she inhaled a meat pipe but it was kind of tame by current standards.

Scene Two: Beauties In Paradise: 8/1993: Nadine Burr and Valy Verdy, a couple of fun loving hitchhikers in a tropical seaside resort area, were picked up by Bob Terminator, David Perry, and another guy before they all took a break by the sea on some rocks. The guys took their time stroking the gals, getting them ready and warmed up all at once but it didn't take much time before the gals were working the meat in each hole. It was fun and even the incredibly lame dubbing didn't bother me much this time. The sex seemed more natural than usual, especially for Pierre's direction, and everyone had a good time.

Scene Three: Golden Triangle 2: 9/1993: Rebecca Lord, the well known French brunette, when back in her prime, was bathing in a large tub attached to a studio apartment while an old dude, I believe the uncredited guy was named David, stayed on the phone speaking French to someone. She finished up and put on some sexy lingerie in a tease sequence while stupid stayed on the telephone. I prefer her when she had more meat on her bones but considering how ugly this guy was, he should be happy licking her shoes clean. They eventually got down to business with her blowing him with ease and then riding on his cock in a few positions. She did most of the work on this hairy guy and seemed to know what she was doing but it wasn't her best work (and to me at least, she looked cuter at the 2004 AVN show in Las Vegas). Regardless, there was also anal for fans and it ended in the standard fashion with her working out his load orally.

Scene Four: The Tower 2: 11/1994: Aliza and Monique Covet, two attractive blondes, were up next in a hotel room bed having some lesbian fun with one another before dorky Jean Yves Lecastel joined in on the fun. They stripped his clothes off and worked him into a state of arousal before he began poking his member all over the place. The sex also included anal here with some early ATM footage for those historians out there but the sex was mechanical in most ways, limiting the heat for me.

Scene Five: The Gigolo: 6/1995: Gabrielle Scream, Laura Kat Woman, Tania Russof, Frank Versace, Phillipe Soine, and Richard Langin, were up next in an orgy scene that included bondage gear and S&M themes. The gals looked fantastic and even the French spoken didn't impact the heat of this powerful scene (I've seen it several times before; sometimes it works better than others). Tania looked like a leaner, cuter Lynda Carter, and the other gals were pretty darned hot looking too. If you aren't into bondage gear, you might not like it all that much (I'm indifferent to it and I liked the scene a lot), but it had some spark at times that some editing could've made even more powerful for the rest of us. Whew!

Scene Six: The Gigolo 2: 6/1995: Tania Russof, Gabrielle Scream, Laura Kat Woman, Frank Versace, Phillipe Soine, and Richard Langin, had the second part of this scene from the movie (why it was labeled as a separate scene is beyond me since it was more of a continuation of the previous scene with some of the partners switching around. Seeing Tania get hammered anally with the strap on dildo was pretty cool but she was not as talented as the others (just better looking).

Scene Seven: The Gigolo 2: 6/1995: Joy, a beautiful gal with dark brown hair and a neon purple dress, was up last as she had chauffer Roberto Malone stop the Rolls Royce along a deserted road to tease the heck out of him as she wiggled and stripped for the guy. He got out a blanket and the two did what came naturally in a scene I've watched numerous times on compilations from Private in the past. She was hairy, the audio was in French, and the action pretty decent including anal for fans but I've seen it enough that it has no hold over me these days.

Summary: The Private Adventures of Pierre Woodman 2: On The Road To Fame was better than the first volume in many ways but still seemed too limited to me in many ways. Once you've seen a lot of modern porn with all the technical matters looking and sounding great, it's tough to go back to what was then fairly new. Sexual mores have also changed so what was once cutting edge is now standard with the gals able to appear more into it than they were back then so I'm still rating this as a Rent It unless you're a big fan of Pierre and wanting to hear what he had to say about these parts of his life. To me, the interview footage was as important as the sex since I review a lot of stuff and have seen the scenes before (well, most of them) at least a few times but that won't be the case for those of you wanting some heated stroke material.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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